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Ultra D-Bag Kanye Hijacks Taylor Swift

9/14/2009 7:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West needs to stop. Seriously.

After Taylor Swift -- who is just 19 years old, mind you -- won the award for Best Female Video at the VMAs, Kanye rushed the stage, took the mic from her and proclaimed Beyonce had "one of the best videos of all-time."

For her part, Beyonce looked completely mortified by Kanye's childish actions.


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Awwww she's just a child compared to him,that was sO humiliating to her and probably kinda scary.I think he must be held accountable for that.......he's a racist he doesn't seem to like white people just rude and mean and he needs a good ass kicking!anda ass kicking out of any future shows.One too many times he screws it up.

1832 days ago


What is up with kanye's bratty behavior? Taylor Swift is a country artist but she's also like 16! She looked totally crushed by Kanye's idiotic behavior! Where's security when you need them?

1832 days ago


Kanye West is a GAY FISH!!!

1832 days ago


you kant say it wasnt funny tho lol an then he just shrugged his shoulders like ok im done hahahaha then look at the due behind beyonce he like "wow"hahahahaha an the at the end look at diddy lmaoo he lookin like wtf hahahahaha aww man that was hilarious an if no body noticed there is a pic of him drinkin a whole bottle of hennessy b4 the show he standin behind amber rose wit the bottle in hand hahahahaha awww man

1832 days ago


no respect

1832 days ago


we will never forget racist a$$hole

1832 days ago


kanye is a totl ass hole... just leave the music buisnes... No one cares for you anymore.. ass wipe

1832 days ago


First of all, to all of you who mentioned that this was a racial thing....I think you are absolutely right. I don't think Kanye will be happy until all white people (young and old) will be slaves...just like "his people" were. And I am not a prejuced person at all...I have many black and white friends. To him this would be the ultimate revenge. Give it up, Kanye! We all know you weren't a fan of Bush and you sure made that clear with your on-air it still not good enough that we now have a black president? What more do you want? Maybe next time you need to arrive sober, if you are even invited back to the VMA's. You've kind of just blackballed yourself against the music industry. It'll be interesting to see who will want to work with you in the future.... I will honestly pray for you because I just don't think you thought this one through, buddy.

1832 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

You all are some pansy ass MF's! First of you know damn well that was the highlight of the entire boring ass awards show! Secondly, Taylor Swift did NOT deserve that award. Third, Madonna was the true d-bag of the evening with her long ass "tribute" speech that was more about herself than it was MJ. BOO! And thanks Kanye for bringing SOME kind of entertainment to that boring show.

1832 days ago


You know what, Kanye West was in fact the biggest loser at the VMA's, does anyone remember him getting an award?? It just goes to show (with him jumping on stage during Taylor's speech) how truely vain this man is, it is actually pretty sad! Sure it's a free country but come on there is a time and a place to voice your own opinions without stepping on an innocent 19 year old girls toes. If I were in Taylor's shoes when he pulled that insane stunt I would of kicked that piece of s**t right off the stage and good on Pink for trying to have a go at him, I love the letter from Wolf! And hats off to Beyonce for keeping it real, way to go! Kanye, no apology online letter can make up for that bull s**t you pulled dude, seriously, if your gonna drink the hard stuff make sure you can actually handle it next time eh?

1832 days ago


kanye is a sorry excuse for a human being. He should be banned from every award show. I really am tired of his crap. Grow up, learn some manners, show some respect and act like a human being for once in your life. Congrats Taylor!!!!!

1832 days ago


wish he would have grabbed the mike from a man and got bitch slapped off the stage

1832 days ago


That mofo needs to slow down the alcohol, he been drinkin since he got there and he brought a Tranny with him LMFAO. Hes so trashy.

1832 days ago


I hope they stop inviting him to these award shows or any public speaking events......Someone please call SECUrity!!!

1832 days ago

Average Joe LE    

What a jerk. More importantly, I think Kanye West may be a straight up racist. Another piece I read this morning did a tidy round up of all of his freak outs, and (not so) conveniently, Kanye seems to have a serious issue with race.

1832 days ago
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