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MJ's Kids Watch Private Screening of 'Captain EO'

9/16/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids just got to do something no Regular Joe has done since 1998 -- they saw Michael's 17-minute, 3-D film "Captain EO" at Disneyland.

MJ's Kids Watch Private Screening of 'Captain EO'

Sources say Michael Jr., Paris and Prince were taken to the happiest place on Earth (the one in California) last Thursday by Michael's brother Jackie. While they were there, we're told the kids were shown a screening of "Captain EO" -- which the Mouse stopped playing in 1998 -- and "they loved" it.

According to Disney blog, the kids were able to see the movie because on Tuesday, the "Honey I Shrunk the Audience show was quietly closed, and Imagineers moved in with a truckload of equipment used to install the Captain EO show for a special executive presentation."

The blog says "Honey" was up and running again by Saturday -- so you'll just have to catch "EO" on YouTube like the rest of us.


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tania from Germany    

It would have been better for these kids if they were not shown to the public at the memorial and the burial. Now the same disgusting things happen to them like they happened to their father, always in the public eyes!
"Sources told us..." who care´s? Leave the children alone!

1843 days ago


I hoped the children enjoyed it. I LOVED it and have seen it many times and nowadays on you tube. PLEASE Disneyland, release it on dvd. Also, can Ghosts also be released on dvd? I know that Ghosts isn't Disney BUT... hopefully the "appropriate" person may read this and do something about it. Thank you if you do. RIP Michael Jackson. Greatly loved and missed. The first, and the best, always.

1843 days ago


Caption EO was one of my favoraite chilhood memories, hope the kids enjoyed it as much as we did as kids =)

1843 days ago

lankandiva sweet but sad at the same time...these kids must be so proud of their father...God Bless would have hurt so much though,not to be able to reach out and touch their father,give him a hug and a kiss,at the same time how proud and happy they must be of their father..whats a great man.. praying for the kids..

1843 days ago


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1843 days ago


I believe Mike's kids enjoyed and appreciative to see their dad at the height of his talent. Also happy that Uncle Jackie, rather than Jermaine where with them on that much needed break. Peace, yes it was a good day for MJ's children. Regardless of all of the nonsensical debate on their paternity, let it be said and settled - The MJ3 are his beloved children; Michael Jackson's heirs. Peace.

1843 days ago


#12. I think so too. I have since this all started. They look like father and son. And he was always with Michael. They were extremely close. Funny, you are the 1st person Ive heard mention it.

1843 days ago


tmz like u know every move about the kids are,what about the where abouts of murray and klien and rowe.tmz we know u like posting things about the kids,so people can keep there racist comments about them u must get off on that.but its amazing u have nothing on the dirtbag dr. murray or dumbo ears klien or that jay leno chin bitch rowe.cause there's nothing else these racist can say about jackson kids.3kids living with a black family.i know it hurt!

1843 days ago


Too bad Michael loved drugs more than he did his kids. He should still be here raising his kids. After all, he gave them life and the baggage of him being their father. He should have taken more responsibility and gotten help with his addictions.

They will grow up and realize they aren't half black and he's not their biological father. They are beautiful kids and I only wish them the best. It's going to be a hard life for them no matter what, so at least now they can live innocently and enjoy somewhat of a childhood protected by the Jackson family.

1843 days ago


So glad the kids got to see this their father so very talented. Justice for Michael and his children.

1843 days ago

Stop Milking his name    

Captain EO is a thousand times better than that Honey I shrunk the audience BS.

1843 days ago


I was thinking about one of Michael's last interviews where he stated he did not think he was jesus but he truly wanted to try to live his life as much as possible like jesus. And I though the definition of his name that I found on line in multiple sources was very interesting

Micheal Irish: Who is Like God?
Old English: Who is Like God?
Scottish: Who is Like God?

Gender: Male
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Who Is Like God?

1843 days ago


Funny how we are determined to say these are not Michael's kids and now Prince has the same skin disease as Michael and Blankets pictures look exactly like Michael when he was a child. But why the hell do we keep speculating about that anyway. Michael was an exceptional father and that is all that matters.

As far as his problems with prescription drugs it is about time we start facing the truth. People who become addicted to prescription drugs sure as hell don't cook them up in their kitchen. One thing about this addiction is it has to come from those who have the power and means to prescibe medication. Many ethical physician's say no to addicts and protect them from addiction. On the other hand quacks who care about money and fame take advantage of this situation.

But we continue to lie to ourselves and on the prescription addicts and claim this is all their fought.
So these doctors continue killing because they are counting on us to do this. Why because we are not honest enough to say they need to be stopped. We are more interested in blaming the addict. And in Michael's case those who hate him and want to see him suffer in life and in death so they will blame him anyway.

1843 days ago


It is really strange how the street pusher who kills people with cocaine is a deplorable human being and not fit for society. We blame them and appropriately so for supplying cocaine to addicts because supply creates demand. However when it comes to these damn doctors doing the same thing to people or should I say Michael Jackson we don's see them as deplorable because its Michael's fought. I am sick of that. AND AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE WE NEED TO DROP THAT BECAUSE THAT DOG JUST DONT HUNT ANY MORE. LETS HAVE SOME REAL CONCERN AND HONESTY HERE AND LOCK MICHAEL'S KILLERS UP the DOCTORS AND THE OTHERs AND SEND A MESSAGE FOR A CHANGE THAT YOU JUST CANT KILL SOME LIKE THIS. HOW ABOUT THAT.

1843 days ago


Please stop writing about Michael's children. Let them grow up in peace. RIP Michael Jackson.

1843 days ago
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