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Washington Redskins -- The Supreme Challenge

9/15/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Washington Redskins -- The Supreme ChallengeThe war over the Washington Redskins -- the most offensive team name in professional sports -- might finally go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A group of American Indians is asking the highest court in the land to cancel the trademarks on the Redskins team name and logos -- due to the fact that they're extremely defamatory toward Native Americans.

The American Indian group has been fighting this battle since 1992. They won a ruling in 1999 ... but the decision was defeated soon after by judges who decided they waited too long to bring their case to the courts.

The Redskins -- worth a reported $1.5 billion -- have been using the name since 1933.

Now, the Native American group wants SCOTUS to review the lower court decision -- and finally force Washington to understand why naming an NFL team after the color of someone's skin could be offensive.

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Washington WHITESKINS!!!
Baltimore BLACKSKINS!!!

I like these names even better!!

1861 days ago

wade crowe    

white people need to stop whining about our rights. we will fight and push till we prevail. hoka hey!

1861 days ago


Holy smokes here we go again! First my high school mascot now this? What is wrong with the NATIVE AMERICANS? Who could find offensive calling your mascot "The Warriors"? I always think of the warrior as a strong, spiritual, leader who lived off the land using only what they needed and being a proud family, community people. I guess I should go with the stereo type of drunken, abused by the white man, government owes me a favor type of individual who now leans on dirty casino money to eek out a living.

No one in their right mind (excluding Pelosi) would take offense because on one has until recently when we started to feminize America by changing all of the laws to politically sensitive ones.

How about changing the name to not even giving the native american indian any recognition. They could do what my high school did and cave in and call them the "Wildcats". Now isn't that grand? I think these guys do a little too much broding about the hand they were dealt instead of moving on and making something out of all that has been offered via the government guilt money. Wasn't that a few hundred years ago anyhow?

1861 days ago


OH Please, this world is getting ridiculous !!!

1861 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

If they were called The Washington "Drunk on fire-water Indians" then I would see how that might be a little offensive, but come on.........

1861 days ago


Lets say we had a team named the Wops...with an italian with a pizza...or the watermelons with a black guy or the Mic's with a bottle of scotch...would you finnaly get it.
Native Americans are not concidered american citazens. They live on reservations and do not get what they were promised. Illegal allens get treated better. They have been tring for years to have this changed. They should get the same respect as other cultures do...What is more important...a football team or a culture of people who are still treated like 2nd class citizens and are not given a voice.....just a few thoughts

1861 days ago


I think this is just ridiculous...comments I mean...Indeed many people on here don't get it and they never will. Bringing attention to those who think they can voice their opinion because they are 1.232123% Cherokee or their great great great grandpa was Native...And you are not offended by this? I find that hard to believe. I am very well educated, not a drunk, and not spending other people's money(funny)and definitely not taking mascots lightly...and Native American by the way. Unlike most of these people who are saying stop being such a baby, what if it was your race, whether it be any derogatory name for any race, was propagandized you would be offended, trust. I have better things to do with my time like live my life but I just had to put my much needed two cents in. I'm shocked how many ignorant coughracistcough people think they're wise. Give me a break...But much thanks to the people who agree with us!

1861 days ago


sure keep the name. Also lets start a new team called the Iowa palefaces or the New York rednecks. f**king idiots

1861 days ago


Once again poitical correctness has went too far, they should be proud that a team uses an Indian as a symbol, are the Irish upset with ND? What about the Braves?, redskins a bad term? Not to the fans, and I would bet to msot Indians it is not either. Just like seperation of Church & State atheist want to sue for anything they see that reminds them there is a God. kick this crap out of court & shut these morons up.

1860 days ago


I'm full blood American Indian and I AM NOT opposed to the name Red Skins for any sports team. As stated by another, you should exert more energy trying to work for a better cause, something that will really assist and help your fellow Indians. Or even attack the giant signs displaying 'Authentic Indian' food for East India restaurants. Now thats a bugger to me!!

1860 days ago

Fairly Clear    

As someone who saw their college alma mater change their name because non state citizens like these put pressure on the panty wearing board of regents I say hell no. Grow some thicker skin, buy the team from Danny Boy or just shut the hell up. I see a lot of things that offend me like Indian gambling casinos popping up all over the country adding to the amount of problem gamblers, the sale of cigarettes through their own stores without tax stamps and for they know to minors. Ever been to a rez? Where is all the money going that comes from the casinos becasue it sure isn't trickle down economics to those who need it. These groups are so interested in some out of date vendettas they don't even take care of the people they feel are so offended. Another cause another bunch of morons, what next anyone wearing the color red or people who wear leather shoes, how about blue ball caps? This makes as much sense as if Jewish people protesting Mercedes or BMW because they built tanks in WW II the point is where do you stop when you start this silliness it would be never ending? Everyone is offended by something get over it.

1860 days ago

wade crowe    

we will not get over it! we have every right to fight back against fat stealing white folk who think that their derelict ancestry has a right to tell us what to do. general custer committed suicide for your sins and our ancestors died and killed for our rights for a voice. hoka hey!

1860 days ago


That will just show racism...

1860 days ago

wade crowe    

racism for voicing our opinions when we are used as mascots and entertainment for the white folks benefit? my casino in fort thompson south dakota doesn't provide any monthly per-cap check. all we are alloted is one prime rib dinner and a roll of quarters once a month provided one is over the age of 65 years.

1860 days ago


TMZ!! omg..American Indian in a story of this nature?? How's about using the terms, Native, Aboriginal, Indiginous instead of the word Indian? Americans are so far behind when it comes to this topic. In Canada, no politician or sports team would dare use the word Indian! Indian came when Columbus 'discovered' north america but really thought he'd found India. Stupid Americans. I always say it....

1860 days ago
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