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Jon Gosselin -- I 'Despise' Kate!

9/8/2009 2:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The war between Jon and Kate Gosselin hit a peak on the morning talk shows today -- with Jon announcing on national TV that the mother of his 8 children is "someone I despise."

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Jon was on "GMA" where he kept talkin' trash about his ex -- and even accused her of taking his wedding ring.


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The look on Jon's face in that picture makes him look so stupid. On all the talk shows I have seen Kate talking about the divorce she has not once begraded or trash talked Jon. He is just trying to find anything to make his new trashy lifestyle look like Kate drove him to it. Jon seems so nervous on the shows when he is trashing Kate, but when Kate is talking she is calm. When you are making up lies, Jon, thats when the nerves and bug eyed look comes on.

1870 days ago


It's called taking the high road Jon. Maybe when you grow up you'll get that. I always thought Kate was a little to dominating and direct with this guy but now I get it..she had 9 kids. Honestly, I don't know how she lasted as long as she did. He's useless.

1870 days ago

Justice !    

Funny......I used to feel a little sorry for this guy... not anymore! He's nothing more than a cry baby and it should have been Kate plus 9 ! What a spoiled brat.

He's making himself look as Kate described him. I hope many other people will now see the true JERK he really is!

1870 days ago


wow are you joking me? it is such a horrid example to be setting for the kids. talking trash about their mother. celebrity world, or real world. thats morally wrong.

1870 days ago


This guy is a douche bag, what a champ to sit there and talk trash about the mother of your kids infront of the world. for there kids to see it. Man up Jon. ya loser.

1870 days ago


Is it just me or is this the first time a reporter had the ba!!s to call him out? That was awesome!!!!!!!

1870 days ago


besides being fugly I bet he's got a peanut of a weewee.

1870 days ago


Did Hailey Glassman figure out that SHE IS TOO MATURE for Jon? Has she finally dumped his sorry butt?

1870 days ago


Kate is no better than Jon he obviously didn't realize he could be swapped all over internet, TV and weekly mags. He just did what he wanted to do. Now you got to pay the piper both of them. This just goes to show you how money can bring the worst out of people who are not use to having it. I hope they cancel the show for the sake of the kids.

1870 days ago


This guy is a total loser. He is just a media whore. I feel sorry for those 8 kids; having such a loser for a father. Fat ass should take his loser self to the gym and shut his mouth.

1870 days ago

Make them go away!    

She has blue eyes and he has green eyes and they have not one, but 8 brown eyed children???


1870 days ago


Holy douchebag batman! I totally get Kate now. Major props to her for lasting 10 years with this loser.

1870 days ago


Chris Cuomo never backs down in interviews. He's a great interrogator and investigative journalist.

1870 days ago


TLC should fire Jon. Kate Plus 8 would be a great show. She needs the money to support the children. They have wonderful times interacting with their mom on the trips. Kate was so comfortable with the 3 boys at the dude ranch. Jon was not interacting well with his girls playing dress up. He had to be told by TLC how to play with his little girls. Jon took Maddy and Cara to climbing activities that Maddy was afraid to even try and Cara was too small to reach each step and had to be helped. Jon then took them to a bumper car track that was for adults and the twins were too small to reach the accelerator. Jon should have searched for activities for their size. Jon loved it all as it was JON'S sized toys. Jon only cares about Jon

1870 days ago


Just when you think Jon and Kate's 15 minutes is up...

How much longer do we have to deal with these two infamous celebrities who pawn their kids?????

1870 days ago
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