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Jackson Probe

Coming in for a Landing

9/16/2009 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the Michael Jackson homicide case will be presented to the L.A. County District Attorney in 3 to 4 weeks.

We're told the lion's share of the investigation has been completed and Dr. Conrad Murray remains the singular target. Our sources say LAPD detectives have requested opinions from several medical experts who will analyze the evidence and offer their opinions on Dr. Murray's conduct.

The medical experts are supposed to submit their finding in 2 to 3 weeks and we're told detectives need an additional week to assemble their evidence before they make a formal presentation to the D.A.

Law enforcement sources also say an arrest will not be made before Dr. Murray is charged with a crime -- of course that assumes he will be charged.

The case is complicated by the fact that Jackson had been taking various medications, even though the evidence is compelling that Propofol was the direct cause of Jackson's death.


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Arrest the various and many doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medics as and when...BUT arrest Murray now.!!!!!!!!!! He's a liar and a killer and is, quite literally, getting away with murder.

1871 days ago


looking for a day when doc is arrested!

1871 days ago


I only made the Dr. Murray comment. On the TMZ comment page, anybody can put any name to replace their name of the previous post to smear the comment of another. - cool your thoughts.

1871 days ago


TMZ, Are all of your readers this retarded or do they just have too much time on their hands? I have never experienced so much disrespect and hatred as some of these people have acted. What a shame. I wonder what Michael would have thought about all of this.

1871 days ago


LAPD, arrest Murrey, he's dangerous for the society! Hey, Murrey, how're you feeling with such burden in your heart, but you probably don't have it.
Love MJ forever!

1871 days ago


I have had the pleasure to see with my own eyes many new younger fans of MJ'S and it is so nice to see.I wish he was here to see that love for him. Justice for Michael and his children.

1871 days ago


Law enforcement is asking the opinions of medical professionals? They will probably take Dr. Murray's side on this as all Dr.'s tend to "stick together". I hope that is not the case, but I have to wonder. Surely, anyone knows propofol given OUTSIDE of a hospital to a patient is reckless. In this case, giving the propofol, leaving the room, delaying the 911 call etc. is BEYOND RECKLESS. 3-4 weeks or 3-4 months the fans will be watching and waiting for justice. In the meantime, I think the fans should start finding "dirt" on those who try to smear Michael. I wonder what skeletons these so called journalists or "friends" have in their closets. LOL.

1871 days ago


# 23 - by a crime

I am sorry to hear about your friend BUT..... There is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE difference between a drug dealer and a doctor. When you become a doctor you take a hipocratical oath, If Michael offered him 25 million dollars to administer it to him, that oath he took says no, he can't do that. Read up on what all that oath entails. Reguardless if Michael was an addict or not. Doctor - Dealer...... HHUUGGEE Difference.

But I am sorry about your friend.

1871 days ago


# 31 Elizabeth

UMMMM giving propofol outside of a hospital operating room is very much illegal. Any Doctor that has knowledge of giving propofol would have known to have the proper medical equipment there, had he had that equipment there, Michael would still be here with us. What he did was very illegal.

1871 days ago


Dear #13..Propofol is not a controlled substance ...and as I'm sure you have heard, not usually administered except in a hospital setting technically they were not doing something illegal...However the actions of Dr Murrey resulted in MJ's minimum would be involuntary manslaughter.
Thank U TMZ for keeping us updated!!!...since MJ's last funeral this case has dropped off the radar else where...

1871 days ago



I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1871 days ago


Don't worry when the MJ case unfolds in public, it is Dr. Arnold Klein that will come out as the chief villain and not the twp-bit Dr. Murray. When the defense lawyers of Dr. Murray get their fortuitous place in the lime light, they will shine by bringing the house down as they smash the gate of the house of DRUG PUSHERS with Medical Degrees to be wide open! And guess who will come tumbling down first? You guessed it right: Dr. Arnold Klein !!

1871 days ago


will somebody please arrest MURRAY!

1871 days ago


The closer they get---then he will finally be able to rest in peace.....


May your music and legacy live on forever!

1871 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I have to keep reminding myself this guy was not that much of a Doctor, how could he be? His hypocratic oath went out the window way before he came into Michael Jackson's life. He didn't just graduate medical school, he also had absolutely nothing to show for his work ethics, in so much debt, deadbeat dad, working out of a cheap low class medical office in Houston. What cardiologist do you know of would put his neck out on the line for top dollar to all of a sudden become a drug enabler? At first, he wanted 1 million dollars a month. He must have known something wasn't on the up and up, but he took the damn job anyway for the fame and glamour of it all. I don't believe he ever made 1 million dollars a year before this. It's just too bad LAPD isn't thinking outside of the box on this one. They are scoping just on the drug and who did it, they are not looking at the whole picture in it's entirety. I bet the DA's office won't either.

1871 days ago
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