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Taylor Swift: Kanye Hasn't Called

9/15/2009 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West has apologized twice on his blog and again last night on Jay Leno -- but according to Taylor Swift, she still hasn't heard a word from him personally.

Taylor Swift: Click to watch
Swift was on "The View" just moments ago and says she was "rattled" by West's stage rush ... but added she would be willing to meet and call a truce.


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Kanye West doesn't like white people. (joke).
How do I know this? I don't. Just like he doesn't know if President Bush hates black people. Look, this is a pattern with him. He's done this multiple times in the past and not to an African American. He's jumped up on stage when he's lost. He's a whiny child who clearly wasn't loved enough when he was young. His music is sub-par. His decorum gives all of his peers the creeps. He needs to tone it down and deal with whatever outcome comes in his path be it personally directed to him or otherwise. Having said that, I know first hand, personally that this young man isn't kind in the least. Try being a roady for him while on tour. He treats everyone who's not in his entourage like crap. No costs are covered for the crew, they have to cover all that by themselves. He needs a father figure in his life to straighten him out before he's to far gone.

1832 days ago

Vanessa Kaye    

Ok now enough is ENOUGH leave the man alone like I said a million times I too was pissed when I heard this but he made a mistake by stating his opinon. The alcohol is partly responsible I understood it and got over it. But as USUAL the media is going hard on him. Now I wonder if this was a black girl, would the media be so hard on Kanye or would they do as they usually do, brush it off. Some thing to think about. I thought about it, asked some questions and I already KNOW THE ANSWER.

Leave him alone now NO ONE knows whats inside of this man. He apologized get over it. May Ye continue to make music and flourish. But first he does need to deal with some healing.

1832 days ago

oh well is full of poo!!!    

Now don't get me wrong I like Kanye West as an artist yea he does some good music he is talented but he has does an attitude and seems to be full of himself but that is not all it is to being a good artist it is also caring about people and not just the ones you think are special but EVERYONE. I can't say I know a lot Taylor's music she is a new arist isn't she but I heard the song and saw the video it was nice I liked it and I like the words to the song there was nothing wrong with it and my daughter likes her she is a pretty good singer and seems to be a nice girl so I think Kanye was wrong for doing that girl that way it was uncalled for.This is one of the resons everyone loves MJ so much because not only was he the most talented artist that ever lived he had a big heart and loved and treated everyone with respect.

1832 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Well ..... There's definitely an UP side to all this for Taylor:

+ She did get to have her moment at the awards show - with Beyonce putting the spotlight on her again .....

+ Nobody would still be talking about her - or her award - if it hadn't been for this incident (her publicist is giddy with delight about now!) .....

+ And she'll probably get "sympathy sales" of her CD from people that just feel so bad for her ......

So - in the end .... Taylor wins ..... Kanye loses.

And the music BIZ goes on .......

1832 days ago



I don't know if you read this forum, but I wrote yesterday about poor impulse control. That said, please look at how fast you were on stage again after your Mothers death. I know how rough grief like that can be, it's sudden, there is a wide range of emotions and look, the money from music can wait.

Take the time to grieve, this is not a bad thing to get some help. Just do it, for yourself. Taylor is a nice girl, give her a call and make it a private one, if there is a get together, not the time for photo ops.

Listen to your heart not those around you. Please come back a better man, someone your Mom would be proud of, as she was of you in life, honor her memory by getting some help.

Most of all do this for yourself.

Good luck to you.

1832 days ago


That is exactly what I thought with all the BS I'm Sorrys!
He is a liar..he hasn't even bothered to call or get in touch with her.
He is nothing but trash!

1832 days ago


This was a purely racist outburst! (Just like on the Katrina fundraiser program several years ago.)

He thought he was defending his race by proclaiming Beyonce had a better video. He's getting off pretty lucky. Imagine the out-roar if Beyonce had won and John Mayer had stormed the stage and said Taylor Swift had a better video!

He'll blame it on "a little sippy-sippy" and probably even check into rehab, but Kanye needs to get over his apparent racism and soon!

1832 days ago


How is it that no one seems to care that Beyonce & her husband are nothing more than a John & his trick showing her arse to the world, which did in fact prompt West & other sickos to become obsessed. Jack Blacks stick about satan was just as sorry, not to mention the host's date rape joke about Megan Fox after mentioning her mental illness. I am no fan of West, but with all the other pieces of work, how is he different? Taylor is too young to see Beyonce & company for what they are so she fell for the con. When you allow people to lower every standard in the world & get paid top dollar to do so, this is the junk you get.... as they say, you get what you paid for.

1832 days ago


27. Will you all get a fu*king life. GEEZ!!! If this was a frigging Black, Hispanic or Asian woman who he did this to her it wouldn't have made the back page of a newspaper in Hacksaw Oklahoma


He is a racist and wouldn't have done it to anyone in black. He did it to Swift because she is a country music star who has more talent and writes her own music. He's one of those black people who think only black people can sing and dance when they all can;t and that is why no-talent performers like him make it to the top in that industry. RAp is not music.

1832 days ago


And just what the f#ck is up with your hair? Is that a maze?

1832 days ago


Breaking News Obama has invited Taylor and Kanye to the white house Rose Garden to hash things out over a few beers.

1832 days ago


She should go into that website... it's probably the best next thing to an apology from kanye.

1832 days ago


Screw all of you people demanding an apology! It's just not GANGSTA!

1832 days ago


Taylor Swift is a first class young lady; PLEASE dont' "wait" for a call from Kanye - he has NO class! We need to get Toby Keith behind you - remember what happened with the chicks - bye bye Kanye...

1832 days ago


To apolgize to a young white girl in Public goes against his thug racist image, to him it would be like selling out to ghetto homies..Strange thinkin'.

1832 days ago
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