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Edwards: Secret Wedding, Dave Matthews?

9/20/2009 10:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John EdwardsNo, it's not a storyline on "Guiding Light" (RIP) -- but rather the latest chapter in the John Edwards mistress scandal.

The guy who once claimed he was the father of the child born to Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, is now claiming Edwards is the real daddy (duh!) and that Edwards once promised Hunter he would marry her after his wife died (she's sick with cancer) -- this according to a book proposal obtained by the NY Times.

Andrew Young, Edwards' former aide, claims Edwards told Hunter it would be a rooftop wedding and the Dave Matthews Band would make an appearance, the Times says.

Because it's the dream of every major recording artist to play at the wedding of a disgraced politician to the mistress they had a child out of wedlock with after the politician's first wife dies of cancer.


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I'm kicking myself in my butt. I almost voted for this guy. He is a hell of BULLCRAP artist, I can usally pick them out, I took it hook,line,and sinker. I think he sucks,and will not by the book, I don't support people that make thier living by stabbing someone else in th back. The whole situation for all sux.

1824 days ago


Lawer/ me the creeps.Do as I say...not as I do.

Go away!!!!

1824 days ago


I heard that horrible woman he spawned with say something about Elizabeth Edwards like "you haven't heard everything there is to know about her... one day the truth will come out about Elizabeth Edwards".. REALLY. So not only a total sack of s***, having babies with trailer trash like this while his wife is fighting CANCER... but ALSO talking SMACK about her with this lovely woman he should have probably been paired up with from the get go... allowing Elizabeth to marry and stand behind some other REAL human being. He never deserved her... Elizabeth is light years above and beyond this barely human garbage.

1824 days ago


You know how you can tell the difference between a Democrat and Republican?

It's all in the sex scandal.

When a Democrat gets caught its in a cheap hotel with an ounce of pot and 12 strippers.

When a Republican gets caught its in an executive suite with a bible and a 12 year old boy.

I mean other than their racism.
Other than that.
Well, they also start illegal wars and lie to Congress and the American people...but they go to church so it's all ok.

1824 days ago


CHEF KOOKY for president 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

1824 days ago


Don't compare Edwards to Clinton. Yes, Edwards is worse. Clinton had been cheating on his wife for years and she turned a blind eye to it. She wasn't surprised by his cheating she was just surprised that he was stupid enough to get caught. Hillary is more interested in her career than her marriage. That's a totally different relationship than the Edwards.

No one would have found out if Monica kept her big mouth shut (no pun intended) instead she blabbed everything to Linda Tripp.

1824 days ago


This man makes me sick! Simply reinforces why I will NEVER vote Democratic. He has zero morals, feelings, or common sense.
Why wait until his wife dies? He's already had a baby with someone else, and he's doing his wife no favors by sticking around. He acts like he's bestowing some fantastic gift on her by waiting until she "dies". Well, what if he dies first? There's that fabulous legacy of how he planned to move on with his baby-mama while she was sick and dying. What an ass. I'm sure his kids are REALLY proud of him.
He should do Elizabeth a favor and leave now, so maybe she can have some peace before she dies. What a piece of CRAP to talk about and make plans for another wedding. How would he like it if he was sick, frightened, and knew healthy Elizabeth was making plans to get it on with another guy the second he kicked the bucket?
Again, this person and everything about him MAKES ME SICK.

1824 days ago


This is off the ICK factor charts. This guy will say and do anything for a lay.

1824 days ago


I don't think she really has cancer. Honestly I think she made that up to get sympathy from her husband so he wouldn't leave her. I think she's already lived longer than most women with the kind of cancer she says she has.

1823 days ago


Thank-you TMZ for that last sentence. I'm still laughing. We need humor in all this ridiculousness! I don't know who to feel sorry for the most...

1823 days ago


He was probably planning on paying for the Dave Matthews band from the proceeds of Elizabeth's life Ins. policy.

1823 days ago

Lady Z    

He just did what Clinton did? Are you nuts? How does getting a blow job in the Oval Office from a fatass intern compare to knocking up some fug as hell barfly while your wife is dying of cancer and then having the balls to run for President at the same time? Sorry, I don't see the connecton other than both men have low self esteem and go for uglyass horsefaces.

1823 days ago

Lady Z    

To the moron who stated that Edwards "could not afford the Dave Matthews Band". Are you stupid? Edwards is a multi millionare many times over due to his lucrative law practice. He has made millions and millions of dollars suing compnaies over personal injury claims. He has made his money off other peoples injuries and suffering. Why do you think this Hunter skank got knocked up on purpose? This guy is her big bucks meal ticket. This Hunter whore was barely ekking out a living and renting a room when she latched onto Edwards and his money. I bet she didn't even have a hundred bucks in the bank when she met millionaire Edwards. Do your homework before you post stupid comments that you know nothing about.

1823 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

THIS IS NO SHOCK! When I first heard the affair story long ago, I was CERTAIN he planning Rielle Hunter to replace Elizabeth once she was dead and had promised her a wedding once Elizabeth was out of the way. Sure enough, the more that comes out, the more my suspicions are confirmed.

I betcha had his affair not been discovered, a few months after Elizabeth died we would have heard how suddenly his "friend" Rielle Hunter was moving in to help with the kids and then they would "suddenly fall in love" and get married. Why wouldn't Rielle go along with this plan? She gets John, the money and Elizabeth 6 feet under.

Poor Elizabeth Edwards. Knowing all this is probably true, that John is a sick and twisted man and he is going to raise their kids once she is gone has got to be horrible.

1823 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Gotta love the right wing nut jobs here -
I guess they forgot all about old Newtie serving his 1st wife DIVORCE papers while she was in the hospital having CANCER surgery. Then he married that mistriss and was cheating on HER (wifey #2) WHILE he was trying to impeach Clinton. Now married to mistress/wife #3.
At least we got rid of Edwards as a candidate for anything.
Newt Gingrich may run for President in 2012 - would YOU vote for him??
And their last candidate - John McCain. He cheated on his 1st wife with Cindy, his 2nd wife. Cindy was his mistress because his 1st wife was crippled in a car accident. He has admitted it all. AND THE REPUBLICAN'S RUN HIM FOR PRESIDENT!!!
Democrats aren't that hypocritical. Nor are we arrogant enough to call ourselves the party of Morals and Values.

1823 days ago
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