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9/15/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We may all think Kanye West is the devil for what he did to poor little Taylor Swift -- but on Capitol Hill, there's a far worse enemy to humanity: The dude who yelled "You lie!" at President Obama.

Jim Moran: Click to watch
Yesterday in D.C., Congressman Jim Moran (D, VA) slammed Representative Joe Wilson, saying, "Joe exposed himself to everyone for who he is .... I don't think he ever would have behaved in that disrespectful a way towards any other president, which tells you something about him, doesn't it?"

Moran said Serena Williams and Kanye's blowups didn't compare to Wilson's ... but what do you think?


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Sorry; the problem is not Joe Wilson calling President Obama a lair, caling him a liar is part of the solution not the problem, it is about time some have the balls to speak up, sppeak out, believe in something, take a stand against big government and liars. We have been lied to for a very long time, we have failed to stand up for our rights, now we are and we're being labeled overreactors, nazis, ill informed, racists, you name it. NEWS FLASH: Government, our great Country is about to change, CHANGE WE CAN REALLY COUNT ON, Governemnt for the People, By the People and Of The People, how it was set up in the firat place. Washington, you have gone too far, you have distorted the truth, lied to us, placed us in debt, taken us forgranted, held you own agendas and looked down on us, on America-ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

1829 days ago


Joe Wilson should never apologize for calling the president a liar. That is because Obama IS a liar. He had told more lies in his first 60 days as president than Bush did in the 6 years after 9-11. The ONLY transgression Wilson is guilty of is disturbing the so-called decorum of the Congress. Since the democrats were grossly guilty of trashing that decorum during every speech our President gave to the Congress, I find that apology no longer necessary either. I read a treatise that a lie is not a lie until it is meant to deceive. Otherwise it is only misleading. Obama has lied through his teeth about his true policy goals and what those goals will do to taxation and OUR FREEDOMS. After all that talk about transparency WE HAVE NONE. Tax cheats in the cabinet. CZARS without controls or advice and consent. Many with disturbing credentials with the White House defending their abhorrent plans and methods. WE ARE IN TROUBLE PEOPLE.

1829 days ago


Come on, Joe Wilson has every right to voice his opinion. Has anyone here ever watched the British Parliment in session? They continually mouth off. Also, I for one feel like we should take it one step further. Let them throw punches like they do overseas. I for one would run for Congress, just so I could take a punch at Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. And believe me, I would LEAN into it!!

1829 days ago


Wow, TMZ, would you be so critical and indignant if someone had yelled that out to a white (or black, for that matter) Republican president? Talk about reverse racism! And this is going to be LONG four years if every time someone criticizes Obama they are branded are a racist. Totally saw this coming before he was even elected, and now it's happening. No one's allowed to have a political view against him or they're just angry he's a black man in office. Gimme a break. I disagreed with Clinton as much as I disagree with Obama. And as far as Wilson goes - BFD. Again, I say there would not be as much outrage had a Democrat shouted that out to George W. Bush...would TMZ even be covering it? Oh wait, you would, but in a POSITIVE light...stop pretending this is about the "Office of the President" and admit this is all about political preference. Sheesh.

1829 days ago


Whether you're liberal or conservative, you have to be tired of the political hypocrisy, right? Obviously, Congressman Moran has forgotten about the many times democrats boo'd President Bush while speaking in the same venue.

You want another example? How about liberals calling Bush a liar for using WMD as an excuse for the Iraq war, but being silent when Obama says his national healthcare plan will cover 30 million more citizens without rationing AND it won't cost a dime. How dumb to you have to be to know that is impoossible.

1829 days ago


It is unbelievable that people see interruption of entertainment as something worse than interruption of OUR president, regardless of who it is. Wrong is wrong but Wilson was worse.

1829 days ago


The little Nazi minions at TMZ are freaking out because their boy in the White House is going down in flames at record speed!!! So it's ok for Congress to boo the hell outta Bush during his address in '05, and it's ok for Harry Reid to call Bush a liar and a loser, but it's not ok for someone to point out the OBVIOUS about Obama??? Face it little TMZ Fascists, Obama is an incompetent joke and will be sitting his sorry a$$ back in the slums of Chicago in '12!!!!!

1829 days ago


This is completely hypocritical on the dems part. If they want to start retroactively disciplining their folks who called Bush a liar on the floor (Rep. Pete Stark for one)--then ok. If not--then it is just political posturing and pure politics. What a bunch of losers. Hey--do as I say and not as I do---right? Yeah . . . right.

1829 days ago


Easily Obama's is the worst. You know so because Harvey so pathetically, and shamelessly, put this ridiculous article together in hopes of deflecting.

1829 days ago


It's time for FOX to shut this POS liberal propaganda website down. There's zero factual information here about anything relevant and it's obvious they have a very pro-Communist agenda. You know Obama is in deep trouble when a gossip site is desperate to defend his stupidity.

1829 days ago


For a Democrat to complain about an outburst is about as ironic as Spike Lee accusing someone else of being a racist. Get real TMZ. Your cult of a party is nearing it's end!!!

1829 days ago


Wow, liberals are freakin' reaching. They must smell the same thing we all do, Obama's humiliating defeat in 2012. They're trying anything that will stick. Calling everybody who opposes Socialism "racist" didn't work, so now they're trying to ruin Joe Wilson's life for simply stating obvious. I love watching anti-American kooks squirm!!!

1829 days ago


What a load of crap. Wilson's sooo awful for calling out Obama (who WAS lying, otherwise why did the Dems afterward hurriedly go through the bill to close the illegal alien and abortion loopholes??)... yet it was FINE when Democrats in Congress BOOED Pres. Bush's State of the Union Address in 2005?!? Or how about Pete Stark-Raving-Mad calling Bush a liar TWICE in the same speech on the floor?? Oh, THOSE were "patriotic" but if anyone disagrees with Obama they're automatically a racist? Anyone who thinks that is not only a hypocrite, but a complete IDIOT as well!

1829 days ago

uh oh    

Can we expect an apology and "resolution of disapproval" for Nancy Pelosi? She did, in fact, call the CIA, LIARS.

1829 days ago


Wilson by far is the worst outburst here. Kanye is an attention grabbing egomaniac who has done this repeatedly - most entertainers do this in some fashion or another. Serena is an athlete who got pissed at herself and her playing poorly and there a tantrum - yes it went overboard. But Wilson went and disrespected a Presidential speech that was aired live across the world. What he did opened the door to raucous and abusive speeches in the future. His outburst caused me - a white woman not a black woman - to really look at what the GOP is doing and supporting these days.

And my conclusion is that they are a mess and acting like toddlers that do not get their way and disagree with others - their behavior is WORSE than my teenager. Get mature and get intelligent about your tactics and ideas and methods.

1829 days ago
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