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Swine Flu -- All the Rage in Hollywood

9/24/2009 1:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the newest craze sweeping through Hollywood -- celebrities with Swine Flu!!!! And now two new members are on the infectious bandwagon!

Swine Flu
's chief medical expert Dr. Sanjay Gupta just got over his bout with the Swine Flu -- and Marilyn Manson just announced that he's got S.F. right now!

"Harry Potter's" Rupert Grint had it ... "The Early Show's" Harry Smith thinks he has it ... and Lisa Rinna claims her entire family got down with the sickness. It's a full blown trend!

According to Manson, he didn't contract it by "f**king a pig" -- we're guessing Gupta didn't either.


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1863 days ago

o rly    

Let's hope for a Swine Flu H1N1 orgy in Hollywood.
Maybe Simone will get it too.

1863 days ago


Oh, rly, you don't need to be so jealous, honey!!!!!! You just have to accept that I am faster than you. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaa.

1863 days ago


All that I know about swine flu is that the specialists think, in the worst case scenario, a big part of the americans could get it on the next winter and 90.000 people could die. I hope not, but, if so, I hope nobody dies for it.

1863 days ago


Lisa Rinna has had Swine Flu of the lips for several years. She has expressed her regrets for hanging around the piglet doctors.

Fear not folks, for there is no indication that the swine flu is going to harm any more of a percentage of the public than the regular flu does.

I heard Godzilla caught the bird flu and the alien from Alien caught the baboon flu. It's going to be a tough fight on the beaches of hell when Godzilla coughs up a few chunks all over the Alien. It's one big mother against a horde of little alien pukers. What a multi-colored, highly acidic toilet bowl they'll make of Tokyo this time!

1863 days ago


Kooky, I already read this book. Please, post another one. Hehehe.

1863 days ago

Linda Mott    

The swine flu is not to be laughed at, unless you say what Paris said about not eating pork. Many of us have weak immune systems and if we get it, would most likely die. The problem with these flues is that it often changes to another type and becomes immune to the shots. People in the media are often at risk because of the fact that they don't get enough rest or eat right. I hope you all stay healthy and wash your hands CONSTANTLY.

1863 days ago


Hmmm...but when MJ wore the masks they called him weird. Go figure...

1863 days ago


My whole neighborhood has it... It's a real pleasure. Not.

1862 days ago


HaHa Gupta got swine flu! Guess I won't be taking his advice on how to protect yourself this flu season.

Paging Dr. Gupta WASH YOUR HANDS !

1862 days ago

arte help    

Kooky, you're just a dumbass!!!

1862 days ago


Kooky you rule!
Frakin Gupta first goes red alert on h1n1 in Mexico then blows it off as a "mild" flu. I hope he had the full run of it as people I know have. It is not fun, it is very dangerous for pregnant women (look at the statistics in deaths)it is going to take over colleges and other areas where large groups gather. Maybe a celeb on a vent or dying from it is what the bug needs to get people to pay attention.

Thank you for the biggest chuckle of my week, Gupta with pig flu, fantastic.

1862 days ago


These masks are useless as the virus can enter through the eyes.

1862 days ago


I'm glad they're all well BUT HAPPY THAT THEY GOT IT.


1862 days ago


CNN BREAKING NEWS: SWINE FLU KILLS LAST KNOWN TERRORIST. The Pentagon released a statement this morning with news that the lab created combination human/swine/bird flu made its way into the caves of Afghanistan and wiped out the entire terrorist population. But as the world breaths a sigh of relief, in a shocking twist of irony, the new flu released a video tape stating it is not going anywhere. A list of demands was sent to Pentagon officials who were most alarmed by the flu's mysterious threat to the known world that commanded "be afraid, be very afraid."

1862 days ago
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