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Megan Fox -- This Thumb's for You

9/12/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whether or not you think Megan Fox has wonky thumbs, one thing is clear -- she's definitely a fan of them.

Megan Fox

During a press conference in Toronto yesterday to promote her new movie "Jennifer's Body," Fox couldn't stop playing with her thumbs.

Not that we're complaining.


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michael dropuljic    

OH yah and meagan remember.I heard about some local media was trying to use you as "bait" you remember that?.Do you know what im talking about? a trap..again it was probably lunatics in the rcmp.Sorry if i freak you out, sorry.These judas's infiltrate everything, all over.Someone even said that the secret service moved into an office in downtown Toronto afew years ago? WHat the heck are the secret service doing here?.Anyways loads of Lunacy!....Its a war for freedom, and i got me some thick armour though the battle is horrible and the treches are filthy, Gods armour is thick!.Haha! Gods armour is thick! but in this place the thickness doesnt weigh you down, it picks you up because its Divine.Love it! (even if no one listens to this, my own words do me good!ha!).Thickens my Soul! so much so that i can even fight the Devil ha!.Samson found Armour sure he did! on and on the story goes.

1832 days ago


the reason why her thumbs are like that is because she probably was a thumsucker when she was a baby and maybe even probably still is. you guys should ask her when you guys find her around.

1832 days ago


she's so annoying

1832 days ago


did you guys read that article on about her it's funny

1832 days ago


i think she keeps putting them in her mouth so you cant see how wonky they are

1832 days ago

letz byonest    

I love megan fox - the oral fixation is sexy!!!

Did she really get back with "Brian Boston Bean"?

or did she dump him for B.YONEST???

1832 days ago

Rap sucks    

Yeah she's hot, but come on, is she really like the hottest woman ever? I agree with the canadian. In person she's not all that so TMZ is way too obsessed with her. Overrated...what!

1832 days ago

jOe tHe ReTaRd    


1832 days ago


She is the next Angelina Jolie but they can never be another beautiful as Jolie she has those sexy lips and exotic beauty. Megan is sexy too and very pretty. Jolie has been voted over and over most beautiful and she is.

1832 days ago

john stamos    

shes just remembering the oral warm ups she practiced to get "lil brian austin greene"

1832 days ago



No, all you have to do is cLick on "Returning" because the default is "New Readers". You can find the "Returning" button right below the "ADD YOUR COMMENTS" letters. Then add your username and PW.

I figured this out late too.

1831 days ago


Michael Drop...whatever your name is..I think you should take some classes in the English Language before you start commenting and insulting someone. You can't even string a sentence together. I know your mission is to insult Megan Fox, and the beautiful city of Toronto, but you end up making yourself sound like an ignorant high school dropout.

1831 days ago


Yeah she's pretty but I'm so sick of seeing her face..seriously, there are a ton more women out there that are just as beautiful.
I agree with most of these posts, she's doing so much for attention, what's with the teethy tryna be sexy smile? Or that sucking thumb thing, get over yourself hunny!!!

1831 days ago



1831 days ago


She's just trying to be provacative so the public can run out and see her crappy movie. Any publicity is still publicity. The Hollywood machine is working overtime to turn her into a A list star. She's an attractive woman but she's way overrated.

1831 days ago
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