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Britney Custody Order Extended

9/25/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears will share 50/50 custody with Kevin Federline at least through the end of the year -- TMZ has learned.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

An L.A. County Superior Court judge extended the order that was initially put in place for Britney's concert tour. Under the terms, Britney gets to travel with Sean Preston and Jayden James and must provide K-Fed with a place to stay if he wants to follow them on tour.

Sources tell us the sealed order is very detailed, but Britney gets minimum 50/50 custody and at times even more.

As for Kevin, in addition to the $20,000 a month Britney pays him in child support, he gets between $20,000 and $25,000 a month when the kids are outside of California.

At the end of the year the judge will reevaluate custody. We're told it's looking like a 50/50 split is the way of the future.


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I feel this child support thing is totally assanine!!! If they are sharing custody 50/50 then by all means they should share in the support of the kids. What is wrong with the damn justice system?

1863 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

She's still crazy your honor, CHOMP CHOMP

1863 days ago


It looks to me like he's not been traveling with her much. He'd rather eat a Big Mac by the pool, and collect even more money. Luckily for Britney, she's turned herself around; seems like a really good mommy, and this order will most likely end at the end of the year. My guess is that she will have more custody right, time, and have to pay less support. I'm sure we are more in an uproar over it than she is. Her life is on track, and that is what is most important for her, and her babies.

1862 days ago


Hopefully God will take care of Kevin as he's gone too far in milking Britney of her money. Kevin only gets some credit for being there for kids when Britney became ill because his behavior was fueling Britney’s anxieties in the first place. People say Kevin has a full time job taking care of the kids, the man has two nannies and the children are often sent to daycare; and the oldest is ready for kindergarten.

There is no excuse for siphoning off Britney's cash like this. Britney needs to overcome her fear of courts and go and get another court degree. All of these new agreements are being negotiated outside of the court and all the court has to do is approve them, that is why Kevin has such an advantage. As long as Britney continues to have anxiety about going to court, Kevin can milk her for all she's worth.

1862 days ago


Well Obama ought to love beautiful Britney cause she's doing what he wants us all to do .. give our dollars to support lazy free loaders so they can live on the high side of life while we work. This creepy and damn fat freak spends his money on himself, and his ex Shar Jackson and this rough riding horrible girlfriend. All a mess and now it's up to 45,000 a month he's getting from Britney. I think she should have her boys all the time and he needs to get a job at McChicken's. This male is a freak and so is disgusting Shar who loves the perks for her and her kids. And, the girlfriend, well, she's living large on Britney's money. Now Obama wants us all to dump on our elderly and sacrafice for America's free loaders who voted for him so he can rack up a second term at our expense. Birds of a feather .. it't not about race and we aren't racists, we just recognize users and don't want to support their bad habits.

1862 days ago


Kfed is suck a loser living off of Britney. Now they are putting Kfat in a show.. Really who will watch him? Kfat will live off Of poor Britt for many Years or untill the kids are 18.. what a shame, cant the Judges see this?

1862 days ago


Shouldn't these kids be in preschool already? How old are they, 3 & 4?

1862 days ago


I would like to see Brittany stop being so trashy, even on her new singing videos and concerts. Instead, why doesn't see stay home and do things with the two boys. I'm glad the Dad is in picture as they need someone more stable than her but is he???

1862 days ago

Want to support her, BUT    

Cash cow? Those comments don't make sense. She's only been "sane" for barely a real-time year- what happens when her tour ends and she goes on some drug/alcohol/psych ward bender again? Thank goodness that's all the money she has to fork over- pocket change for her. From the looks of the tabloid stories- it doesn't take a whole lot for her to lose it. So what about the kids? And her dad gets to play babysitter to her 24/7. Why would you leave your kids with a parent who has to have a sitter herself? Kevin might get tired of being her fail safe- he might be a cash cow but at least he's not a deadbeat dad. Does she get 50/50 custody without nannies or her dad watching her every move? The obvious bet would be that Kevin could handle the kids by himself and Britney would be at a loss without her entourage of supporters. She doesn't pay him enough. Imagine what Britney will be up to by the time her kids are 18, still living with daddy?

1862 days ago


This just gets more and more disturbing. Why is a judge allowing Kevin to take advantage of Britney and the kids like this? Since day one Kevin has proved time and time again he sees those kids as nothing more then money bags.

If you really loved your kids and wanted them you would not be getting $25,000 a month everytime they are out of California, I can see if he wants to be with them so bad then Britney providing him with a place to stay but not giving him thousands of dollars.

I feel so sorry for all of his kids, including the ones by Shar, hmm speaking of which where are his kids he has with Shar? Have not seen them two in ages, oh that's right that is because Shar does not have millions so he could care less about seeing those two.

Him and his girfriend are lazy bum, neither have jobs, oh wait that's right they are working on a reality show in which Kevin tried to get Britneys kids involved in because he knows none is going to watch the show but too bad for him Britney threw a fit over it and said no way is he putting the boys on his show and even threatened him with legal action if he tried.

What is Kevin going to do when the child support stops? He is going to be up crap creek with no paddle because he will have no income. He actually recently moved into another house because he could not afford the one he was living in.

1862 days ago


Being a smart girl from Louisiana, I would tell Britney that if the order has no restrictions on what type of place K-fed would have to stay in, I would consider checking him into every roach motel there is! Besides, the boy is eating all the money!

1862 days ago


Kevin is a man whore looser who needs to get his own dam bills paid! I mean why is SHE paying child support when SHE has them 50% of the time, I could see if he had them all the time, but He doesn't. Isn't parenting supposed to be split 50/50? What a fat manturd that federline is...

1862 days ago


Britney lost custody originally because she was unfit. Does anyone remember the shaved head incident, the umbrella/
SUV incident, the endless partying with Paris and Lindsay, the no-underwear incidents? So what she pays child support? Kevin was unemployed when she met him. Not like her kids should starve and live under the bridge when they are in his care. He's obviously a good dad and the kids look healthy and happy.

It seems like a workable arrangement with 50/50. Why should any of us care? We have our own problems to deal with. Kevin makes $45
G's a month while the rest of the country is stuggling to even make ends meet. Worry about your own life! Worry about healthcare and paying your own bills. If you can conjure up some money, go see Brit lip-sync a concert if you want to contribute to her finances. You can best believe neither Brit nor Kevin give a damm about your problems.

1862 days ago


Who pays the accountant who keeps track of what K-Pig spends for the boys ? Without any income of his own, how does he support his GF and her support ? There has to be some skimming off the support. 20K/mo. Whats wrong with Motel 6 when the boys are out of town ? Such a life. You go Britney, looking good these days !

1862 days ago


$45,000 a month is chump change to Britney Spears. She's worth $125 million and growing. It's just like a normal person having to pay $45 dollars a month for child suport, it's pennies to her.

1862 days ago
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