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Conan O'Brien Injured During Taping of Show

9/26/2009 12:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien was injured while filming a skit for his show this afternoon and was unable to continue taping, this according to a rep from NBC.

Here's the statement from NBC, which includes a quote from Conan:

"Tonight, NBC will broadcast a repeat of 'The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.' Conan hit his head doing a stunt and the show was not finished.

Conan O'Brien added, "Last thing I remember I was enjoying the play with Mrs. Lincoln, and the next thing I knew I was in bed being served cookies and juice.


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1816 days ago



1816 days ago

Tom C.    

Wow, I was just wondering how long it'd take for something to happen to him after watching Thursday night's episode, earlier this afternoon, with him and the bear. Hope he's back in action Monday.

1816 days ago


Anyone (besides Harvey)at TMZ old enough to know the difference between "filming" and "taping"?...apparently not.

1816 days ago


Wow, are they this desperate for ratings? This show stinks so bad that I'd rather go spend time on a pig farm. I'm not buying it.

1816 days ago


Please watch Conan O'Brien, weeknights at 10:35 pm (central).

1816 days ago


The world didn't miss much. His show is awful. NBC better get some smarts and get Leno back where he needs to be. Otherwise they just have two bad shows.

1816 days ago


Leno is back and NBC isn't going to revert the changes they made you are a retard Peggy, people and networks evolve, don't like him ? Watch letterman and shut it.

1816 days ago


Does anyone care? The Tonight Show has tanked due to this untalented goon! Maybe O'Brien WAS funny back in the day, but I'd say his 15 minutes are WELL over. He needs to pack up and move to whereever he came from. The Tonight Show with Johnny and Jay had some class, O'Brien has brought it down in less than a year.

NBC should dump his keester and acknowledge they made a mistake. OR maybe, just maybe, with the dumbing of the American populus, they will watch anything!!!

1816 days ago


Conan IS a superhero!

I saw him let that bear take a marshmelleow from his mouth! There is a funny comic on called "Majestic 13" that had Conan and Stephen Colbert in some episodes as Super Heroes locked in a mental institution. I peed when I read it.

ok, ok I was going to pee anyway.

Get well soon Conan!

1816 days ago

Shawn McQUaid    

wow kanye has lost some weight!

1816 days ago

Jeff Spicoli    


1816 days ago


If you think Leno is funny you must be over 50. Stop ruining tv for the rest of us, and check yourself into a nursing home. Conan is hilarious.

1816 days ago



1816 days ago


I wish him a quick recovery. Reality, Conan seems to be trying anything to get the ratings back since Leno left. I am not a Conan Fan and since he has come on I have watched a few shows but just don't get his comedy. I like the way Leno is the straight guy who lets his guests be funny. I just wish NBC would admit they were wrong and were pushed into signing Conan because he said he was talking with ABC about do a nightly show, to make three nightly shows so they felt Leno was retiring soon and didn't want to let Conan get away. They should of just let him walk and signed Leno another 5 years. Leno loves this business, you can see it on his face and how he treats his guests, staff and guests. As to Leno's 10 o'clock show. He does have a lot of competition and I myself have watched some of these shows on other networks. I think it would be best to let Conan go back to New York, (his red hair and white white skin doesn't fit the California life style. Plus Conan keeps talking about New York and missing it. I again think NBC should take a back step and put everything back the way it was. Maybe they can get Jimmy Fallon to move to Fox. Bring Leno Back...

1816 days ago
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