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Gisele -- The Baby Secret Is Growing

9/8/2009 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Still no verbal confirmation on her "rumored" pregnancy -- but after checking out this photo of Gisele ... do we even need one anymore?

Sporting what appears to be a growing baby bump, the 29-year-old helped move furniture at her and hubby Tom Brady's Boston home on Tuesday.

Although Gisele or Tom have never said a word about a new Bun in the oven, the Brazilian stunner is reportedly due in December.


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leanne w.    

Why does any woman have to announce anything to anybody?? It's obvious she is pregnant and they are making the choice to not send a press release about what. They are entitled to a little bit of privacy, so she's pregnant. Big deal. Women get pregnant everyday in the world, do we have to hear about all of them??

1880 days ago


To #36.. How is she a skank? I'll tell you how she rubbed her relationship in the face of the woman who was 7 months pregnant with her new boyfriends baby.. I guess if you live in a trailer park she's not skanky!

1880 days ago


do you mean the woman who tried to manipulate a man into marrying her by bringing a life into this world? it that's not a skank, i don't what is. are you sure YOU don't live in a trailer park?

1880 days ago

Doctor, You are in BIG trouble    

"Still no verbal confirmation on her "rumored" pregnancy"

TMZ, I don't think she owes you or anyone else a confirmation of any kind about her business. You hound dogs make me sick!

1880 days ago


So who the hell cares I sick of looking at this fugly couple that has money congrats hope all is well.

1880 days ago


The question that should have been asked here was: "Do we really give a damn whether or not this pretzel is pregnant!"

1880 days ago

Just Thinking    

She looks more than five months pregnant. Guess it was the second time Tom Brady found a girlfriend pregnant. Maybe the reason for the quickie first wedding. Gisele when speaking of the Bridget situation said she would never get pregnant before marriage and said she would ask her husband's approval before getting pregnant. What a sleaze. Bet the baby arrives much earlier than the January due date!

1880 days ago


Do we know who the father might be?

1880 days ago


jordan: Who the f*ck is B. Moynahan?? (excuuuuse me if I don't know all the *~details~* of this woman's life!)

Annalee: Well, English is not my first language, so yeah, I messed up. Who cares??

1879 days ago


Why was she moving furniture if she was pregnant?

1879 days ago


aww how precious! her belly is so cute. Gisele is gorgeous inside and out.

Gisele is stunning! her face is gorgeous. I think being pretty is more than just about so called "perfect features" what about the bone structure? and the cheekbones? and the beautiful jawlines? and beauiful profiles? Gisele has all that. Most women don't. that is why she is a model. Girls pay for all those features I listed above ^. at least we dont catch her with some drooping double chin and snaggle teeth poking out of her lips, like you do some supermodels in candids pics.

1879 days ago


she is NOT attractive and the same goes for tom brady. that baby is going to be fugly!!!

i agree with #3's comment.

1879 days ago


Ok, i agree that it is TOTALLY obvious that Gisele is preggers, but the only reason i can think for her or tom NOT making a statment is that Gisele is from Brazil, which is a VERY catholic country.

It's possible that she thinks it will be bad luck to talk about the baby before her third trimester. Many old school catholics say that talking about a baby that wasn't born was bad luck and in some cases caused the baby to mis-carry.

WIth modern healthcare, i don't think that's a problem, but let her and Tom keep it to themselves for as long as they want.

1879 days ago

Sandy Beaches    

Now that she's having one of her own, maybe she will leave his other kid alone. 'Adoptive Mother' my ass, learn the language.

1879 days ago

sensible grandma    

What's the big deal? why should she have to announce anything to the public? She probably figures its nobody's business. And, really, who cares?????

1879 days ago
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