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Madge & Kanye -- It's All About Me!

9/14/2009 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift were honored last night at the VMAs -- but thanks to Madonna and Kanye West, you'd barely know it.

Madonna & Kanye
From Madge's opening speech, which was as much about herself as Michael, to Kanye's Taylor Swift diss, it was a self-serving night.

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I'm glad Madonna stepped up and said what she did. At least she is one artist who is speaking out on Michael. Kanye doesn't even deserve to be on the same stage where a tribute to someone as talented as Michael Jackson was taking place. Two people on totally different ends of the spectrum...the most talented and kindest in MJ and the most worthless in Kanye.

1863 days ago


This pic of Madge reminds me of Faye Dunnaway in "Mommie Dearest". I didn't see the speech, but from the comments, I suppose she was just as plastic, narcissistic and self-serving as Joan Crawford would have been too. Can we say just a little bit scary?

1863 days ago


Of course TMZ and the rest of the media would spin this in a negative light. Madonna wasn't trying to make it about herself. She was trying to make us appreciate the depth of Michael's loss of his childhood. She said he lost his childhood, she lost her mother, and he had the short end of the stick between the two. She said some wonderful, heartfelt things that the media is now ignoring. They are pushing aside the message and focusing on the negtivity. She brought to light the fact that the world, including his own music community, turned their back on him. She talked about how she realized this after his death. She spoke for many people right now. Many are only now remembering who MICHAEL himself really was, and looking past the media slander and false accusations. Michael's fan base were very, very happy with Madonna's speech. We heard the message. TMZ, don't ignore the message. But honestly, what else could we expect from you? Finally, someone said things I had been waiting for for 16 years. And you are ignoring it in favor of negative junk.

1863 days ago


Michael Jackson had three important and noticeable things: 1)HUGE MUSIC AND DANCE GENIUS, 2)COMMERCIAL TALENT, 3)"MADNESS".
Madonna just have commercial talent, and Kanye, poor guy, just madness, and madness for Kanye comes without quotes...

MJ really was not from this planet. He came for this flanet for us. People who enjoyed his presence here are happy now, people who dont, well... They must regret.
MICHAEL FOREVER, better and greater than anyone.

1863 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

28. 750. So we got Madonna helping / caring about Michael where are
the rest of the Superstars we supported all our lives, Michael needs
their notorieties voice screaming "I'm Mad as hell' and I'm not going
to take it' anymore"
I want more' we need more' Michael deserves more' all the Hollywood
Superstars are protecting their Med's and letting their fellow
workers get Cardiac Arrests.
This is and has been a Total, New's black-out since Jermaine
announced MR. Michael Jackson Died, is not enough,

â?oAnimals strike, not from Malice, But because they want to live, it
is the sameâ?T with those who criticize, they desire our Blood, not
our pain. But still I must achieve i most seek truth in all things. I
must endure for the power, I was sent forth, for the world, for the
children. But have Mercy, for Iâ?Tve been Bleeding a long time
now.� {Michael Jackson}
Composed during Santa Barabra Trial.

Posted at 10:14PM on Sep 13th 2009 by for; while my guitar gently

Yes, people seem to have very short memories where Madonna is
concerned on things she said about Michael. One of the parts in the
This is It concert was to have all his heroes superimposed on stage,
and then have all his enemies and destroy them. Madonna was named in
the latter group. Madonna and class do not go together. This is a
woman who took movie cameras to her mother's grave, and rolled around
on it for Truth or Dare.

289. Madonna was so full of herself in her so-called tribute for
Michael. It was not a tribute to MJ, it was a tribute to herself- not
forgetting to include the very important: "and I..." in her sentences.
She had been badmouthing MJ while he'still alive and making herself
look better than MJ in interviews. Now, she's still doing the same.
And she got what she wanted - people are now praising her.

Read more:

Posted at 8:57AM on Sep 14th 2009 by Susan

Read more:

Read more:

For Ebony and the like; Beyonce had to repair damage, color hate
allowes reply, read the posters here, as Michael explains' "it
doesn't matter", I admit blacks have a better beat, it's a provable
fact, that' being said all music deserves award, if the time is
there, TMZ is getting 5 post a minute, fueling the hate advantages
nothing, he shoud have just spit in her face that's what he did to
Michael by grabbing her Microphone, 2,000 TMZ comments, why speak!

1863 days ago


Ok. I did not watch the award show. Can anyone tell me what she said that was so bad?

1863 days ago


I think Madonna did great. Michael Jackson is one of those people who is so much in your life you think of yourself in connection with him.

I guess Madonna has never been to Gary though. It ain't no suburb and never was.

Kanye, it would depend to me on whether or not he was right. He has made me want to watch both videos. Neither girl is any great shakes in my book.

1863 days ago


Madonna's been shoving her cootchie in my face for the past 30 years and I think I've been patient enough in waiting for her to die or... just go away. She needs to take it inside.

1863 days ago

Susan from MD    

I don't think Madonna's speech was self-serving. I think it was humanity-server. It was a clear confession from all of us to God for turning our backs on Michael. It showed the guilt that all of us feel for forgetting about Michael. She begged God's forgiveness for all of us. I hope we are forgiven. Thank you, Madonna.

1863 days ago


Guess his opinion of Beyonce having the best video of all time is the only opinion that matters. He always talks about haters and then he becomes one instantly when things don't go his way. You can see events at

1863 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

I don't agree with TMZ's spin on Madonna's speech. She just related her own personal experience with him, and I did think it was more about him than her.

The idea that Madonna asked him out is amusing.

1863 days ago


SORRY to agree that there is no comparison in behavior between the two. Kanye was way out of line !!!!!!

1863 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

He's no Michael Jackson!!! .. Back to us.. Cha Ching

(((mo money mo money mo money)))

1863 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Now’ what can everyone’ do, the Autopsy report’ may be in second or third copy, the Cause of Death’ report’ has been Amended, the Crime Scene was ignored’ until after the mover’s gutted the household belonging’s, the Ambulance and Hospital preformed CPR to a Cadaver, the Hospital’ attempted to revitalize a Corpse with Lividity, then’ provided no authoritative’ press release, theirs been few, if any’ press releases / news conferences, but’ persistently Police and Coroner leak’ news stories, dr. Murray’s phone call to Houston was not traced’ until after a TMZ story was published’ a month later, theirs no definitive time-line of events established, we know Michael had concluded USA rehearsal’s {80 hours’ in the can} with itinerary’ of traveling oversea’ that weekend interrupted. “MR. Michael Jackson” American’ was historically’ falsely accused’ and falsely incriminated’ again’ and again’ including proof of vengeance’ and vendetta’ involving the same, or near-by’ responsible governmental officials. Mr. Jackson communicated’ with Doctors regularly, but’ are police even interested in his years of phone bills and calls to these disgraceful Practitioners. Politics won’t help, unless everyone complains to every politician near and far, big and small. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was at MR. Michael Jackson’s Forest Lawn grave-sight Services, it’s overdue time’ for stepping up to the Podium’ and talking’ to us, the police report said’ the Propofol that killed Michael {police already’ reported the Propofol’ was traced from’ Los Vegas Pharmacy} was from untraceable origins’ Propofol was under Recall, meaning’ Police are claiming Anastasia’ unsafe, there’ tripping over their’ own misinformation? Barack Obama the buck’ has a stopping point, politicians need to step-up’ or step-down’ the silence is deafening, this will not’ go quietly into the Night, none of Michael's Superstar Preformers have the guts to help.

1863 days ago


I am a Black woman and I wanted to KICK KANYE A** for what he did. It was soooooooo stupid and soooooooooo ridiculous it wasn't even funny. I hope he never sells another record. He doesn't deserve it. Taylor Swift was so sweet to just stand there. My heart went out to her. It really did. I can't tell you how angry I was to see that garbage. They should have snatched his little arrogant self-loving butt off the stage.

1863 days ago
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