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Emmy Awards 2009 -- No Effort Required

9/20/2009 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Boring tuxedos and simple dresses were abound at the Emmy Awards tonight -- and then there was soap star Victoria Rowell ...



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HAHAHA this dumb brainwashed drone. Just like the rest of these Hollywood idiots she buys into the whole Obama cult thing. How sad there are so many weak-minded ignorant half-wits out there.

1822 days ago


That's just creepy.

1822 days ago


This is definitely third-world style idolatry.

1822 days ago


UGH. If I wore that dress to the awards I would make sure I took a dump on the front first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1822 days ago


Interviewer: Victoria, have you gotten a lot of questions about your infamous Obama dress?

Victoria: Obama?? What?? I thought it was Michael Jackson pre-vittiligo! ::cries::

1822 days ago

not buyin it    

Now I remember why I quit watching these dog and pony shows!

1822 days ago


Wow..I used to think she was smart...

1822 days ago


Why is Sandra Oh on the "Bad" list? Her dress and hair look amazing!

1822 days ago


Let me guess, Fox News has a link to TMZ's pic of her in the dress? Such White privilege angst in here! Who cares "how" black he is? She supports him and chose to show it on her dress. Yet, it's not even about fashion to the commentators in here. (you'd have a legitimate case if it were) It's an opportunity to take woefully racist digs, not only at this actress, but at the President and Black people in general. Ironic that so many chose to cloak their disgust in claiming she (or the President) is the racist. Get a clue. YOURS is the racism that people are talking about in the country. We still have a problem and the comments in here are sheer evidence of that.

1822 days ago

not a fan    

Wow. Not a great move. Doesn't she know Obama is going down in flames? All that is missing is the hammer and sickle....

1822 days ago


Thats the uglist dress i ever seen.

1822 days ago


As usual a bunch or racist crap on here. I do think the dress is stupid as hell. But come on people....why all of the ignorant comments on race? What kind of parents did you people have that you find it acceptable to speak of people in the way you do solely based on the color of their skin? I'm so glad that I wasn't raised that way. It is completely disgusting....bottom line.

1822 days ago

a lady    

What business mack is it of yours what she wears I bet you anything she makes more money than your broke a@@ stop hating so much and go pray to god for help cause its obvious you need it. people we need to wake up who cares about the color of someones skin grow up. The world is coming to an end do we really want to go before our maker and get sent to hell for living a sinful life.

1822 days ago


Nothing racist about it.
just poor taste

1822 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Prez Obo or Wacko Jacko fanaticism is the worst.

She appears to be the Virgin Mary of Obo. Gag me.

Then you have Wacko Jacko junkie who is reported to use turkey basters instead of his twig.

1822 days ago
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