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Mackenzie's Sis -- Dad Never Made a Move on Me

9/25/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips' half-sister claims their father never made sexual advances towards her -- even though Mack supposedly had an incestuous 10-year relationship with the guy.

Chynna Phillips: Click to watch
Chynna defended her sister today on Oprah -- where she said she absolutely believes the "hideous" allegations Mackenzie made about their dad, Mamas and the Papas singer John Phillips.


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DENIAL, I have personally witnessed many victims of sexua and emotional abuse deny everything for fear of exposing another family member and getting real with their own reality. You see people that suffer from abuse are the victims not the perpertrators, the victims for too long have been made out to be guilty for coming forward and exposing the abusers like in the old days when a young lady was raped and the tables would turn on the victim by allegations that she wors a short dress or looked at the perp in a sexual or sensual way. Victims are victims, the did not do the crime, they are not guilty and they deserve to be heard pure and simple. It does not matter that you wrie a book or go on television or the perp is dead. Exposing the guilty like Polanski's case must happen for closure and healing, its called puishment. Also when you come forth like McKenzie did it gives others permission to do the same, remember you are not alone.

1811 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! More from the woodwork!

1818 days ago


I'm glad her sister is standing by her.
Mackenzie is very brave for speaking out, and shame on anyone who says otherwise.

1818 days ago

Linda Mott    

It is not uncommon that a child molester attack only one child in order to keep his secret.

1818 days ago


one thing people have to consider is that Mackenzie and John Phillips were, essentially, partners in addiction. The argument that Mackenzie's story isn't to be believed or that she put Bijou at risk knowing she was being raised by John Phillips alone doesn't hold water. Phillips wasn't a pedophile, he was a junkie - as was Mackenzie, and their drug-addled brains is what lead to their sexual encounters.

1818 days ago


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1818 days ago


Mack's half siblings all had more involved mothers. Has John's last wife said anything. I assume they were on good terms when he died, because she purchased an adjoining crypt to his which is already engraved except for her date of death.

1818 days ago


i bet the bastard did it if the sister cant even say it wasnt true.. i KNOW if someone saidf that about my dad, sister, brother whoever, i would KNOW it wasnt true.

1818 days ago


The sis looks pretty hot for an older lady. If she was that hot when she was younger then Mack is lying. Not even stoned would any guy go for Mack when he could have her hotter sister!!

1818 days ago

lets be real    

Hey people don't be bigots someday this too shall be wonderful thing. Especially when two adults wants to do their incest thing, hey this is the new Homo I can't wait for you guys to start putting this on TV and brainwash weak people all over again, oh I can hear Brad Pit saying I’m not going to get married until incest couples could get married too.

1818 days ago


i am glad chynna is publicly backing mack up on this.

1818 days ago

Rock Singer    

As sad as this all is I still believe Mackenzie and I don't think her sister know what she's talking about.

1818 days ago


Oprah is the new Jerry Springer!

1818 days ago

Who Cares    

I for one don't believe her at all!!! She needs money for more dope and had to write a book! WHY,would you write such a thing when the man is dead...why would you want to air out your crap to the public???? I'll tell you why ....MONEY!!!!!!!!

1818 days ago


Chynna has changed so much since her days with wilson phillips. She is very preach like now only sings to jesus wow strange

1818 days ago
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