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Former WWE Champ

Busted for Steroids, Pills

9/11/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff HardyJeff Hardy -- one half of the WWE tag team duo The Hardy Boyz -- was busted today after cops found a boatload of pills and steroids inside his home.

The Moore County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant at Hardy's home in Cameron, NC today -- where they found 262 Vicodin pills, 180 Soma pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids and a residual amount of powder cocaine. Cops say the estimated street value of the drugs: $2,500.

Hardy was arrested on charges of "trafficking in controlled prescription pills" and possession of anabolic steroids.

Chief Deputy Neil Godfrey told us Jeff's brother posted bail, which was set at $125,000.

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Yikes!!He doesn't need steriods with his angry looks. lol!!

1834 days ago



1834 days ago

Jerry M    

A boatload of pills...?? I don't know what size boat you guys go to the lake on, but it must barely seat one ethiopian midget. I have had Vicodin prescribed for me when I had a back injury that had three refills on it, 40 per filling (120 total). Another friend of mine has to take Zanex regularly,and probably has over 180 of those, all ligitimate from prescriptions. Remember, Somas are a muscle relaxer, vicodin are for pain. That must mean he does something that gives him muscle soreness...oh yea, he was a damn WWE wrestler. Maybe thats why all the meds. As for the other, I have no idea. Maybe its getting blown out of proportion because of who it is.

1834 days ago


My first thought is I wonder if he is being blackmailed or set up by someone? Why would sheriffs suspect there is drugs in his house? Vicodin is not illegal if it is prescribed by a doctor. I thought Jeff had several back disk problems that were causing him pain and that is why he left WWE. The drugs could be for his pain. Something is fishy here -- right after he leaves WWE, he gets busted? Let's wait and see what happens before everyone accuses Jeff wrongly.

1834 days ago


CM Punk was telling the truth and that is the only reason why people boo him; no one likes the truth, but not saying anything doesn't make Jeff Hardy any less of a bad influence on children. Jeff Hardy makes wrestling look bad and his lifestyle only continues the many stereotypes that come with the business. Wrestling is about so much more than the abuse of steroids and other prescription drugs. It's just scary that kids cheer an apathetic drug addict like Jeff hardy over a straight edge role model like CM Punk. I blame the parents. Don't teach your children to hate wrestling due to the actions of a few, teach your children the difference between right and wrong.

1834 days ago


CM Punk said what ever he sad but you know what yall ceter this around Jeff Hardy like he is the only one that has ever done this! Yea it was not smart of him but dang cant yall get on with yall life and see how these other people have done drugs and all yall do is slap them on the hand or just say well still they are great! Jeff Hardy is a great wrestler and noone can take that from him! When yall stand by all the others that have dont this I will stand beside Jeff Hardy! He is great and no matter what I believe he can and will over come all this! So stop judging all the Celebertys and start judging yalls selfs! Dont judge till at least you know the hole an true story not just what people put out there! Jeff Hardy is great in everything he does and will always take wrestling to anther level just for the fans thats what he does and will do!

1834 days ago


Parents the only role model in your children's lives should be you or someone you can personally instill trust in such as a grandparent. Generally, people in the entertainment business (all forms) haven't grown up or have serious problems with reality. They are not well adjusted people. Most have never lived normal lives. Pro Wrestling or "Sports Entertainment" (as Vince McMahon calls it) is grown men pretending to fight. Think about it in the big picture.

1834 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

69. The Chris Benoit case had little to do with steroids and more about the significant amount of brain damage he suffered over the course of his career and how it affected his brain. This is just Jeff Hardy, yet again being a dumb ass. I'm sure WWE is now very glad that he chose to take time off and not resign.

Posted at 1:53AM on Sep 12th 2009 by DC

Wrong DC, Wrong, Wrong and Wrong; Chris Benoit was the greatest Wrestling Showman ever, Jeff Hardy was filling the gap by sacrificing his body in the same manner, only' Jeff risks his back and body, where-as Chris used his head for a weapon.

Kurt Angle {from my hometown, when we both were young} who I kay-fabe hate, is also' an ultimate showman {especially' if your like me' and enjoy his losses} a Druggie, Steroid abuser and walking his last breaths along with Jeff.

DC if you cannot realize' that the "Genetic Jackhammer" Vince McMahon glorifies Steroids' in the mind of children' and in the body's' of Wrestlers' you will never understand Wrestling or Sport.

Chris Benoit was found dead' with a boat-load' of Personal use Steroids, above and beyond the amount massive bodybuilding Wrestlers consume, plus' he was walking around stupefied from brain Stem damage {Brain Stem examination' or damage repair' is outside the realm of today's modern medicine, totally inoperable} caused by his signature move the flying head-butt {frontal lobe' brain damage was also' found in Autopsy} the problems are three-fold.

First' career's are advanced for Steroid enhanced performers and the Genetic Jackhammer leads the field.

Second' drug are availability for professionals that have obtained the financial ability to access the moral-less drug providers.

Third' is law enforcement, following arrest' publicized, the rich and/or rich and famous pay' minimal fines and or incarcerations, much to do with their employers backing, with pressures applied and the "showmanship must go on attitude" making death the cost of career advancement.

The WWE requires the youngest of fans, because' many, most fans lose interest when disgusted by the evidence of trickery with stupidity, moral fabric be damned, if and when Jeff rebounds Vince will stage his act, always has with Wrestlers' and always will.

The only way to address the Wrestlers on Drug use problem, must include all rich and famous Drug abusers, by setting the example of hitting their pocketbook with both fines and ongoing financial hardship' of once busted, all testing and convincing of rehab' are shouldered on the person busted, employer's will not be able to keep pace with cost of drug use by employ.

Plus' high and mighty Doctor's and Pharmacies' must be also be pocketbook reprimanded, with' their ability to provide drugs' restricted, by paying ongoing fine that includes inspection of business practices.

So' Following Drug Arrest and Source discovery, all must pay cost for examination of books or blood, including' Person, employer, Doctor and Pharmacy, the almighty dollar, drives' the drug abuse, and only' the almighty dollar can curtail the drug abuse problem.

1834 days ago


Hey People, "CM Punk was right"???? CM PUNK IS A CHARACTER! He said what the WWE writers told him too. I have been met Jeff many, many times. He is one of the kindest, most amazing people you could ever meet. Until he tells his side of the story, let him be. We all know the media takes whatever dirt they can on celebrities and twist and exaggerate it to make a story. We do not know what was really going on in Jeff's life. He has enough to deal with right now, leave him alone.

1834 days ago


I know Jeff has been caught before, and that it's his 3rd time...but I believe in him, and I know that he'll be able to come back from this. He will be able to come back from this, and then he can go back to wrestling when he can.......I highly doubt that those are for him, or something. I think there's something to it. I mean, his first 2 offenses were for I believe Weed or something. Jeff has no reason to take steroids, he could have tried them before, but I highly doubt that he's addicted to them. I honestly think that all the pills he has were just old pills that he never took, and just forgot to throw them away, or they could've been matts since he's the one that was out due to an injury and had surgery. But none of us will truely know, unless we're close friends with him. I'm not makie excuses for him, since he's my all time favorite wrestler, but actually...i've done research on the subject about steroids in wrestling. I couldn't find anything on Jeff, but I did find a bunch of things on Edge, Randy Orton amoung others. BUT NOT JEFF, nor Matt!

1834 days ago

arte help    


1834 days ago


I'm disappointed. Aside from his drug habits I love him as a wrestler. He's starting to become one of the biggest superstars in the wrestling entertainment industry but if he keeps this up we won't get to see him do what he loves. Come back and wrestle for us again Jeff.

1834 days ago


If you did what Jeff did EVERY night then you'd be the same. So stop pulling him down! I've been a fan of his for a long time and I will continue to be. Yes, I don't really agree with his decisions of late but he's only human. He's not perfect, are you?

1834 days ago


What the hell... I hate to say, CM Punk was right about Jeff...... This sucks.....

1834 days ago

the Missus    

Without giving away too much information about myself or the business, I will say a few words.
1. In my opinion, this was a set up. Jeff Hardy does NOT use steroids. He does not even work out, so how would steroids benefit him? The steroids that were 'found' either belonged to someone else OR (this is what I think) they were planted by the NC dea. Why not plant such a contorversial drug in a WWE Champions home?
2. Jeff has struggled to maintain his sobriety, and everyone in the locker room knows it. His girlfriend travels with him to help keep him out of trouble, among other things. He has had his issues in the past, but has overcome those demons and has proven himself not only to the McMahons, but to his entire legion of fans & WWE Universe as well.
3. Does it really make sense to ANYone that he would stay sober (being randomly drug tested almost weekly) and then not even 2 weeks after his 'I Quit' match w/ Punk, go out & say to himself 'hmmm, since I am no longer under contract, let me go get my hands on every possible drug I can'.
4. It has not been said if the pills that were found were recent prescriptions. It is quite possible that they are recent prescriptions that were written for him. Doctors do prescribe both of those in those amounts. Or again, they may be 'planted' evidence.
Jeff is a super talented worker and a stand up guy. Probably one of the best in the business. Certainly one of the most sincere individuals that I have met and had the opportunity to work with. The truth will come out sooner or later, just wait for his official statement. Until then, pray for him. Think about it folks. And dont judge the man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.

1834 days ago
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