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Washington Redskins -- The Supreme Challenge

9/15/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Washington Redskins -- The Supreme ChallengeThe war over the Washington Redskins -- the most offensive team name in professional sports -- might finally go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A group of American Indians is asking the highest court in the land to cancel the trademarks on the Redskins team name and logos -- due to the fact that they're extremely defamatory toward Native Americans.

The American Indian group has been fighting this battle since 1992. They won a ruling in 1999 ... but the decision was defeated soon after by judges who decided they waited too long to bring their case to the courts.

The Redskins -- worth a reported $1.5 billion -- have been using the name since 1933.

Now, the Native American group wants SCOTUS to review the lower court decision -- and finally force Washington to understand why naming an NFL team after the color of someone's skin could be offensive.

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Oh give me a break!!! When you have too many people demanding their own way you end up with anarchy. Time to put a stop to this madness. People today yell discrimination just to manipulate others to get what they want which is usually money. They figure, why work for it when they can just manipulate the system. Our government is so stupid, they promote this kind of thing. I mean we have a president that yells discrimination from the pulpit.

1863 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

In Escape from New York when they Indians were cutting the cable to the glider on top of the World Trade Center, Harry Dean Stanton yells "Damn Redskins!" That was funny.

1863 days ago


Change their name to: Washington Foreskins

1863 days ago


PLEASE POST: The thought that Indians don't have to pay taxes is the biggest B&LLSH*T lie ever!!! I'm a full blood Cherokee living in Oklahoma & I pay both State & Federal taxes each year like everyone else. True some Indian tribal entities has pacts made with the state where they're exempt but G*D D@%N IT...the majority of the Indian community IS NOT tax free. That's just like saying every white person loves mayonnaise sandwiches!

1863 days ago


Two comments: First, the vast majority of Native Americans regard the name as a compliment, as it was intended, not 'offensive' and not an insult. This bizarre legal action has been initiated by a lobbying organization, which is not to be mistaken for Indian public opinion. Second, as an American of Scandinavian descent, should I be offended and bringing legal action against the Minnesota Vikings?

1863 days ago


Wow you guys at TMZ are not very bright. The name "Redskin" comes from the line "The Noble Redskin". There is NOTHING demeaning about the name and for you folks to jump on this politically correct bandwagon is hypocritical to say the least. Maybe next time you will do a background check!

1863 days ago


Look at all the posters who claim to be all or part Native American. What a crock. I am proud and really am full blooded Crow. I am also offended by Redskin. So f*ck off all you posers here. You speak with forked tongue.

1863 days ago


The poster who claims the name to be associated with Indian scalps is ignorant! I am a college History professor and I can promise you that the name Redskin has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his explanation.He is making this up out of thin air!The name originated with the term "The Noble Redskin" and was in fact a rebuke to those who thought all Indians were savages. Learn your history folks!!!

1863 days ago


It does? than why the indian on the side of the helmet? Dumb F*ck

1863 days ago


OMG .. are you friggin' SERIOUS?!?!?!!??! Let me get this straight - we are in a recession, soldiers are dying overseas everyday in a war we can't afford to fund, unemployment rates are at an all time high, and we are spending tax dollars on THIS bulls*it?!?!?!?!

GET OVER YOURSELF! Someone we should all be paying a lot more attention once said that America's undoing will be by her own will - and it's called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!!!!!! Special interest groups are KILLING our country. It's time to stand up and take our country back from these freaks.

Judges .. PLEASE start throwing these kinds of lawsuits OUT so we can get back to the business at hand. Keeping America free and safe!

Geez .....

1863 days ago


Keep the name and bring back the Chief at the University of Illinois.

1863 days ago


REDSKIN refers to the bounty put on the heads of the Indians by the European immigrants, stating that one could only collect a reward for the scalps of the Indians if it showed the "red of the skin" to verify that the population of Indians was, in fact, being lessened, and to ensure that people weren't turning in just any old scalp.
Still not offensive?

1863 days ago


Look, this issue has been going on since the early 70's and they still don't get it. We will never shut the hell up no matter what recession or war YOUR leaders created. Talk about unemployment?Educated yourselves and visit a reservation in South Dakota that YOUR government created. There is no Bureau of white affairs, black affairs, mexican affairs etc. Your so-called tax dollars will be used to give us the respect that we demand and deserve.

1863 days ago


You know I am a liberal and even I think this is just silly!
This just goes way beyond "PC"
I live in NM and we have a high population of American Indians.
I just dont see the outrage.
Get over yourselves! PS my own son is half American Indian or "native american" and Im still not offended.

1863 days ago


This is amazing. I'm Native American and I personally think it's ridiculous to even have people think this is alright. Redskin is offensive, and why can't they change the name? Is it that much of a F*&%ing problem? Seriously you would think for people who vote for Obama would like to change this. The make something clear, the "tax-free" money you people think Indians get isn't tax-free... I pay 36% of my income to Federal and the other 9% to State. If your going to make claims on information you think you know then go read an compact with a tribe. Also redskin means for the scapling the white people did meaning the red blood. Also I have no problem with the Cleveland Indians, b/c that was named to honor an native baseball player, Louis Sockalexis, who played on the team. People get the fact straight before you start talking about s*&t you don't know

1863 days ago
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