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Judge on Seinfeld Case: Lawsuit's About Nothing

9/11/2009 1:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A lawsuit claiming Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica, stole the idea for her best-selling cookbook was tossed out by a Federal judge yesterday.

A woman named Missy Chase Lapine sued the Seinfelds claiming they took her idea for a cookbook about sneaking healthy foods into kids' meals.

But -- yada yada yada -- the judge tossed it out.


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stalkers are scum    

Jerry's looking old...........

1835 days ago

dish rags    

Whhaatts the deal with this lawsuit?

1835 days ago

dish rags    


1835 days ago

dish rags    


1835 days ago

dish rags    

Not first bitches!

1835 days ago


jerry got himself some deeeeep pockets. love you jerry.

1835 days ago


The idea of adding pureed fruits and veggies to foods was first done in "Stealth Health" by Evelyn Tribole. Neither Jessica Seinfeld or Missy Chase Lapine was the first. However, I will say that Missy Chase Lapine has come out with two subsequent cookbooks (both good); whereas Seinfeld has done nothing (not that she needs to). It appears that Missy, with her background at "Eating Well", is more committed to the idea.

1835 days ago


I agree with you #8.

I suspect Ms. Seinfeld, who became Ms. Seinfeld after cheating on her husband to do Jerry, was bored. I think she needed something more to do other then leave her kids with some nanny and go shopping or get her hair done.

I have to say I wish she had not won this law suit. Jerry and his wife have giant heads, his behavior after the suit was filed was nasty. His comments were immature to say the least.

1835 days ago

Linda Mott    

My mother did that years ago. We got health candy, carob sesame seeds and honey. We also got whole wheat crust pizza and the tomato sauce had veggies pureed and added. Fruit was mixed with yogurt and frozen. Moms have been doing this for years. Some things are public domain like smores, which we never got.

1835 days ago

Lady Z    

Just another example of the rich getting away with doing anything they want to do. I wish Ms. Seinfeld had lost the suit just for the simple fact that she is a spoiled JAP and a cheater. Jerry was way wrong to go on TV and disparge Lapine and liken her to a serial killer. This woman Jessica Seinfeld has no morals and had just gotten back from her honeymoon when she picked up Jerry at the gym and cheated on her new husband with him. She just wanted Jerry because he was richer. I guess to Jerry a married woman is better than dating a 17 year old Soshanna Lonstein. Jerry has major issues to say the least. This Jessica Seinfeld had her lawyer write a letter that was published in Vogue magazine defending her atrocious behavior in cheating on her husband as a newlywed. Since the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and Ms. Seinfeld has proven herself to be a liar and a cheater, why would we believe that she did not steal recipes or recipe ideas? This suit was thrown out simply because Seinfeld has the money to hire a high powered shark and the judge was starstruck.
The rich and famous recive a different brand of justice in this country. I don't care how much money they have, the Seinfelds are both lying cheaters and losers. I wonder what her kids will think of her when they find out what mommy did to her first husband?

1835 days ago

sensible grandma    

Guess Missy thought she was going to make a quick buck.

1835 days ago


For those who want to know more about this case and about exactly what Jessica Seinfeld STOLE from Missy Lapine's cookbook, Celebitchy has a great article about it here:

Missy Lapine actually commented herself on that article about the state of her case.

1835 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Right on #10 The Voice - I couldn't have said it better.
I always loved Jerry S. for his great show (and as a fellow Mets fan). My opinion of him has completely changed since he married this evil witch. She seems like the typical know-it-all Long Island JAP housewife who has kids and becomes a self-proclaimed child-raising "expert." And the way they treated the woman who brought the lawsuit was ridiculous.

1835 days ago


1. Lapine's recipes are WAY BETTER than Seinfeld's.
2. Yes she did. Lapine's book was out almost a year before Seinfeld's and was on the top seller list when seinfeld's came out. The judge only threw it out because of jerry. Look at the books, they are exactly the same recipes.

1835 days ago


#10, The Voice: Great commentary and I agree, completely. Jessica Seinfeld was used for her bigger name, by the publisher who shot down and subsequently stole Missy's idea, initially. Seriously--what has Jessica ever amounted to, on her own? Who is she, besides a Stepford Wife? Jessica may not have known, at first, that she was putting her name to stolen property; but she damn-well knew it wasn't her OWN idea--contrary to what she marketed it as. The Seinfelds are white trash with money. I lost ALL respect for Jerry when he disparaged Missy like he did on Larry King. There was ABSOLUTELY no excuse for that kind of hate speech. BTW--Missy Lapine's "Sneaky Chef" books are awesome. And Missy's the REAL DEAL. I'm sorry to her, today, as this injustice must be a huge blow. (Julia S., page 24 of "The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue")

1835 days ago
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