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Mya -- Blood on the Dance Floor

9/21/2009 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mya is officially the newest victim of the ruthless "Dancing with the Stars" curse -- the pop star had a run-in with some broken glass last night and sliced herself so badly, she needed stitches.

 Mya and Kim Kardashsian

Mya just posted the following message on her Twitter page: "Went 2 the hospital late last night 2 get stitches . Deep cut from glass. Only caught 2hours of sleep but feel great. Must be adrenaline."

Sound familiar?? It should.

Last year, Kim Kardashian also suffered a major laceration from an incident with broken glass right before her stint on Dancing with the Stars.

If history is any indicator, Mya's in for a short run ... Kim got the boot in week 3.

UPDATE: Mya just wrote an injury update on her Twitter page: "Nothing to worry about. Just an ugly slice on my finger-not the first time I've had stitches. I'll be just fine. Thanks 4the concern."


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mrez golucky    

Yikes! Here we go again!

1825 days ago


Poor Mya!! At least it wasn't too serious!! I hope she stays in the competition for a long time....I grew up listening to her music. She's one of my FAVORITE artists of all time!! I LOVE her voice!! And she's a kick a** dancer too, so I know she'll do well in this!! :)

1825 days ago


Where are they dancing that they have broken glass? Lindsay Lohan's place?

1825 days ago


I'm guessing the only place some of these peeps can afford to practice is in an alley somewhere. Still have a hard time with them calling this dancing with the "stars" the last thing I saw Maya do was a Dancey Dance on Yo Gabba gabba. Madden curse is totally worse, those guys are usually at some career high. The dancing cast is a cancelation away from Screech and Urkel dancing. :)

1825 days ago


So, TMZ, what does it take to get the SOURCE OF THE GLASS?

Do we have to bleed?

1825 days ago


Mya is not a fake, slutty attention whore like Kim and she can dance. Comparing her with Kim is an insult! Go Mya!

1825 days ago


Well first of all Kim CANNOT dance...too much junk in the trunk to be carrying around...Mya is a badazzz dancer and she will last longer than 3 curse, just need to look where they are walking is all.

1825 days ago


mya can dance and as talent and in know way can you compare her to that d#ck suckin whore and im glad she bounced rite back

1825 days ago

Triple Play    

Kim Kardashian is too fat to be a good dancer Moving that A$$ would require way too much work and energ.

1825 days ago

Triple Play    

That is a bad comparison. Mya is petite and attractive. Kim is a big load that has trouble walking.
She hurt herself picking up a package of Twinkies

1825 days ago

Triple Play    

Kim was bounced because she is despised by many people. She is an elitist pig. She has never done anything to merit respect from people. I am surprised that she wasn't bounced sooner

1825 days ago


This show is truly moronic. "Stars" who are really washed-up, has-beens or "reality" AW nobodies. I don't understand the appeal. It's a stupid premise and is cursed by idiocy. It's more like Dancing with the Desperate.

1825 days ago


I'm loving the MJ Thriller-era look in the right pic. She's cute!

1825 days ago


Mya is a trained dancer so I'm sure she'll be fine! Can't wait to see her!!! =)

1825 days ago

Maqui of Missouri    

Fact: Any time ANY person receives a cut and talks about it, they chose between using the words "cut" or "slice".
When we use "cut" we are diminishing the seriousness of it because we're humble. I handle workers' comp injuries every day, and it's one of those words that I look for, it tells me a lot about the injured worker, and their claim.
The word "sliced" is use to magnify the trauma for attention sakes. I just love how she tries to give the appearance of downplaying the injury but then calls it a slice. A cut, is a cut. Big deal.

1825 days ago
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