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Taylor Gives DJ Swift Kick to the Curb

9/18/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor SwiftNo Kanye needed this time, because during a radio interview yesterday Taylor Swift cut her own self off -- after the DJ repeatedly asked her about the VMA incident against her wishes.

It's all anyone cares about this week, but apparently the West situation wasn't a pre-approved "talking point" for her visit to the MJ Morning Show. After briefly addressing the controversy, Swift was done -- but the DJ wasn't.

The dude kept pressing the issue as Taylor told him three times to stop -- then her handlers stepped in and stopped the interview completely.

This is the same DJ who interviewed Miley Cyrus in June -- with the same result.


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Not the same as with Miley, she addressed the subject for several minuttes and then asked them to move on no less than six times,

1839 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Jennifer B. (comments 17 and 20), you ROCK! Well-said. I totally agree!

1839 days ago


The DJ is a no talent hack just like Kanye West.

1839 days ago


The Dj name is MJ,and is from the Tampa Bay area,I live in the area and listen to his show sometimes,but hes not the reason I do,I actually dislike this guy very much.

1839 days ago


This is a dj from my hometown and I REFUSE to listen to him because he is a dumb jackass (and that is being nice). He is just an loud mouth fool who needs to be taken off the air. Taylor, on behalf of Tampa, please accept my apology for this jerks behavior. Not all stations in this area are as rude and nasty as him.

1839 days ago


And for those who would say this is gonna help her career, yeah by showing how classy she is. She didn't raise her voice or get nasty, she walked away. She was basicilly attacked by this celebrity addicted fool. And people like M.J. who think they are the king of radio, throw it in her face. Everyone needs to move on and focus on something else. How about something positive. Or maybe focus this wasted energy on fixing health care or the economy. These are things the country chould be concerned about. Not making Taylor repeat herself a million times.

1839 days ago


She was as nice as she could be!! The dumb-ass interviewer just wasn't having it! What about "I don't want to talk about it anymore do you not get?" And real mature, he hung up on them first. Should be taken off the air for a day or so--let him think. Stop running over people!

1839 days ago


I am *totally* *bored* with this DJ's schtick, and I've only heard him twice. No presets for you!

1839 days ago


Another example of "RUDE" being the new "clever"? Certainly takes less brains.

1839 days ago


This so-called DJ should be taken off the air. He is nothing but a BULLY! The interview was supposed to be about HER music, not that axxhole KW. She should have hung up on him long before he started raising his voice. She should have pressed any number on the telephone dial and let the tone go on and on and on and then hang up. That's what I do to telemarketers!

1839 days ago


Yet again she handled herself with dignity and class.. That dj was saked 3 times NOT to talk about that idiot but yet he kept at it.. He seemed surprised that she didn't want to talk about it.. COME ON. Lets all move on shall we.

1839 days ago


He spoke with her handler on air for several minutes leading up to her arrival. He mentioned the Kanye thing several times and the handler agreed it was good PR for their - err; her all of you acting like he ambushed her or something are way over-reacting.

Can MJ be a jack off at times; of course he can that's part of his schtick; but today he honestly was very reserved for himself...those were legitimate questions and he was right the next 20 stations she spoke with were ALL going to as the same thing...why not have a few pat BS answers or just go with a No comment...why hand up or walk away from the interview.

He praised her talent up down and around the corner the least she could have done was finished the interview.

1839 days ago


I meant to add that - soo obviously the handler had ample time to say "Oh by the way; she doesn't really want to talk about that Kanye thing even though we think it's good PR..." but she never said that. If it had been any other celeb and he backed off you guys would be calling him a pansy...please she's a big girl a few quesitons won't hurt her and they would have helped her cross over sales.

1839 days ago


What an obnoxious jerk!I can't stand morning radio. Who could stand to listen to this guy? She wants to move on from it...If she didn't I'm sure people would be complaining about how she should just shut up about it!

1839 days ago


What a f@*#ing @$$h0le! And then he has the nerve to get p*ssed about it? F*@& off, idiot. Someone should fire him.

1839 days ago
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