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Posh Spice -- The Wench Doth Not Tip

9/9/2009 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Posh Spice She came to watch the knights do battle -- but it was Posh Spice who delivered the death blow ... stiffing her waiter during a recent trip to Medieval Times.

Sources employed by the M.T. "kingdom" tell TMZ that Posh brought her children -- and a couple of bodyguards -- to enjoy a feast and a medieval show at the Buena Park, CA location this past Saturday night.

But before the jousting and the sword fighting came to a close, Posh and her crew left the show early -- and multiple sources tell us she didn't leave a tip for the server who took care of the group.

And now for the "Bad Medieval-Themed Closing Line of the Day" -- Looks like getting a tip from Posh is harder than pulling a sword from a stone!

Attempts to reach Posh's rep were unsuccessful.


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Gay With Acne    

9/9/9 - MJ will rise from the dead to heal the Children.

1872 days ago


Report something interesting - like former drug addict hobag Nicole Richie giving birth to her second bastard child.

1872 days ago


Europeans don't tip because in Europe waiters make decent wages plus mandatory health insurance and Social Security pay.

1872 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Ok, I am convinced now that this establishment, Medieval Times, does NOT include the tip in the cover charge. I am convinced that patrons are asked to provide a tip, if appropriate, in addition to the charge for the dinner.

And, I appreciate that one writer here claims to work at this establishment and claims to know the person who waited on the Beckham party.

However, - and this is a HUGE however, Ms. Beckham may not have been happy with her service. If she is not happy with her service, she is under no obligation to tip her waitstaff. Celebrities reserve that right just as the rest of us do.

And, when a celebrity chooses NOT to tip a bad server, it is REALLY bad form for the server to then SQUEAL to the tabs that said celebrity is a "cheap stiffer." Perhaps that isn't the case, at all. Perhaps, the person tipping off the tabs is someone who provides crappy service and can't do his/her job properly.

So, I agree with the writer here who cautioned this establishment and others against allowing waitstaff to blab to the tabs when they get stiffed on the tip. Their blabbing shows:

1. They probably delivered POOR service.

2. Celebrities should not frequent that establishment, as their privacy will NOT be respected or protected.

Any way you look at it, I don't see how this could possibly reflect poorly on Ms. Beckham. She exercised her right as a consumer to express her feelings about the service by her tip or lack thereof. She doesn't give up that right just because we know who she is.

And here is a message to servers out there: not every lack-of-a-tip is a "stiff." Maybe you should quit looking at how "cheap" you think the diner was and start looking at why you cannot provide service good enough to inspire people to want to tip you.

1872 days ago


#40 get a life. Despite what you think its still more interesting than hearing about a dam tip. Who cares about a dam tip for maybe a waiter that was useless. Snore this is so absolutely boring ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

1872 days ago


Those of you who think that gratuities are included have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Your admission is strictly for dinner and show. Taxes and tip are extra. Sure its expensive to go there, but whats the difference of being served at a normal restaurant? You tip there dont you? All MT castles are the same as well...if you would check the MT website before blabbing off you wouldve known better. Its funny that a party of two can be great tippers, but a party of 12, including a very wealthy celebrity, cant toss down a few dollars after good service/

1872 days ago


Remind me again why we have to TIP for people doing their job??!! Here's a tip, go to school and find a better job!

1872 days ago


Figures-Skinny broke ass Biat---ch...Has mega millions and me-unemployed due to the economy still knows math and how to tip.-Yes even if included in the admission price to that event. I would pay on top of that an extra 20 bucks juct to go home and wash my hands as boy Midevil is evil eating with your hands.
I always thought that skinny anorexic was a bulimia girl or drug addict but guess she wanted to get outta there and forgot to tip fairly-or ROYALLY as she so thinks she is-First off girl has ZERO talent and is as skinny as a skeleton. Thinks shes a supermodel but girl got lucky when she bagged a scocer baller.Go girl-best you done yet.
So as big as her head and ego is-her tipping skills has alot of catching up to do-And by the way TMZ-dont you have and IQ minimum for comments? Havent read to many a good one lately-Please raise the bar on personality and IQ.Thx.

1872 days ago


Euro Trash.

1872 days ago


@ 7 STAY HOME if your not Going To TIP !!!!! Most of that flat rate gos to the House, If she has money for all the 2000 - 5000 heals then she needs to TIP, and by the way 15% is no longer the stander It is now 20% or more and if you have 3 small kids you better pick up after them !!!!!

1872 days ago


For all that think the tip is included well it is not....check the website

1872 days ago

Sue Wong    

Americans tip too damn much even at all inclusive resorts, making it more difficult for other people to get decent service unless they tip too. It's up to the individual and depends on the service because she's got money doesn't mean she should waste it. Let the cheap ass employers pay. I don't get a tip and I work just as hard as any waitress.

1872 days ago


Regarding Posh Spice:

That was my daughter who was her server - a single mom with 2 babies, who works very hard to support them, while going to school. My daughter has worked there for 10 years, and no, the tip is not included in the price and never has been - thats why they announce it during the show, to be sure and tip your server. You should be ashamed, Posh.

1872 days ago



1872 days ago


I like to see Beckham be a serving wench for a day, she'd keel over after an hour of real work.

1872 days ago
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