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Drug Database Created after Michael's Death

9/15/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials in California are now making it harder for drug addicts to get their hands on prescription medication -- and they're citing Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith's deaths as reasons why.

Attorney General Jerry Brown announced today that an online database has been created so doctors can keep their eyes on patients' drug records -- making it easier for the docs to determine if someone really needs drugs ... or if they're simply desperate for a fix.

Brown explained the creation of the database by saying, "The recent deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson have made clear to the whole world just how dangerous prescription drug abuse can be."

The database -- called the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (or CURES) -- will be available to doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement officials.

Brown said it contains more than 100 million entries documenting controlled substances in California and can be accessed almost instantly.


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more big brother coming into our lives to tell us what we CAN or CANNOT have. thanks but no if this crap keeps happening ill movie to another country, i will NOT live in the united states of we tell you what you can do every step of the way!
this is total bullcrap! my mother had a heart attack and the so called (doctors) at no less then 4 hospitals thought she was just a junkie cause they found she smoked pot. so each time they sent her away instead of giving her any sort of pain killer, or even infact HELPING HER NOT DIE.. so finally the 5th hospital took the time to look and find she infact DID have a heart attack. if we are leaving our fate in the hands of people who dont care then we got one AWFUL future ahead of us. good bless America... whatever is LEFT OF IT!

1826 days ago


OK, Jerry Brown's office is doing something about the drug database. But that database is created in near future..... However, for the immediate attention, when will Con Murray and those corrupted doctors get arrested?? Over-prescribe medication for their financial gain is unethical and because their greed causes a human life. They are not doctors, they are the murderers.

So, when will be an arrest? The world is waiting.

1826 days ago


Eh, every system has loopholes and I imagine in the years to come after there are more OD's and deaths there will be a hindsite "ooohhh...guess we should fix that" from state officials when in fact they had turned a blind eye to the known loophole.
This looks more like a "self monitoring" system for legit doctors/pharmacies..and those are NOT the ones out there murdering patients.

1826 days ago


Tomorrow is Oprah's show on Michael. That was interesting today when she was interviewing Whitney Houston, and Whitney said that back in 2001, she knew Michael was addicted to prescription meds, and she hoped she wouldn't get that bad, that's when she weighed about 80 lbs., and was a scarecrow.

She also said that Michael spoke to her by phone during his 2005 molestation trial, but really shut all his friends out during that period.

1826 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

That's just great! Now when are you coming back, Michael? We love you and we miss you!

1826 days ago

Dave Evans    

Who wrote the book? Damn i could never read that much.
just remember,. Gettysburg Address 256 words.

Now back to the topic.

The government just took away some of your privacy and you are happy.

Big Brother alive and well

1826 days ago

Sue Wong    

It's about time, we have such a database in Canada. It's very effective but nothing is fool proof. The walk in clinic where I live won't even give prescriptions for Tylenol 3 but they're addicts who obtain prescription drugs on the street and if that doesn't work they'll turn to street drugs or some other means to get high. They need to educate kids early on to just say NO. They need to get patients off prescriptions early before they develop a tolerance and dependence on them. They need to look at healthier alternatives to prescription drugs,society survived without them in the past.

1826 days ago


Heh. I guess calling it C-SURES instead of C(s)URES would have been a little more medically insensitive...

1826 days ago


This has been going on since Marilyn Monroe overdosed on prescription meds, then Elvis, then Anna Nicole. Once MJ overdosed, now the government finally realizes there's a problem!! Only took 47 years!!!!

1826 days ago


Great news.!!! Wont bring back Michael but will hopefully prevent future tragedies. It is a step in the right direction. A big, important one that unfortunately should have been in place looong ago.

1826 days ago

Chris G.    

What they need to do is require all meds to be prescribed using your SSN or some other personally identifiable number, and then make it a crime for "insiders" to sell or otherwise distribute the drug information to media outlets and such, and then make it a crime for media outlets to publish someone's prescription records.

If media outlets are barred from disclosing someone's prescription records, doctors would not be pressured into using fake names.

1826 days ago


This won't help with the celebrities and or rich people from getting their drugs. They do it under false names, and pay cash. Lots of it too.. Who it will hamper is someone like me that has a legitimate need for pain medications, to get through the day..

1826 days ago


Sadly, it's too late for Michael. Why did no-one help this man? He was so obviously in a very bad way and desperately unhappy. Shame on all of you who neglected him when he was in need. You were all just only interested in keeping your financial interests alive. You couldn't, or wouldn't, see you were adding to his pressures and misery. ARREST MURRAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1826 days ago


I just wish this could have happened before we lost MICHAEL. He is irreplaceable. We have lost a real treasure that's main purpose in life was to entertain us. I'm so glad he had some kids and got some enjoyment out of life for himself. He went and left our world cold.

1826 days ago


Or maybe its just my screen???
As far as the database, this isn't gonna help.. did they 4get that MONEY TALKS???? It doesn't matter if a doc sees how much a patient has already been prescribed, if the $$$$ is rite, they'll give it 2 them. And the patients will use aliases like Mj did.
Not gonna wrk.

1826 days ago
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