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Madge & Kanye -- It's All About Me!

9/14/2009 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift were honored last night at the VMAs -- but thanks to Madonna and Kanye West, you'd barely know it.

Madonna & Kanye
From Madge's opening speech, which was as much about herself as Michael, to Kanye's Taylor Swift diss, it was a self-serving night.

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I agree with you; sadly, TMZ is running out of stories and grasping at straws here. Painfully evident that they would even compare Kanye with Madonna. I love Russel Brand, but if anyone came off as narcissistic after Kanye, it would definitely be Brand and not Madonna. I think TMZ needs to do more work on Conrad Murphy, speak to the staff at the hospital and ambulance service from 25 June, and give us more facts, less fiction.

1835 days ago


I give Madonna credit for being the one to stand up for Michael. They may have been friends way back when, but, she even admitted that she wasn't there for him. I didn't get the impression she was talking about herself, she was relating some of the same things she and MJ had in common while growing up. She said she had a childhood, he didn't, also they are the same age. I feel that's why there was a comparison.
Janet did a wonderful job honoring her brother, he would have been very proud. She's hurting and instead of slamming her for her "weight" gain and how "angry" she sounded while singing and at the end, give her a break. How would you feel if you just lost your brother at the hands of another? Michael looked absolutely wonderful in the trailer for the rehearsal movie release. I truly believe he was trying to turn his life around.
As for the other idiot, KW. Get a life. How dare you wreck someone else's happiness, or is this an ongoing occurrance for you? I've never heard of you before and I don't care to hear about you again. You destroyed the tribute to Michael and crushed a teen-agers spirit when you decided to get up there and gave an opinion noone cared to hear.
I saw where you are taking some time off---good---take a loooooooong time off, you idiot

1835 days ago


Con todo respeto me dirijo a ud para comunicarle que yo como tantos fans no hemos abandonado nunca a Michael Jackson , siempre hemos estado alegres cuando estaba bien y llorando cuando la prensa o personas muy allegadas a el lo lastimaban , sufrimos tanto como el o tal vez mas , siempre sabiamos lo que el significaba para el mundo , el era unico , nunca jamas durante muchos años vamos a tener un artista y un ser humano como el,realmente este mundo no estaba preparado para algo tan bueno y espectacular , pero que les quede algo claro los fans del Sr Michael Jackson somos leales, muy leales .
Sra me despido de ud con todo mi respeto
SAluda atte
Claudia Juiz

1834 days ago



1834 days ago


Madonna and Michael have another thing in common. Michael used to be Black and now he is white. Madonna used to be American now she is British.

1834 days ago


what kanye did was disrespectful but lets be honest are we really surprised? kanye isn't hateful he just said what everybody else was thinking but didn't have the balls to say. beyonce's vid was crack. TS did a good job but beyonce should have one. Lets stop acting scandalized and rightoues when people dis other people everyday. Kanye is an amazing artist.

1834 days ago

David M.    

Why is that old bag Madonna even in focus for anything now days. Isn't she the whore that shocked everyone constantly by doing her demeaning sexual perversions. Now she doesn't allow her own children to watch T.V. because that might negatively influence them. What a hypocrite!!! Michael Jackson certainly needed someone more wholesome than Madonna to honor him. Madonna you could use her at a hookers ceremony. But not at a ceremony for a man that was loved by so many people. They say, you are who you hang around with. Michael was no whore, so Madonna should not have been the speaker for Michael. Donna Ross should have been the person honoring Michael Jackson. Donna Ross has been around for many years, and she has always shown class.

1831 days ago
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