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Jackson Tour Footage -- This Is It!

9/14/2009 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The trailer for the upcoming Michael Jackson tour movie debuted last night -- and shows a ton of previously unseen rehearsal video of MJ in the months leading up to his death.

Michael appears with it in the footage -- and the huge dance sequences teased look damn bad ass.

The movie will be shown in theaters for two weeks, starting October 28.


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cali chick    

I will be watching that most def! Yeah Michael would have blown ppl out of the water. Just from watching that short clip it looks bad a**! R.I.P MICAHEL!!!

1829 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

Michael was thin, but he has always been thin. However, he still looked STONG. Thin looks good on young people, but when you get older, notsomuch. Look at Madonna. Maybe it's just me, but I think she looked better when she had more weight on her.

Posted at 1:47PM on Sep 14th 2009 by MJ Fan

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He was always very very thin once he went solo, I can't tell whether it was a healthy or unhealthy kind of thin though. I saw times when his legs showed underneath his trousers and because of the way his socks were pushed down it gave the illusion his legs were wider, but when I saw his legs they were like very thin poles that you'd fear he'd break them. His exceptionally thin body is more noticeable in the video of You Are Not Alone, you can see his ribcage in some of the takes. He was very underweight due to his eating habits and the fact his dancing caused him to burn a lot of energy.

1829 days ago


After seeing this footage I don't believe for one minute Michael was a prescription drug addict. It is NO WAY you can move like that on stage and be an addict. It's just not possible. He would have fallen on his face! The only thing I think he had a problem with was propofol because he had a problem with sleeping and you have to get some sleep to move like he did in the this is it footage. Sadly, it did him in. Surely their was something out there for insomnia that would have help him instead of a deadly anesthesia that should have only been used in a hospital. RIP Michael.

1829 days ago


Hurry up and arrest that damn doctor already! I hate that he's still out there! Let's finish this for MJ already, put that guy away so he can't touch anyone else. I speak from experience having lost TWO family members to doctors cutting main arteries during surgeries. There are great doctors out there but this guy is not one of them, put him away already.

1829 days ago


Wow it looks super great ! i wish it would play here but i highly doubt we will get that lucky :(
The master at work the best at the craft then and even now he will live on.

1829 days ago


OMK....MJJ KOP aka KOL (King of Love)

He certainly did have an abundance of love in his heart...can't wait for the movie

1829 days ago


Amusing to see that he was so involved and engaging. His body may have been weak but his spirit was strong.I believe that he would have given a good show. Who is that girl that he is dancing with during the Man In The Mirror Song?

1829 days ago



1829 days ago


good posts here today. I think I want to go see the movie even if it makes me cry. I want to hold onto everything that is of Michael to keep his memory alive. It feels as if he is slipping away. Also, it's a good way to show love and support for him to attend his final performance that he was working so hard on.

1829 days ago


I just went and looked at the posting for upcoming movies @ the local theatre and IT'S THERE!!!!!!!!!!! I get to go! i am so happy and excited I can't wait....

1829 days ago


I have news for you Mel. It very much is possible to be on that many drugs and function. People do it every single day and I have a family member who did it until recently and is in rehab. It's not impossible. You take puppy uppers during the day and doggy downers at night. Even Dr. Drew states he sees it all the time. To me he was thin, moreso than he usually is. Being 50 and taking that many drugs has got to have some affect. He obviously cheated death for a long time. But he was lucky. Others like Heath Ledger die much more easily. It's tragic and I don't judge. I've had my hard times in life. None of us can understand the physical and emotional pain he went through. I know now that he's resting and enjoying his afterlife. And I know it feels like he may be slipping away but he's not. His presence is stronger than ever and his energy is now pure again and not tainted by what ravaged his body.

1829 days ago


Wow-how amazing and how sad at the same time, that it just remains the rehearsals. The show would have been a blast!
Proves all the people wrong who were saying that he could not do it anymore!!

1829 days ago



1829 days ago


flowercrazy, no one can be an addict and perform like that-he may have used prescriptions from time to time (period)

1829 days ago


I will be there. This made me cry the concert would have been great. Long Live the King of Pop!!

1829 days ago
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