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The Quaids' Mug Shots

... And So Much More

9/25/2009 8:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we just got our hands on Randy and Evi Quaid's awesome mug shots -- check out Randy's dapper coat-over-the-shoulder move -- and just for kicks, the Quaids asked the Presidio County Sheriff to send specifically to TMZ two bonus gifts as well.

Bonus #1
-- A hand written statement The Quaids scribbled especially for us, which reads in part, "I promise the state of California, Texas does not bother people over hamburgers ordered by room service, supposedly burglarized."

Bonus #2 -- A copy of a cashier's check from the Quaids to the San Ysidro Ranch -- the place they allegedly stiffed -- for $5,546.96.


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More tax(fee)payer money down the pooper.....

1856 days ago


People -- notice that the cashier's check is dated September 22nd. So they basically didn't pay their bill until they were told they were going to be arrested. And for those who say you can't check in without giving a credit card number -- that might be true for you and me, but that's not true in the land of the rich and famous.

1856 days ago


The police arrested them because they beleived they had the intent to skip out on the bill. Hrm, I guess they should have verified with the hotel first whether they had paid or not. Considering the receipt shows they paid 3 days ago, the police could have been tracking down some real criminals instead. A pure waste of tax payers money if you ask me.

1856 days ago

Daryl Mize    

DAMN!!! TMZ has some hot HOMOS working for them!!! :)

1856 days ago


I was just looking at the check as well and noticed it was dated 2 days ago. Which was a day after the arrest warrants were issued. It smells like someone got caught, and tried to fix it quickly.

1856 days ago


I love them!!!... Might as well make a joke out of the situation... why not?

1856 days ago


Looks like the check hasn't been received yet.

1856 days ago


Uh would the police allow anyone else to make a mockery of the law and mugshot photos? What a joke! They both appear to be mentally ill so please do the right thing and euthanize them both

1856 days ago

Clark Griswold    

Looks like Cousin Eddie would have been better off if he'd slept in the camper. . .

1856 days ago


the check wasn't written sept. 22, that's when the customer copy was given. when u ask for a copy they date it the day they give it to you.

1856 days ago

the indian    

They use to pull this all the time at the Hotel Bel Air. Randy would wait in the truck with the dogs, and crazy Evi would come in with lame stories about maxing out credit cards. The hotel would agree to a an extended stay after securing a small deposit from one of the credit cards. She's kinda nutty. Last time I saw her at the Hotel Bel Air she was rocking the Sinead O'Conner look. She's very paranoid about her laptop too, claiming that her life's work is in it. What work? Good tipper though. They once had a $80,000 unpaid balance due for several months. No wonder the Hotel Bel Air is shutting down.

1856 days ago


If I'm understanding this correctly, the warrants were issued AFTER the bill had been paid. Can you say "Abuse of Process?" Can anyone order a TORT here?

1856 days ago


It is a shame they had to be arrested before they would pay the bill.

1856 days ago


I think it's funny some people here are defending these two nutters. They didn't pay their bill and so they are GUILTY. And since it seems they have been doing this time after time, it's only right that they finally got their derrieres thrown in jail.

Does craziness run in the Quaid family?

1856 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

It's appears quite simple

the hotel was stiffed back in July it was reported

it took 2 months to get the warrant issued

when mountain man got wind of the warrant they paid up

the date of the check proves they only paid

after a warrant was being issued

you cant just pay up if and when you get caught later

I dont think the hotel needs this type of PR if it was all a lie

Randy looks like he lost his dam mind if he had one to start with

1856 days ago
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