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Posh Spice -- The Wench Doth Not Tip

9/9/2009 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Posh Spice She came to watch the knights do battle -- but it was Posh Spice who delivered the death blow ... stiffing her waiter during a recent trip to Medieval Times.

Sources employed by the M.T. "kingdom" tell TMZ that Posh brought her children -- and a couple of bodyguards -- to enjoy a feast and a medieval show at the Buena Park, CA location this past Saturday night.

But before the jousting and the sword fighting came to a close, Posh and her crew left the show early -- and multiple sources tell us she didn't leave a tip for the server who took care of the group.

And now for the "Bad Medieval-Themed Closing Line of the Day" -- Looks like getting a tip from Posh is harder than pulling a sword from a stone!

Attempts to reach Posh's rep were unsuccessful.


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Also, FYI: Not every Medieval Times offers beer as one of the included beverages. This option is only available in certain castles, and if you again visit the website, you will see where this option is available.

As a company that's been operating for 25+ years, I'm inclined to believe that the powers-that-be at Medieval Times know what they're doing as far as keeping the public happy, entertained, and willing to return. It is unfortunate that some of the readers of this website are not willing to believe or comprehend that waiters and waitresses vent to each other regarding poor gratuities received, but we also celebrate with one another when we receive a tip that exemplifies that we've done our job in a commendable fashion. If you have an issue with the ticket price, or with what you spend once you get there, please remember...there are plenty of offers available to everyone right now that discount the price of entry and allow for one and all to enjoy the experience, and ultimately, it is your choice as to whether or not you want to purchase a ticket to attend the shows. The same applies if you opt to eat at an expensive restaurant. Just because the steak is $60, what leads you to believe that your gratuity should automatically be included? I doubt that Bobby Flay, Morimoto, or Wolfgang Puck are tacking the gratuity onto the bill just because their food happens to be priced higher than the food at the Friday's down the street. And just as it is your choice of whether or not to eat there, it is also your choice of whether or not to tip. But please, be wisely informed, that waiters and waitresses survive on the money that they receive in tips. A small amount of research online will show that the wages for a food server are exponentially lower because the government expects these people to make a certain amount of cash during their shift. This doesn't excuse poor service, nor should it be misinterpreted as my implying that you are obligated to tip, but...just think about that fact when you going out to dinner somewhere and you're ready to walk out and stiff the server. Not all of us are wonderful, but all of us are human, and by that definition alone, occasionally some of us have bad days or forgetful moments. Just think, please, before you jump on this girl and on other waiters and waitresses for complaining when someone stiffs us...think about how you would feel if your boss docked you $10 because you forgot to put the extra packet of Splenda in his coffee. Think about how you'd feel if your fellow co-workers were running you ragged as you tried to help them with their work as well as yours, and your boss opted to cut your annual salary because you didn't call back every client who'd left a message on your voicemail. Just think about it.

Waiters and waitresses....we're not machines. We're people, just like you, and casting stones in our direction is doing nothing more than perpetuating a negative opinion in general of those in this field of work.

1836 days ago


Does this woman ever smile?

1836 days ago


here is an idea...if you want to earn a living get a REAL job, go to school and don't wait tables. It is not anyones job to pay your rent with tips for doing your job, morons. I cook and carry my food from my kitchen to the dining room in my house, it isn't hard, and doesn't come with a *tip* you uneducated fools.

1836 days ago


I don't like VeeBee so I'm not defending her BUT... why should she have to tip? I don't agree with tipping. If someone chooses to, then ok, but if someone chooses not to, then that should be ok too. However, having said that, she could have rewarded them with a great big smile (that she's SO famous for).

1836 days ago


Oh, forgot to say...those sunglasses....she looks like she's from that film "The Fly". NOT NOT NOT flattering.

1836 days ago


Gratuity is NOT included in the dinner - ask anyone who works at Medievel Times. Plus, the waitress who served them has two babies, is going to school, and trying to support her family. If Posh was served poorly - then she doesn't need to leave a tip - but from what I heard, they were served quite well.

1836 days ago


To Meg (Posted at 5:13AM on Sep 10th 2009)

Well put and well said. I like that you took the time to write a reasoned post which puts things into perspective. Although I believe the frustration (at least for me) stems from the perception that waitstaff have a sense of entitlment when it comes to tips. I understand venting to co-workers about lousy tips but this goes beyond the employee break room. This is National News and this patron of MT(Posh Spice) was embarced and publicly scorned because she did not live up to the expectation of her server. That is unacceptable!

Being a server you need to understand that some people will not tip just as some people will vastly overtip. You roll with it and do your best wtih all customers because that is why you were hired and if you get stiffed, then accept that its all part of the job that you are lucky enough to have.

1836 days ago


I LEFT THE TIP! I left our server (a pretty girl with long blonde hair) a hundred dollar bill, and even called in an additional hundred dollars on a credit card after I was horrified to see this false story on TMZ last night. The reason our party was leaving through the back door was because one of the kids had an asthma attack and was being treated by paramedics in the parking lot. For the record, this tip was put on the credit card- so noone at M.T. can claim we didn't tip. We ended up tipping her 42%. In addition, we tipped the "bar maid" as well.

1836 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I would like to also respond to Meg:

No, Meg. I do not want to consider what the waitstaff makes individually, nation-wide, or on the average compared to other unskilled workers. I do not want to consider their kids, their other family situations, their school loans or their lack of benefits. I have no interest in how much the government thinks you should make in tips because it is expecting you to excel in your work enough to inspire people to tip you over and above your wages. I don't want to hear about my waitstaff's bad day, nor do I want to even consider that my waitstaff has bad days. And above all else, I most certainly do not want to put myself in my waitstaff's place, because I worked hard in my life to ensure that I never have to put myself in the place of being someone's waitstaff.

Do you get from where I am coming? I am the patron. It is not my concern nor my business to consider my waitstaff at all. I want my food and drinks in an appropriate amount of time, and I want to be treated with kindness and respect, the same way I treat those who wait on me.

Save the sob stories and the personal issues for when you get home for your family. Quit expecting your patrons to "take your waitstaff into consideration" and any of his/her life's situations. That is not my concern. Don't bother me with it. I came to have a nice meal away from my concerns, (and I don't want yours) or I came to share a meal with friends, or I came to a meal to do business with co-workers or clients. My waitstaff should be basically invisible to me.

Are you clear on your role, yet? Perhaps if you can come to a greater understanding of what your patrons expect of their waitstaff, you will come to understand how we feel about tipping.

We don't want a relationship with our waitstaff or to be burdened by their troubles. Just do your job. If you do your job exceptionally well, you will get tipped. If you don't, you won't.

That's the way it works, and that's the way it should work.

1836 days ago


To Jerry (at 5:58PM on Sep 10th 2009)

I am curious, how should a guest calculate a tip at MT?

The admission price is for not only food but entertainment. It seems unreasonable to expect a percentage of the admission when service has nothing to do with the show. Should a guest tip a flat rate like $10, or should they estimate the cost based on what a similar meal would cost elsewhere?

1835 days ago


uh debbie...sorry to tell u but your waitress did not have blond or long hair so whoever you think you gave that $100 tip to was not the person who served you! And for all those who think that MT should b lucky to have a celeb like posh spice there....ummm try demi moore and bruce willis, vince vaughn, dennis rodman, jack black, the list goes on and on...and they tip!

1835 days ago

Wench to the Stars    

Ok, 1st off... the server DOES NOT have long blond hair, so debbie must have gotten jacked, 2nd THE GRATUITY IS NOT INCLUDED, if you have the right promo code the tickets to get in right now are super, the server is a very good waitress, she is efficient and gives her guests everything they need as soon as possible, and if you want to attack her personal life, dont bother!... she was NOT a teen mom, both her kids are from the same man and she does have a good home for them, doesnt mean she cant make it better by going to school! which she is doing...SHE DID NOT LEAK THE STORY... someone else overheard and did...we always have celebrities come into our castle and they are amazing and tip, not always that well but at least they leave a little something, we dont need to feel gracious that she came...we hosted Dave Grohl's bday party for crying out loud!! and he had the time of his life! Servers (who provide excellent service) should be rewarded for what they do, the government taxes them (on top of regular wage taxes)on each guest they get whether they get tipped or not... and guess what 90% of the wait staff IS in school to get "real jobs", so for those of you calling us uneducated and unable to get real jobs, maybe you should do more research on us... if your server sucks by all means dont tip,let them know... and ask for a comment card :)

PS... to the TMZ crew... there is NO FREE BEER

1835 days ago


To Mike:

If the entry price is $60, you'll have to figure that at least half of that is going towards the show itself. Calculate your gratuity with that in mind, as long as you feel that the service you received is deserving as such.

To Jennifer Bouldack:
You are entitled to the service that you ask of your server. Plain and simple. Never did I say that because of one thing or another, you wouldn't be receiving service whatsoever. I never stated that I'd be in your face begging for an apology because I forgot to bring you a napkin. In fact, I make a point of not pushing for face-time with my guests because I know, full well, that they are there to see the show. I avail myself to any and all questions they have, regardless of how I'm feeling mentally or physically. That's my work ethic, and my work edict. If I'm in the building, dealing with guests in any capacity, I do so with a smile on my face and the mentality that I am there to make their experience the most enjoyable one that I can possibly offer.
My point was that you cannot always expect perfection in service, and then base your tip on whether or not someone met your particular standards if your standards themselves are unrealistic. The way you're explaining your standards leads me to believe that you use the smallest infraction in your rule book for waitresses as an excuse to not leave a gratuity. And that's fine. That's your schtick. Just like Mike said earlier, some people will tip and others won't.
Continuing to address your tirade, I am perfectly understanding of my role as a waitress. I am there to bring you your food in a timely fashion. Hence, the reason I've succeeded in my job for the length of time that I've been doing it. I tend to go above and beyond and I work to anticipate the needs of each individual guest so that, despite the fact that all attend the same location, every single guest has an experience that is solely theirs. My personnel file has a number of letters, comment cards, and the like to reflect that. I also know that if I'm doing a job, no matter if it's as lowly as working as someone's waitstaff in a restaurant, or if it's my dayjob, where I work as an office administrator in one of the top hospitals in the country, or if it's classwork that counts towards my masters degree, I do my job accurately, efficiently, and to the best of my ability.
If that's not enough for you as a patron, it's unfortunate. But just as I can't force you to tip me, you can't force me to bend to your individual will just because you feel that you're better than I am due to whatever warped take on my particular employment you harbour.
Meanwhile, for those of you who care to read the more up-to-date headlines, Posh has since rectified the situation, so all may return to their regularly scheduled programming.

1835 days ago


I was just there at the Buena Park Medieval Times back in July of this year. It's announced that the tip is NOT included in the dinner/show price. It's a wonderful place to take your friends/family and the food is GOOD and plentiful. Our server was friendly and very efficient. So, yes she or SOMEONE in the group should have covered the tip at the time of service but it's been covered by now so all is happy in the kingdom. :-)

1835 days ago

Dana Rampi-Cruz    


Ok lets get things clear here....NO, gratuity is not included in the bill, your server tells you that when you sit down...TMZ did not have a reporter as Posh's table because Medieval Times would not EVER allow that for, if anything, liabilities...yes it is expensive, but where else can you get an experience like that and if you cant afford it dont go...and the people who work there work very hard for your entertainment, so I think that they deserve a little "gratuity". I used to work at the Buena Park Castle, and I still am good friends with someone who works there and I think that it is rediculous how often the food servers/wenches/serfs get stiffed! It used to happen to me sometimes, and after working three shows, sweating while you carry gigantic trays of food in time to the show, making special trips for vegitarians and people who need extra things, trying to manage the drunk guy that is being obnoxious, and doing all this with a big smile on your face...IN THE deserve something for it. The people there make minimum wage...that's it...if you dont tip them, just like you would at any sit down restaurant...well it is just very rude. Even if it is 5 bucks it shows that you appreciate the service...if someone does a horrible job, well then I would not tip either.

Hope this corrects some of your less than lovely opinions of a wonderful place.

Ps. suck.

1831 days ago
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