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Gisele Bundchen

My Lovely Baby Bump

9/24/2009 5:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More than six months into her pregnancy, Gisele Bundchen's curves are kickin' -- literally!

Tom Brady's wifey showed off her growing bump today in Boston, courtesy of the fetus gestating inside her belly.

According to Tom, the kid's due in December.


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But I thought Tom said she wasn't pregnant????

1764 days ago


Karma...........always gets you in the end. Things are not as happy as they seem. Lawsuits, lies and complications that won't go away. One big happy family is not going to happen, hurting someone who was pregnant with Tom's child, stealing him away, rubbing things in Bridget's face, I guess it's all getting real. What goes around comes around. Wonder what Bridget is thinking now? Tom played much better football when he was with her....wonder why? No matter what Gisele does, environmental causes she supports (great work G)she will always be remembered as the girl who started dating Tom knowing he had a child on the way.

1764 days ago


Nothing lovely about that..Yikes

1764 days ago


Ah, she was never a beauty. You want to talk about a beauty, try Adriana Lima. Game over.

1764 days ago


She looks like she is carrying low, maybe another boy in the oven.

1764 days ago


I looked just the same at 6 months. BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1764 days ago

yadda yadda    

surprised she is showing at all. Most of these freakishly tall amazon women don't show until right before popping the muffin out.

1764 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I'm sorry but I've never seen her as being hot. She looks ordinary to me at best, yet she always seems to walk around doing her little photo-ops like she's the hottest thing on earth. I can find hotter woman than her at a Walmart in Iowa. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

1764 days ago


damn there is alot of haters on here....grant u, there isnt anything great about this video but how can u people come on here and just rag? If you dont like gisele or tom why take the effort to comment on the stupidest shi*. Damn, first off, when ur pregnant ur boobs dont ALWAYS get bigger BEFORE u have the child, do some research to the idiot that said she must have implants bc they arent any bigger....also, um if she got implants she got ripped off bc she doesnt have alot of boobs. Secondly, i think gisele, like most hollywood chics, looks just fine airbrushed and in photos, and to the dude that said miss lima, UM atleast gisele doesnt have a snaggle tooth LOL haha anyways ok haters, go hate on. Man you people will find anything to complain about, god could send the most beautiful woman down to the planet and yall would still ''find'' something to say is ugly, damn i would love to see half of you heffers on here.

1764 days ago


10 bucks she's having a boy!.. I can tell by her stomach... I've never been wrong!

1764 days ago

judge mental    

yes thats right, tom said she wasnt pregnant. wishful thinking on his part? he hates kids. ask brigitte monahan, and his son. when questioned a couple of months ago if she was pregnant, tom replied, "blah blah blah, no she's not pregnant. i dont need kids...i have dogs." ok tom. you conceited self centered pretty boy.

1764 days ago


According to Tom she is due in December. Does that mean she was pregnant when they got married? Full term is considered 40 weeks.

1764 days ago


Hope the baby looks like him. The area between her forehead and chin is not looking so great, just that area though. The rest of her looks okay.

1764 days ago

Lippy Loo    

The woman/man needs to eat a burger and fries, she is suppose to be eating for two. It is probably a binge and purger. And, I agree with most people, she is fugly. I just don't get people who are plain ole ugly get millions for what, being a stick of a man?

1764 days ago


hope the kid doesnt have tom's chin which looks like a butt! lmao

1764 days ago
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