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Michelle and Barack Cross Swords

9/16/2009 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama battled it out on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday.

Michelle and Barack Obama
The Obamas jokingly fenced with each other as part of an event promoting Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

Luckily, no one was injured and neither private nor public health insurance was needed.


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who has the facts? ME    

I see the hateful, ignorant, intolerant, holier than thou, fraud neo-cons are out tonight.
Keep it up - I'm just waiting for the prez to say "enough is enough" and really push that liberal agenda through. He's being awfully patient, but pretty soon we liberals are just going to
get on with the business of getting it done.
Those who deny the racism are idiots - just read a few of the remarks here and it's UNDENIABLE!!!

1865 days ago


Give them both a chance. However The First Lady better start looking for a clothes designer.

1865 days ago

paris phillippe    

I agree with No. 1 here.
First of all, I had to look twice, I thought she was holding up her middle finger.
To tell you the truth, I am sick already of hearing about their silly private lives, this stupid incident, all their vacations, all her clothes and shoes; get to work Mr. President and stop being obsessed with Health Care, let it be, that will never change. Work on Main St. and Wall St., and get our boys home. Refocus your attention and priorities. I voted for you and I am disappointed in you. I doubt it very much if you will be re-elected for a second term. Hope I am wrong.

1865 days ago


I know he needs ot pay back his fellow thugs for getting him into office, but who in their right mind would want to go to Chicago for anything?

1865 days ago


I'm really starting to believe this moron is genuinely as stupid as he appears. Not only is he failing pathetically at "playing" President, all he does is play, does propaganda interview after interview and goes on fancy dates that the tax payers pay for. He is already regarded as the worst President of all-time, and he's not even a year in. Can't wait to see this incompetent Facist booted out of office in a few more years.

1865 days ago


Has this POS done an hour's worth of work since he's been in office? The worst times this country has endured in a 100 years and he thinks it's play time?? I can't believe I voted for this fool. I won't make that mistake again.

1865 days ago


sorryyy no president can win worst president title over BUSH! sorrry.

no matter how bad obama is doing. BUSH would still take the title for worst president.

another thing..

MICHELE WOULD KICK OBAMA'S ASS.. LMAO. she looks very muscular and strong compared to Obama. lol.

1865 days ago


I knew when he got into the White House he would get it. How the hell can he turn a country around in less than one damn year!

You guys and you know who you are no need to mention but you don't want him to succeed.

And for #61 Nicole you got four more years to stay mad

1865 days ago


This clown is the biggest joke in our history. How much of a moron can he be? He's running around using his Nazi fear mongering to convince everyone the world is coming to an end, yet he spends all his time going on dates and vacations on the tax payers dime. I can't wait to kick this thug out of office!!

1864 days ago


MICHELE WOULD KICK OBAMA'S ASS.. LMAO. she looks very muscular and strong compared to Obama. lol.

Posted at 1:29PM on Sep 17th 2009 by tyre

That's because she has a penis just like Venus and Serena

1864 days ago


This is the change...You Americans can hope,and believe in.

Your country is going down the tubes, but yet he is finding time, to have beer summits, appear on the TV every 60 seconds ,and play in front of the White House with a Red plastic sword handle?

O Blimey!...The Bloody Irony LMFAO ROFLMFAO! PRICELESS!

Something's wrong with this photo OP.and it aint that bald secret service in the back ground LMAO

1862 days ago


If this was a White President, I know your comments would be different, in their favor, but since we have a Black President, you try to find all kind of bad stuff about President Obama. Stop your racist remark. Know one want to hear this racist trash. He is better than the both bushes.

1857 days ago


The most incompetent and dangerous man to ever be President. May God help us all......

1854 days ago


Yea, I HOPE we can CHANGE Presidents in 2012 before this anti-American racist completely destroys the country!!!

1854 days ago
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