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C. Brown to Tila: Keep My Name Out Yo Tweets

9/13/2009 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown to Tila Tequila"Now it's on and it's because I said so." -- 2Pac

Tila Tequila
egged on Chris Brown over and over again on her Twitter page and now CB has finally responded making this ... an official Twitter Fight!!!!!!!!

Tila, angry that the San Diego D.A. declined to press charges against Shawne Merriman, made several mentions of Brown on her Twitter page (we tried to grab one, but Tila has since made her page private).

Finally this morning, Brown tweeted back, "NOT TRYNA BE RUDE but i keep hearing tila bringing my name up. ur 15 seconds of fame has ended. dont try to gain fans by dissing me.godbless."


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MJ's KIDS    

They both are pigs

1869 days ago


Tila, angry that the San Diego D.A. declined to press charges against Shawne Merriman, made several mentions of Brown on her Twitter page (we tried to grab one, but Tila has since made her page private).
Made her page private?
OH MY GOD, best news of the year! That should have been the headline.

Who woulda thunk I would be siding with Chris on an important worldly issue such as this?

Now if only those losers posting the same thing constantly and those spammers would get together in a mass suicide.

Oops, I & peace. Life is good.

1869 days ago

Chris Brown should go over to Tila Tequila's house and teach the dumb skank a lesson.

1869 days ago


If Tila Really Did Get Physically Abused By
Shawn Whatever, Then Go File A Charge.
But Don't Bring Other People Into The Situation.
Just Proves That You Want More & More Publicity.

I Watched Her Reailty Show...And That So Called "Allergic"
To Alchol is SOOOOO Incredibly Ignorant, I Know She
Wansn't Drinking Apple Juice 24/7 Thats For Sure.

1869 days ago


You can read the Tweets here:

she's CRAZY!!

1869 days ago


If he had learned anything, HE would be on Team Tila.

1869 days ago


This isn't fair, TMZ, you're asking me to choose between these two?? I can't, they're both so awful!

1869 days ago


uh... team neither.

1869 days ago

Shane thinks chris brown is dumb!

1869 days ago


Is a Twitter fight a "Twight" or a "Fritter" or a "Fwitter" or a "Twitter Fit" or a small spat on Twitter a "Fwitter Light" ? Trying to keep up with technological terms on a rainsy Sunday afternoon. Why is Tila Tequila famous again? I keep forgetting....

1869 days ago


Uh, pardon me for noticing, but the DA's office has been used in the past - with the DA's blessing, as a hotel, hook-up spot for witnesses who happened to be in jail, but who had information in a San Diego cop kililng. Their wives and girlfriends were brought in for hook-ups. When the news about that got out, the case was toast.

Also, the job of the DA is to "search for the truth." How come it hasn't been reported Tila traveled by Limo, not driving?

Last, consider the cops at and think about that when you look at her bruises. Misogyny lives in law enforcement and the DA's office, folks.

1869 days ago


go back to the hole you came out of bi-cth.

1869 days ago


I checked her Twitter this morning (I've always hated her but I added her last night because shes entertaining to troll) and she says she's a full lesbian now and she's deleting her Twitter account because she's signed a multi-million dollar deal with a company and Twitter is not needed. How nice she is to her "fans" =P

"officialTilaNite nite. My Twitter account will be deleted. I have another agenda on my list now that makes Twitter irrelevant to me now. Take care! xoxo"

"officialTilaNow I understand the reason behind all of this taking place. God told me that the right path for me is being a lesbian. It all makes sense."

"officialTilaI can see now why so many victims of domestic violence end up becoming lesbians afterward. Cuz I for one. Never want to go back to men again"

"officialTilaSo I guess we all know who I am going to marry now at the end of the day.....another WOMAN! I can't wait to meet her and start my life...."

"officialTilaAnd from my personal experience. Women do it SO MUCH BETTER then men with sex anyway. Its about time I became a full lesbian."

She pisses me off so much. Glad she's lesbian so Shawne doesn't want her back lol

1869 days ago


It is a freedom of speech, she can talk about whoever she wants.... On the other hand I understand his point of view, he knows what he did and he is paying for it everyday.... Tila has to fight her battles without reminding Chris of his mistakes.... Chris has to turn the other cheek. By saying something on his twitter, he is telling his fans to follow Tila.... He is giving her more attention....

1869 days ago


Why don't you put in a number three choice like ( who gives a rats @$$? )Do this to all your questions just for the fun of it.

1869 days ago
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