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CNN Hosts Who Suck at 'Jeopardy' for $500

9/18/2009 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wolf Blitzer -- one of the most decorated hard-news reporters on the planet -- got his ass handed to him on "Jeopardy" last night ... by a comedian's sidekick.

Celebrity Jeopardy: Click to watch
By the end of Double Jeopardy, Blitzer racked up an impressive NEGATIVE $4,600 -- after swinging and missing on brain-busters like King David and Jesus both hailed from this town. Wolf said "Jerusalem" ... the correct answer is Bethlehem.

On one of the few Wolf got right, Alex belatedly took it back -- because Wolf's answer, "Julia Childs" had an errant "S."

When it was all over, Andy Richter absolutely dominated Wolf and Dana Delany -- finishing with an impressive $68,000 and a ticket to the next round.

The 68k went to Richter's charity -- the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Both Wolf and Dana's charities were kindly given $25k each.


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mrez golucky    

Yikes! What a disappointment Wolfie!

1838 days ago

chicken head    

Wolf showed what he is-- A LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!
fire HIM NOW!!!!! you biased bastard!!!!!!!!
you should not be allowed to do any news unless in
the county of Venezuela!!!!!!!!!
GO TO HELL RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1838 days ago


Jesus i thought he was smart, but i guess it goes to show your only as smart as the teleprompter. Perhaps he will get and invite to the kids Jeopardy, he might do a bit better.

1838 days ago


That is too funny! Typical reporter who thinks he knows everything and actually knows nothing!

1838 days ago

Buck Naked    

The Wolf man is just another talking head. Proves he can only read what's on the teleprompter. Way to go CNN.

1838 days ago


slow news day tmz?

1838 days ago


THIS... is CNN.

Let's not forget that this is Jarhead Jeopardy (aka Celebrity Jeopardy) and that all of the questions are dumbed down. It's on par with Jeopardy's Teen Tournament, if not easier.

There's a reason CNN is biased; it's commentators are dumb as rocks!

1838 days ago


slow news day tmz?

1838 days ago


slow news day tmz?

1838 days ago


A comedian's sidekick? Give Andy Richter some credit. The man had his own sitcom at one time.

1838 days ago


Richter made Blitzer his bitch.

1838 days ago


This is hilarious. They should have Bill Moyers on next.Way to go Andy "I'm a hell of alot smarter than you" Richter!!!

1838 days ago

Democrats are evil    

This is just way to funny. Proves to me that he is just a figurehead. He actually knows very little but reads the teleprompter well. Is it any wonder the democrats love him and hire him to do their news reports, or should I say propaganda reports. After all, Wolf doesn't have a clue so he sounds very convincing in what he's reading. Well done CNN. Best not to let your employees out of your studio. They tend to show what they are really made of. In this case, an empty head.

1838 days ago


What a dumbass! Not only are CNN hosts bias, they are dumb as rocks. Who get's -4,600? Seriously? So typical.

1838 days ago


It's sad that Wolf lost in such a way, and I was disappointed in his performance (or lack thereof).

I said something ot other people about last night, and they thought he was not feeling well, so he simply wasn't on the ball. I'm not sure about that, but it seems plausible since he's at least a little sharper on a normal day.

Also, those acting surprised about Andy Richter don't realize what it takes to be a good comedian. People who write and perform comedy need to have a quick mind. They need to have a pretty good command of various subjects to pull their material from. Those who aren't as quick on their feet or don't have a command of subjects are probably crappy comedians.

1838 days ago
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