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Travolta Acknowledges Son's Autism

9/23/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta John Travolta made his first public statement acknowledging Jett had autism.

Travolta told the jury in the Bahamas extortion case that Jett was autistic and suffered seizures every 5 to 10 days. Travolta said, "He was autistic. He suffered from a seizure disorder."

Travolta testified the seizures would last 45 seconds to a minute.


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More than not speaking out on Jetts autism- he had a seizure disorder. I do not think one always leads to the other. I believe it was untreated- not an approved disorder per their "church". That is the real crime. The real victim in all this is Jett himself. He was unable to make the choice between life saving medication and possible death. Any other parent would have ended up talking to the police ...... Tom showed most of us all we need to know about Scientology, to turn and run.....

1859 days ago


What happened to Jenny Mccarthy's kid? Suddenly no longer autistic? Don't say this isn't BS because it is........I think people are misdiagnosing and then things get out of control. A CHILD CAN'T be diagnosed with something and then no longer have it. THIS IS CALLED MISDIAGNOSING!!!!!!

1859 days ago


Why is no one talking about Kelly's amazing titties

1859 days ago


BAKE 20 min. or until chicken is cooked through.

Posted at 3:34PM on Sep 23rd 2009 by CHEF KOOKY

I know a lot of people get mad at your posting, but I always get a chuckle out of your recipes. It keeps things in perspective; ‘Never take life too seriously, because you’re never going to get out of it alive anyway!’ Thanks for the laughs!

1859 days ago

cindy is evil    

This is what you get......................

1859 days ago


As the mother of a terminally ill adult child, I do know how he feels. But given that their religion does not acknowledge any mental disorder, I have to ask: Did they do everything they could medically to help Jett?

1859 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Jenny McCarthy's kid DOES still have autism -
Regardless of her BS about vaccinations and diet, some kids with Autism, mine included, make great strides with early intervention and intense occupational and speech therapies. But they will always have Autism, it is not currently curable.
All kids with Autism are different. The condition can be VASTLY different in kids. It is a spectrum disorder with kids on the poor functioning end and others who are highly functioning.
As far as the Travoltas - I feel terribly for their loss, but I blame Scientology, which does NOT recognize Autism as a disorder.
If they had been more open, instead of hiding and denying Jett's condition, he may have made progress too, instead of just being given video games and babysitters.

1859 days ago

dr fred    

BAD genetics(fragile X syndrome),,,
JT finally admits to autism, the kid was severely autistic & would have been institutionalized.if he lived in an average home...

Sadly autism patients don't have the emotional components that make us human/different from other mammals..

they are more like animals dogs, bears, raccoons, mice, etc..

they cannot feel emotions..

mother nature did not allow a long life for a reason yes,nature took its course.

Autism at 6 foot tall 250 lbs was more like a wild bear

1859 days ago


Last I checked, a person's medical diagnosis and treatment is none of anyone's business but that person's, his or her guardians' (if they need such) and their doctors'. THAT IS THE LAW. The Travoltas were not obliged, legally AND MORALLY, to disclose their son's illness to anyone, nor were they obliged to go on a mission to bring awareness to autism, just because they are celebrities. It's incredibly insulting, arrogant and presumptious to believe that the public is entitled to knowledge about Jett's illness, let alone some activism on Travoltas' part.

What the Travoltas were obliged to do, however, was to get their son's adequate medical help. Whether they did or not, however, is once again only something that concerns child welfare services, law-enforcement and the Travoltas' own guilty or clean consciousness, not the general public which wants nothing more but to satisfy its voyeuristic tendencies and gossip cravings.

1859 days ago


Jenny Mccarthy's kid never recovered from autism with speech therapy or occupational therapy. He never had autism to begin with. This is my opinion and the rest of you can deal with it.

1859 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

You are correct #83 - kids can learn to adapt with Autism, but they are never cured.
I think Jenny McCarthy is a snake oil salesman giving parents of Autistic kids false hope.
My kids have made great strides with therapy, but will never fully recover. They must learn social rules, it does not come naturally to be social.

1859 days ago


May God be with the Travolta family.

1859 days ago


If Travolta hadn't been a Scientologist, and allowed his son to have seizure medications and others for his autism, would his son still be alive?

1859 days ago


I'm not going to stop criticizing these Travolta schmucks. They knew what Jett had and denied it for the sake of Scientology. The only one who's really paying the price is Jett so don't tell me to leave these poor people alone.

1859 days ago


Very sorry for the Travolta's loss. Terrible situation.

To the Scientologist that is posting, that is great that you have good stories regarding your religion. Everyone has the right to thier own choices. Please tell me how your religion handles Autism. In my religion, we handle our medical/developmental/psychological issues with our own doctors, prayer, and support from family. Why does a person who is not a doctor but a science fiction author, who decides to develope a religion even tell his parishioners how to handle thier personal medical and psychological issues?

I respect your choice in religion but my son is a wonderful Autistic child who is being treated through early intervention therapy. He has begun to speak and function. If some religion were going to hold me back from helping my son, I would walk out. We do not know what the Travolta's have done to help Jett but yes they did deny that he was Autistic several times. Maybe in private they were trying to help him but we don't know that.

1859 days ago
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