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The Woman Lamar Odom Didn't Marry

9/25/2009 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the woman Lamar Odom dated for 10 years -- the mother of his children -- Liza Morales. Do you think she's happy about his wedding to Khloe Kardashian ... who he's been dating for a month?



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well first of all what the hell was she doing hanging out with a guy for ten years, having children for him and having him not hint on a proposal? thats a blady green light for run as fast as you can. she should have left him 8 years ago. correct me if l am wrong but in one interview he mentioned hanging out with hot women in miami, LA ??? so seriously what the hell was this woman waiting for????

1809 days ago


This comment is to all of u stipid people (especially comment # ashley). How dare anyone of u make fun of a person's looks that came directly from the FATHER above. Make useful comments, and use the other side of your brain and actually discuss something real.

1807 days ago


imagine that!! chloe.............u better get out of it now!!!!

1805 days ago


not everyone but majority of people who are tryin to get onthis women, dat has done nothing...Its real sad and pathetic i hope you have no flaws cause dats the cat callin the kettle black...she may be hurt by the situation who knows but its not right to get on her the mother of his kids...weither he didnt marry her or sure when anyone is goin threw some things they aint outside looking like no top models....and as far as the dudes keep your comments to yourself cause its so disrespectful yall mommaz needed to teach yall some home trainig and how to act cause its real sad...girl pay these negative people no mind they talk about Jesus Christ and i aint no betta they aint no betta and neither are you..just worry bout your babies cause at the end of the day you & your children are ok....livin that good life while people are all in your business speaking bout stupid things dat arent it shows your important boo jush laugh lolz and enjoy your fans....

1750 days ago


Who's to say that this is not her blessing???

You can't make someone love you.....if they don't:>) Better to have loved and lost than be in a bad marriage. Things could really get out of hand. Liza is the lucky one. As long has he provides for his children than that is fine.

1730 days ago

tiffany taylor    

Liza is a beautiful, strong and caring person....she doesn't deserve this. Stay strong 4 your kids girl!!! It's not goin' to last anyway....smh

1814 days ago


Black men are so messed up how can he not marry the mother of his children, instead he married a nasty slug with no talent, except for parting her legs for any man with money, and no taste in a real woman
I hope Liza takes his sorry A--**** to the hole, as well as that Whore he call hisself marrying. Yuk.........

1814 days ago


wow this is khloe minus 100 pounds. She must be pissed but whatever child support payments will take that misery right away, somebody named gucci and her friend chanel, lmao, and the kids are straight for life so whatever?!

1814 days ago

Acqua Davis    

I think we all should give this woman some respect. She is the mother of his children; and there is a price you pay(weight gain) having children. I am very sure this young lady is a good mom to their children. Lamar, will realize that very soon. I like Khloe, and the show, but I don't think this "Sista" deserves to be disrespected by your comments.
Also, I think she looks more like Kimora Lee Simmons. And remember the saying; "Don't spit in the wind", it always comes back. What you put out in the universe WILL come back.
God Bless!

1812 days ago


is khloe really this stupid. there is NO WAY i would marry any man that had a situation like that with kids???? OH HELL NAH.

1811 days ago


somebody has a type, she looks exactly like khloe

1818 days ago


She sure does look like Khloe. She needn't worry. It's not like this is getting ready to last.

1818 days ago


Hmmm... Can't say that I blame him. I wouldn't exactly get hitched to that, either.

1818 days ago


Khloe better watch out. This women looks like she can pack a punch. Look at the size of that neck.

1818 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

NO she doesn't look like K-ho!
She is someone that loved & cared for LO even through tough times.She must be beside herself as LO is behaving in such a stupid manner. Liza, make sure never let those kids be taken/watched by that coked out slob of a girl's care!

1818 days ago
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