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Jasmine Fiore's Funeral - 'Everyone Was Crying'

9/23/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jasmine Fiore's close friends and family attended a private funeral service for the slain model over the weekend -- and we're told it was "an extremely emotional event."

According to someone in attendance, over 200 people gathered at the home where Jasmine grew up in Santa Cruz, CA to remember the brutally murdered bikini model.

We're told friends and family -- including Jasmine's mother, Lisa Lepore, and Jasmine's ex-boyfriend, Robert Hasman -- read poems and told heartfelt stories about Jasmine ... and "everyone was crying."

Our source says plans are in the works to hold a public memorial for Jasmine in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.


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WHO CARES!?!??!?!?!?!

1793 days ago


@#8 Amen

1793 days ago


8. these comments are horrendous... shame on you tmz for not monitoring your comments and not allowing us to flag them.

Posted at 3:01AM on Sep 23rd 2009 by linnyb

9. @#8 Amen

Posted at 3:31AM on Sep 23rd 2009 by Christy

I fully agree.

1793 days ago


if she was married....what the hell was she doing at the beach hooking up with another doode?..why was she still knocking the ex-husband? why was she texting the former boyfriend "see you in vegas the day after tomorrow"...why was she with the guy who just got out of jail?....why was she intending on seeing the "other" guy??? c'mon.....if you were the husband and you see the out-text would you be so happy that you will say...ok were leaving you?...jajaja...who has the time to think like that?? even if she was my sister i would feel really bad for the real "husband" im sure he suffered MORE than she ever did. does anybody cares about the real reason Ryan flipped?? what would you as a guy do?? what would you as a mother do??

1793 days ago


besides...didnt Ryan family lost their son? would ever know....but even if he did what he is accused of doing.....the reason behind it was enough for some people to do more than he allegedly did. just today....check and you will see what others guys have done for less....i did NOT know her...but the reports are that she was NEVER a white dove. when you marry you DO NOT DO what she DID. i feel sorry for BOTH families...but ABSOLUTELY not for her.

1793 days ago


GOOD GOD TMZ....GET THESE HORRIBLE COMMENTS OFF OF THIS PAGE. That little girl was murdered by a vicous man and SHE IS THE VICTIM OF A HORRIBLE CRIME. May you rest in peace Jasmine!

1793 days ago


it was a funeral, of course people were crying!

1793 days ago


Huh. People crying at a funeral, imagine that.

1793 days ago


OK. Who cares about what she did in her career. The fact is that Jasmine was a vibrant young woman who should have had a long life and absolutely did not deserve this horror. I am very sad for her and those who loved her.

1793 days ago


Why this story? Sorry, to say it, but she wasn't famous, didn't really do anything important, so who cares? And yes, as a human she should be mourned, but let's not rewrite who she was. She cheated on her husband, and was stupid enough to have it filmed, and did nothing else except shed her clothes.

1793 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

She sold ass on and now TMZ wants to immortalize her on their website. That's disturbing. Is everyone at TMZ on Crystal Meth, or something??? Geesh...

1793 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

THis Fiore prostitue contributed what to society??? She was a con artist that flirted for cash. Quit admiring prostitutes and start admiring pimping, TMZ.

1793 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

There should be an eternal flame at her grave site.

1793 days ago


respect? did anyone see the 20/20 episode on this......woman?she wanted 2 be "hollywood".said that she did phone sex ad's 2 get money for acting.....So how would any american man act if he knew his woman had went BACK with her ex and was prob. about 2 screw him?No,no one deserves to be murdered,but come on....if you ACT like a hollywood wanna be slut...your gonna be treated that way.
plain and simple.besides,she had fake boobs.

1793 days ago


OMG Staples center wasn't available?

Even in the afterlife her family AND TMZ gave her more credit than what is due.

She wasn't some struggling hardworking bright innocent college girl who was killed by a nut job.

She used her freakishly unattractive altered body to scam men for money. Eventually, she came across the wrong guy.

1793 days ago
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