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Michelle and Barack Cross Swords

9/16/2009 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama battled it out on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday.

Michelle and Barack Obama
The Obamas jokingly fenced with each other as part of an event promoting Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

Luckily, no one was injured and neither private nor public health insurance was needed.


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i love them!

1860 days ago


Please President Obama. Come out a denounce all these people that call people that disagree with you racists. It is dividing our country. You are a bigger man that. You can stop this non-sense and try to bring unity to this country that is dividing rapidly.

1860 days ago

I said it    

I think America needs a new president. All he does is play

1860 days ago


It's funny how the majority of the PR he does for local causes all revolve around blacks. I rarely see footage or pics of him with other ethnicities! I am no way racists but simply am calling it as I see it!

1860 days ago


Does Obama ever get ANY work done? This man need to get is a$$ in the WH and GET SOME WORK DONE. Our countey is in trouble and he is out doing nothing. And who the hell thinks that Mrs.Obama belongs on the best dressed list?!? My grandma dresses better than this woman. I love how this family can do no wrong.....he is the only POTUS who I think could get away with murder b/c he can do no wrong. And the Olympic Committee should put an end to the nonsense of the Olympic's being there. That city is corrupt and it is also one of the most dangerous cities when it comes to crime. What a crappy place to hold the Olympics!

1860 days ago


Our Halfrican-American President needs to take a closer look at the people he surrounds himself with. Acorn is doing him no favors. The country is more divided than ever before.

1860 days ago

maggie mae    

This guy loves to be in the limelight having fun. Promos for TV shows, appearance on late night TV and play time. How about showing more respect for the office of President,

I wish he would spend more time on certifying his czars credentials and the corruption of ACORN as well as truthfully dealing with Charles Rangel and the deeds of Chris Dodd. I am tired of sweeping this corruption under the rug like it didn't happen or they didn't do anything wrong. We know they are.

What happened to his campaign promise of change and transparence? Down the drain I guss.

1860 days ago


i love these two. cute, smart, nice...

i'm not thrilled with everything barack's doing---give up on bi-partisanship (you tried, but most repugs are just not good people and arent worth the effort or respect), geithner's got to go, we need single-payer health insurance, those mom jeans...Lordy, barack, what were you thinking?!?!? dude, you could seriously rock a pair of 501s, with their lovely package-enhancing technology!!

but it's so nice to have HUMAN BEINGS, with hearts and souls that they actually use, in the white house!!

1860 days ago


I smell jealousy.....that cool refreshing drink!

1860 days ago



1860 days ago


Stay strong Barack! You're a welcome change from the Idiot-In-Charge George W. Bush.. moron can't even write his own memoir.. must be from all the embarrassing gaffes he made while president. Thank you for the two wars stuck in a quagmire.. Feel good starting a war just to avenge your father... don't worry, we'll find those nukes in Iraq any day now.. LOL...

1860 days ago


It must be "recess" time. I don't like the black on black spousal violence that he is promoting while out on the playground. Maybe he should sit in "time-out" and explore his anger issues that he has towards black women. Oh this violent man makes me feel a little faint.

1860 days ago


Why doesn't the news media come clean about Acorn? They falsify votes, tell people how to rip off the IRS, tell people how they can start a prostitution ring using under age girls and how to hide the money. Our Halfrican American president was a lawyer for Acorn or should I say Aporn. When will people learn that our country is headed in the wrong direction. If you don't believe me check out Acorn, you will learn a lot.

1860 days ago


I have noticed that they keep a close eye and a tight chain on Michelle. I wonder if she does anything at all as first lady???

1860 days ago


I always thought Mrs. Obama was rather manly looking, never did I imagine she'd have a sword that big.

1860 days ago
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