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9/24/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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All three are equally nasty. No morals, no class, nothing but empty souls infiltrating their filth to the masses.

1793 days ago


Woody Allen is a pedaphile as was John Phillips. Why do you think so many women in the sex industry are addicts - THEY WERE MOLESTED AS CHILDREN! With a 65% to 95% recidivism rate, pedaphiles and rapists must be castrated. (Look at Garrido in California)How ignorant people are not to belive MacKensie. My heart goes out to her and every other victim of sexual abuse.

1793 days ago


An adoptive father becomes a substitute for, and in the eyes of society and the child, an equal to the biological father.
In other words: It's just as bad.
Everyone who thinks it isn't denies the responsibilities adoptive parents have towards their children.
You might as well send orphans to random adresses, who cares right?
You bunch of hypocrits.

1793 days ago


Common TMZ! Harvey, I know you endorsed this. Do any of you have daughters or sisters? What if this happened to them with a trusted relative or friend? Incest - molestation or abuse is no laughing matter so please start treating serious issues with the serious attention it deserves. There's a time to joke and this is not it. MacKenzie Phillips is hurting right now; believe it or not. IT IS NOT FUNNY!!!

1793 days ago



Are you wee-todd-ed you blind moron? I said I don't condone it. However morally disgusting it may be it's not against the law, or else the sleazy piece of sh!t wouldn't have been able to marry her. When was the last time a bio father/daughter team tied the knot? Whatever...while I would certainly require years of therapy in either situation, I'd still rather be with my mom's booty-call then the man that actually conceived me! IT'S NOT THE SAME THING!!!

1792 days ago

Robert Schmidt    

MacKenzie's telling the absolute truth. Michelle and that other former wife of Monster John Phillips are criminals for expressing any doubt. We applaud Mac and major shame on anyone who questions her. We know for a definite fact that these awful things happened to her at the hands of this Stockholm Syndroming poor excuse for a man. She may forgive him, but I don't.

1792 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Yeah, it is a fair comparison! All three are butt ugly!!!

1792 days ago


Woody Allen was her REAL FATHER!!! DUH! What because he was her adoptive father doesnt make it real??? He was the father figure in her life for years & years. Blood or not this man was her father people! At least the Phillips can blame the drugs, Woody was sober and is just a pedophile palin and simple!

1792 days ago
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