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Travolta Acknowledges Son's Autism

9/23/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta John Travolta made his first public statement acknowledging Jett had autism.

Travolta told the jury in the Bahamas extortion case that Jett was autistic and suffered seizures every 5 to 10 days. Travolta said, "He was autistic. He suffered from a seizure disorder."

Travolta testified the seizures would last 45 seconds to a minute.


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Sandee Griffin    

I'm not sure if they wanted to stay private about their sons autism or if they were just in plain denial about it....either way it is shameful and insulting in my opinion. I have a 24 year old autistic son and am in no way ashamed of him nor can I in any way keep his autism a secret. The Travolta's had an opportunity to help raise awareness on this devastating disorder and the ability to help raise millions and millions of dollars for research into what is now a complete epidemic! Nonetheless I know they are grieving parents and all of our thoughts and prayers should be with them.

1847 days ago

MJ's KIDS    

Peace to you John.

1853 days ago


uh, how heartwrenching that he has to speak about this, it's got to be just ripping his heart apart, I hope a quick outcome is reached in this case and he and his family can try and put their grief behind them, or at least try to move forward while coping the best they can

1853 days ago

mrez golucky    


1853 days ago

Sandra Jordan    

Too little too late! It was obvious that Jett was Autistic and the Travolta's denied, denied denied! Not only could they have done more for their son but they could have done so much more for the cause of autism by putting their faces and influence to it! Sad when religion prevents honesty and quite sad that their chosen religion refers to those who have autism as compromised human beings. I feel the compromised human beings are those who compromise their morals and integrity for religion in a clearly negative fashion! I have no respect for the Travolta's!

1853 days ago

Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

Why is this breaking news? This has to be a very tough time for Travolta. Why are you exploiting a father's emotional pain? TMZ is really disappointing lately.

1853 days ago

Jenna Ryan    

On one side of the coin you gotta feel bad for the guy...nobody deserves to out live their child, and then be a part of an extortion plot. On the flip side John Travolta could have been doing a lot for families learning how to nuture autistic children. I find it sad that this is the first time he has stated something that has been incredibly obvious just by looking at the boy.

1853 days ago


Something we all already why did he and Kelly keep insisting that Jett suffered from Kawasaki disease? Because Scientology does not recognize autism as a physical ailment. No wonder so many in the autism community were upset with the Travoltas for not acknowledging their son's REAL problem and helping to bring awareness to the disease. I'll bet poor Jett was not even being properly treated because I'm sure they only go to "Scientology approved" physicians.

1853 days ago


I agree with 7. Why did they not acknowledge their son was autistic? By sharing their trials and tribulations with raising a son with autisim, they could have helped other families like Jenny McCarty does.

1853 days ago

the a-hole    

It was a great idea to extort money out of Travolta over his deceased child's autism/seizure disorder. I & Satan really admire that!

1853 days ago


The Travolta family has the right as the parents to care for their son in a manner which the wanted. Personally, I think Scientology is a scam for schumcks but its still a free country.

1853 days ago

love her!    

Autism is a reality. I am really sad that it took a court case for John to admit that Jett had Autism. He never admitted it when he was alive. It says a lot about one's character in the Scientology community. Which is exactly Scientology is a cult and NOT a religion. Creepy and I am sorry that John has been brainwashed. I send nothing but good thoughts for healing and closure for the Travolta family

1853 days ago


wow...just wow...i had commented a couple of hours ago about them hiding the fact that their son had autism. i hope they become advocates now and stand up for this cause. we could use the help.

1853 days ago


People hve different ways of dealing with certain diseases or conditions, We should not judge the Travoltas for doing what they felt was best for their family. Maybe being outspoken about autisum was not how they wished to approach Jett's situation. Perhaps in time., an Autistic Foundation in Jett's name or something like that may help them with the grieving process.

1853 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to me ... Mo Money.. Mo Money.. MO MONEY !!! ... Ker Ching

1853 days ago
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