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Dennis Quaid's Adorable Carry-On Baggage

9/8/2009 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like twins in matching shades, black and white tops and jeans, Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly arrived at LAX with their ridiculously cute 22-month-old twins yesterday.


In June, the Quaids settled a lawsuit with Cedars-Sinai after the hospital accidentally overdosed and almost killed little Zoe Grace and Thomas Boone on the blood thinning drug Heparin.

guess the celeb spawn


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mrez golucky    


1848 days ago


I wonder if Meg Ryan is kicking herself right now.

1848 days ago


What beautiful children!

1848 days ago


Why would Meg Ryan be kicking herself? Quaid is a known serial cheater. No doubt Kimberly is kicking herself by now.

1848 days ago


why would meg ryan be kicking herself? he cheated on her long before she gave him a dose of his own medicine. quaid is still cheating today on this bimbo too. she must not have enough respect for herself to kick his ass to the curb.

1848 days ago


They ARE adorable.

1848 days ago


Thought the same thing. They look like Pitt's daughter.

1848 days ago


@Meowch yeah but without the ugly angelina lips lol
they are so cute they look like dolls, but denis dosent look hot as he always does

1848 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

$250,000 seems quite a small amount of money, considering the severity....wonder why so little?

1848 days ago


I wonder if it ever bugs his new wife that she looks just Meg.

It would bug me. She is her clone for Pete's sake. HHHHMMMMM? Is he missing Meg and this is enough to scratch the itch?

Cute kids, but he had zero business having more kids when he is a senior citizen almost.

Sorry, just as irresponsible as having them at 14! Old dude Dads are not fun.

1848 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Yeap yumi #2,Meg should be kicking herself now. DennisQuaid HAD some issues. HE was with Meg Ryan and SHE,MEG,helped him overcome a lot.
Meg left Dennis...for who? Russle Crowe.
HAHA LOLOLOL joke was on collagen lipped Meg.Russell went back to his real love,Danielle of Australia,and Russell has taken his bigA-list acting career and Danielle,and has stayed Down Under in Australia making a real home life.
Dennis has two beautifulkids,awife,the works.
Acting careers for everybody slows down.
these women,MegRyan,Jennifer Anniston,others,just don'tget that the are NOT the best and only thing since the invention of the movie camera.
Throwyourman out.Hey,no problem.Someother girlwillfind himand amke it work.
BTW,Dennis wife is not trophy wife by age or looks or money.She had a career.Is not24. HAs looks.Also HAD those babies by surrogate and artifical insemination.Megan sdopted a baby from China.Dennis and Megan's son,Jack,is grown up now.

1848 days ago

The Great White North    

I seriously doubt Meg is crying herself to sleep over her divorce from Dennis Quaid. As others have pointed out he did the cheating first and continues to do so. He had sex with a friend of mine when filming a movie here in Winnipeg a couple of years ago. Not a prize husband IMO.

1848 days ago


Lucky little kids with that heparin , funny how a recall went out after that for heparin from china having incorrect labels re;dose per mg.

1848 days ago


who makes those car seat stollers? What is the model name.

1848 days ago


Those fantastic car seat attachments are called Go-Go Kidz Travelmates. I have taken my 2 year old on many trips and it's made getting through the airport so much easier.

1848 days ago

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