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Neverland Owners Make Trademark Move

9/10/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that owns Neverland Ranch hasn't gotten permission to turn Michael Jackson's old stomping grounds into a tourist attraction -- but they just filed a bunch of trademarks with the U.S. Patent Office just in case they do.

Neverland Owners Make Trademark Move

We just got our hands on trademark applications filed by the Sycamore Valley Ranch Company -- a company started by Colony Capital and Michael Jackson -- who is attempting to lock down the following names to use with the property: Neverland Ranch, Neverland Valley, Neverland Valley Ranch, and Neverland.

Sycamore also filed paperwork requesting to use the four Neverland names on several products and services including:

1) "Museum services - namely opening a museum in Michael Jackson's former home and providing tours ... providing theme park services."

2) Printed material (post cards, greeting cards, bags, non-fiction books about Michael Jackson, etc.)

3) Games and playthings (toys, dolls, roller skates, toy rockets, board games, playing cards, etc.)

4) For "providing facilities for business meetings and conferences ... retail and online retail store services ... mail order catalog services in the field of novelty, gift, and souvenir items"

5) Clothing, footwear, headgear

But don't get too excited yet -- we spoke with several members of the Jackson family who claim they were never asked permission by SVRC. In fact, Joe Jackson made it very clear, "Colony Capital cannot do this without our permission."


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I was wondering what Tom Barrack / CC was going to do first. He does own that property and no one can stop him from trademarking anything he owns. Good for him. I really hope that he can work around the neighbors and do something with the land. Maybe Michael said he would never live there again, but he did say he would visit. No reason the area can not be oepned up to the fans. Tom is got a plan, no doubt, and getting things in order now with names that could take years to buy back is a smart business move. Like he told SB community, they are going to come, invited or not. getting the roads widdened will be a task but he can do it. It is a beautiful place beautiful area of CA I am looking forward to seeing his plan come together. The estate will benifit from it as long as they are willing to work with him. He is owed a ton of money at this point so Id say the ball is in his court. Let him put it back together and then when the kids are old enough let them choose the final outcome. RIP Michael.

1868 days ago


Joe Jackson you are so stupid. Colony doesn't need Jackson family permission to do anything !!!!! Colony has to clear it through the probate executors. The executors/judge have already said no, so Colony lost.

1868 days ago


46. one of wacko museum exhibits can be display of all drugs wacko ever took......good role model stuff and all for wacko jacko little boys visiting......lindsay loho can be the curator for that exhibit.....they can have wax statues of all of wackos junk suppliers like murray klein pharms.....think they saved a portion of wackos brain to put on display....
Posted at 3:46AM on Sep 10th 2009 by MIS IT QUEEN

You're right MIS QUEEN, a good time will be had by all.

1868 days ago


In the past, MJ had a clothe line, more precisely in the 80's. But, it was a failure. Will it works now?????

1868 days ago


I feel that MICHAEL'S intentions was to give this property
to his 3 children "PRINCE,PARIS AND BLANKET" This was there
beginning and NEVERLAND should stay forever there's.Let them
enjoy Weekends Vacations Holidays too reflect there father's
beautiful creation....
I hope they don't turn it into a carnival of spectators.
If anything....Do what MICHAEL had done ..Open
the park up, for disablied children...
Take all that open ground and plant organic grapes
And let his children make some decisions concerning

1868 days ago


1868 days ago


And so Neverland becomes an attraction park with a museum and etc. etc. Maby people are against this, but on the other hand what else can you do with this land? It would always be the place Micheal lived. If you all change it give it another name still people know this is Neverland.What else could they do build a new house change the name? I dont think that Micheal would have want to give this land to his kids because there are so many horable feelings about this land he would not give that to his kids so maby this is the best thing. Or is braking down this house and land(park) the best thing and build some new houses there? I think the best way to remmeber Micheal jackson is to remember him, and every year pay attention on his Birthday and still play his music because he did made some great fine work and songs you will never forget and he did inspire many people and artists with his ideas and lets remember that.

1868 days ago


After 2005, MJ said about Neverland "It is not any more a home, it's only a house".

1868 days ago


This is old news and reported on Monday by news outlets. The Patent & Trademark Office contacted the estate and turned this information over to them.


1868 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Thank you so much Andreemyrian(from Monaco)
Absolutely Beautiful this Tribute,
my eyes are in tears and i can't stop thinking
at his Pure soul and Loving heart...
GOD Bless his soul and his beautiful children.
(sorry for my english)
the best from Romania

1868 days ago


Mis it queen u r 1 sick bitch.. ur disgusting.. I skimmed thru sum of the things u wrote and who but u would come up with the most wierdest nastiest ideas.. ugh!
Anyways.. y r they excluding the "Neverland" name?!!!
Mayb the executors need 2 invest in buying that property back and turning it into a monument of some sort.. fix it back up how MJ had it and let his fans go there.. something like Graceland.
They REALLY need 2 look n2 doing something like this 4 him!!!! And Neverland would be the place 4 it! Come on this is MJ we're talking about here.. the greatest!
Alllll the profit from it will be going 2 the estate.

1868 days ago


60. Thank you so much Andreemyrian(from Monaco)
Absolutely Beautiful this Tribute,
my eyes are in tears and i can't stop thinking
at his Pure soul and Loving heart...
GOD Bless his soul and his beautiful children.
(sorry for my english)
the best from Romania

Posted at 6:22AM on Sep 10th 2009 by Alice
Me too my English is not, I am French.
This video is awesome and makes me cry too

1868 days ago


This is old news but I still think CC should back off. We don't know the involvement of them yet in more pressing matters. It should either be used as MJ used it to give disabled and ill children a break or let the children have it totally. CC needs to let the trust buy it back lock stock and barrell when they got the funds. Otherwise it stinks!

1868 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Andreemyrian did you see this tribute?

"Man In The Mirror" Tribute - Siedah Garrett and The Agape International Choir

and here MJ singing in sweet accent :)

Michael Jackson Just stop loving you - Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous

1868 days ago


I don't understand why these people think Neverland is a fitting tribute or place to memorialize Michael. The man left the stupid place for a no longer had any happy meaning for him. Now, because he is dead, these people see dollar signs, and don't give a sh*t that Michael didn't even like the place or that he endured horrible things at it (like two cases of molestation allegations) and that his true fans (like me) do not, and would not, want to see a place that caused Michael such stress and heartbreak. It's disgusting that people have gotten so damn greedy regarding Michael's memory and the potential it has to generate vast sums of's like Michael was nothing more than a cash cow for everyone to suck dry...and not the actual human being that he was.
May Michael rest in peace, and may those who are trying to profit off this tragedy f*ck off!!!

1868 days ago
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