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Love's Lawyer -- Kurt Would Never Sing Bon Jovi

9/11/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Team Courtney Love is finally expanding on why she's so pissed off at the makers of Guitar Hero -- and it seems her beef is over the songs that the digital version of her husband is forced to sing in the game.

Courtney Love and Bon Jovi

TMZ spoke with Love's attorney who told us Cobain's widow did give permission for the game makers to use Kurt's name and likeness -- but she never, ever signed off on a deal that would allow them to make Kurt sing Bon Jovi tunes in the game.

Love's lawyer told us, "Activision is exploiting Kurt's image in a manner anathema to the very essence of his music, spirit and essence.

I along with Ms. Cobain hope those who love Kurt's music strongly voice their sentiments to Activision and demand his image not be debased by singing the songs of Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi gave Love a bad name? How ironic.


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Who really cares...........FIRST.

1865 days ago


This is so stupid. Its just a game..... People take themselves too seriously

1865 days ago



1865 days ago


How can Guitar Hero rape Kurt's image? He was a heroin addict who committed suicide abandoning his wife and daughter!!! What image is she talking about? His grundgy, unkept, low-self esteemed I'm a junkie who blew my head off image? Oh okay. Now I understand.

She should just be happy Guitar Hero will pay her royalties and she can get more plastic surgery and plenty of drugs. She should stick to adoring Madonna and drinking vodka til she passes out.

1865 days ago


Courtney...get a life

1865 days ago


I'd would rather her BonJovi myself

1865 days ago


Yea, and Kurt would never be married to her ugly ass now either. He was leaving her nasty ass right before he "committed suicide".

1865 days ago

Courtney love is a real bitch. She has no right over the Curt Cobain name. He was a human being, not a trademark. The same applies to MJ.

1865 days ago


They "demand his image not be debased"? Seriously, how on earth can that debase his image? If anything, it will ELEVATE his image. Bon Jovi's reputation is so much better than that. How dare they put Bon Jovi down? If I were Bon Jovi, I would protest my music being sung by a dead junkie.

1865 days ago


Hey, Ms. Crazypants Love, if you sign over the rights for someone to use Kurt's image, that's IT, it's done! Now you're crying over what you did? YOU signed away the rights to limit who uses that image. Stay on your meds woman!

1865 days ago

Jessica T    

"Bon Jovi gave Love a bad name? How ironic."

Nice, very nice.

1865 days ago


I completely understand. That's like getting Joan Jett's likeness permission and having her play Tiffany.

While I agree Kurt's image wasn't lilly white that doesn't mean it deserves to be reinvented as a panty waste either.

1865 days ago


Maybe she will read the fine print next time! How much has she made from Mr. Cobain in the last 10 years? She probably has carpal tunnel from all those signatures.

1865 days ago


It is a game and she signed the contract. How insulting she is being to Bon Jovi or any other artists. She may be cutting her throat even more in hollywood.

1865 days ago


"They "demand his image not be debased"? Seriously, how on earth can that debase his image?"

Seriously? How the hell did Courtney learn to use a word like "debased"? She must have gotten sober this morning. And coached!

1865 days ago
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