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Mackenzie's Sis -- Dad Never Made a Move on Me

9/25/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips' half-sister claims their father never made sexual advances towards her -- even though Mack supposedly had an incestuous 10-year relationship with the guy.

Chynna Phillips: Click to watch
Chynna defended her sister today on Oprah -- where she said she absolutely believes the "hideous" allegations Mackenzie made about their dad, Mamas and the Papas singer John Phillips.


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Mack, your my hero for coming forward. Ignore the idiots. It wasnt your fault. Just because one is legal age does not make it really consentual. When you are raised so dysfunctionally it is impossible to make healthy decisions and realize what is right or wrong...especially when those around you convince u it is ok and the environment condones it. You did the best u could with what you knew at the time. Important thing is what you have done with those choices and what u are doing now. Stay strong.

1818 days ago


Dad wasn't "perfect"...are you kidding me?? That's one word NOBODY will EVER use to describe John Phillips!

1818 days ago


Lets see , it's all about the money, Mackensie went on Oprah,and I figure on the aww factor she probally got 50-100k from Oprah cause the story is sad, and help the book sales.Now sis comes in for round 2, Makes a nice check from Oprah, and helps promote the book, They ought to make a couple million for these family secrets. Nice scam. Tell it the way I see it..

1818 days ago


Why is it the accusers come out after the accused is deceased? Everyone familiar with heroin addicts know they will ALWAYS choose the drug over sex...even in rats. Macs brain chemistry has been irrevocably altered for so long she would do anything to score dope. Including the writing of a salacious book to secure funds for dope. The timing is so suspicious, in light she was arrested for heroin possession last year, that she can not be trusted to be honest.

1818 days ago


This is why victims of sexual abuse do not come forward because no one believes them. I saw a show years ago where she and her father were talking about their drug abuse and he did admit to shooting her up with cocaine, if this line can be crossed why is it such a leap that he could molest her ?

1818 days ago


Mackenzie must have inherited the ugly gene. No photos of her mother available either to prove otherwise.

1818 days ago

Dee Rocks!    

this is hollyweird people!! they're all in their own worlds They do not see normalcy!! these are the people you idiots let talk you into becoming Obamanites!! and Orka let the pack!!

1818 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Oprah SUCKS.

1818 days ago


Wow. She has really aged. Haven't seen her in a long while...pretty shocking.

1818 days ago


To all the disbelievers. See how many people KILL their children, here at

Remember the DATELINE Predator series where the guy brought his three year old.

Get a grip folks. A lot of people turned a blind eye who could have helped...and didn't. UGH.

As for Michelle Phillips - she was his first victim. He was married when he scooped her up. Her response was filled with guilt-rage.

1818 days ago


mac is a liar she only did this for upcoming book .and her sister just likes to have the spot light so their both screwed up in the head mac is wanting to realique her father she wouldnt say anything if he was a live so let the man rest in peace and mac if you read this stop doing drugs now before you hurt more people you love you sorry b****

1818 days ago


Can't understand why people refuse to believe her, many parents make the mistake of not listening to their children when there has been abuse, it is a shame! I believe her

1818 days ago

gene yuss    

her father controlled her mind, then, eventually had sex with her. not that much different than the jaycee lee dugard case.

1818 days ago


Wow I'm surprised how far many of these D-list actresses or actors trying to reincarnate their careers will go. It's amazing how she comes forward now when she has a new book to promote. Then shes tells everyone that she told her sisters and friends way back in 1997, well where they then? Why didn't they say something? Why didn't they come forward an alert the police or officials that could help her? They didn't because it didn't happen, everyone knows this girl has had the greatest relationship with drugs. Her mind is spun and she may have concocted this story to help herself cope but unless there's some type of positive evidence of this actually happening it's just a story and nothing more!

1818 days ago


Mackenzie Philips seems like a has been star who do anthing for a dollar. Wasn't she on infomorcials?
If this really happened to her, I feel really bad for her-truthfully, she never seemed happy.

1818 days ago
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