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Watch Obama Say 'Jackass'

9/17/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We unveiled the audio first -- now watch the video of President Barack Obama calling Kanye West a "jackass."

Obama: Click to watch


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FINALLY, Obama says something smart!

1864 days ago


Come on people, Obama is human! Seriously, who wouldn't agree with him on this topic anyway. What Kahne did was disgraceful! These were the MTV VMA Awards, not the Kahne West VMA Awards. He is a JACKASS!

1864 days ago

Cavs Gal    

I am not a fan of Obama, I don't agree with his policies, however, I think this video is hilarious! I totally agree with him - Kanye is a Jackass. It shows he is human.

1864 days ago


Yahoo for our President! He hit the nail on the head, Kanye is a king-sized JACKASS. The president is entitled to his opinion and I am glad he said it. Poor guy is going to get endless crap about it, but jeez, how can anyone argue that he isn't right on?

1864 days ago


That is freakin awesome! I like Obama now.

1864 days ago


Whether you respect Obama or not, I find commenting on totally unrelated entertainment matters off-putting and unprofessional and RUDE.

Seriously, just go about your job and don't comment on trivial things like this, and don't have the media leak it out. It's stupid.

I don't think there's anyone that disagrees that what Kanye did was stupid. I like Jerry Seinfeld's reaction on the Kanye incident: "I think he did a great job" (I could be paraphrasing).

There's only so much stating the obvious we can digest.
I dislike his Obama's unprofessionalism.

1864 days ago


What's next, an Imax version of Obama saying Jackass?

1864 days ago


77. Breaking News: Kanye West just interrupted Patrick Swayze's funeral to let everyone know that Michael Jackson's funeral was better.

THAT's hilarious!!!!!!!

1864 days ago


Only reason Obama is pissed at Kanye is because Mr. West is giving racist a bad name. Obama likes to at least attempt to hide his racism, though very poorly at that. Kanye at least has the balls to be obvious with his bigotry

1864 days ago


President Obama could have said something worse then the comment he made about Kayne which everyone is in agreement with.....but he is President with class!!!! How else can you explain it...Kanye acting like a Jackass!!!

1864 days ago


This is the 1st and only time I agree with Obama , but everyone is saying leave him alone , I havent heard anyone say anything negative about this ????

1864 days ago


Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for calling it like everyone else did. Unfortunately, you were being recorded and they are trying to make this into big deal, it's not! If everyone who saw the show was being recorded, I'm quite sure there were worst things being said. Kanye was WRONG for doing what he did to Taylor Swift. The only thing that would be better is for her to return the favor to him......"if he's lucky enough to recieve anymore awards". My thing is..look at how they "SMILE IN YOUR FACE and then STAB U IN THE BACK"?

1864 days ago


OBAMA is right. Kanye is a "JACKASS".
Just so shocked that someone put this out on the web page.

KANYE IS A JACKASS. Stop buying his cs's

1864 days ago


Guess who is voting for Palin in 2012 now. Congratulations we have a winner folks ! Kanye and his posse are Palin fans now. Someone else will run Obama out of office soon enough. ACORN employees will shovel some dirt on him now for sure, IF HE DOES NOT COME TO THEIR RESCUE ,LOL.IMPEACHMENT LOOMS MY FRIENDS ! "SAY YA WANT A REVOLUTION "

1864 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

The president did not tell a lie.
Obama = George Washington.

Obama the Ninja. Yea!

1864 days ago
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