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Khloe K -- Movin' On Up

9/26/2009 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian's extremely rich makeover continues -- Khloe and mom Kris Jenner were on the hunt yesterday for a mansion befitting a woman who can go from zero to 60 in three weeks.


Kris and Khloe checked out this Bel Air mansion yesterday -- listed at $5,999,900. Our spies say they were scoping out homes between 8,000 and 10,000 square feet, with 5 to 6 bedrooms, a pool and of course, a basketball court for Lamar Odom.

One trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and they're good to go.


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seriously people....stop......envy is ome of the 7 deadly sins.......stop bagging on khloe...........y dont u make your life better instead of trying to tear someone down right before their big day...ladies...think of your wedding would you like being the butt of all should b ashamed.....remember what you put out in the universe,comes back....enough already

1851 days ago


This marriage is not going to last and it is going to end ugly.
They should just rent. It will be easier.

1851 days ago

eastern star    

I think Lamar should be asking hisself this question, why is everything being done in such a rush. I can understand the wedding, but jumping into buying a house. Move to the beach, rent a townhouse for a couple of years and see how things play out. Boy the entire family is playing you, you dumb ass. Can't you see that. The mother is in on the home search? Yea because she wants to be sure that when they divorce the house will be big enough for all of them.
Lamar, don't you have ANY friends who are not afraid to tell you the truth. Did you know that 5 years after retiring most basketball players are flat ass broke. Don't jump off and buy no damn house bro, this is a set up

1851 days ago


Looks like Mama is taking over. Kids have to do things on their own, its called GROWING UP!!

1851 days ago


7. Does anyone else think the Kardashian mom looks like Adam Lambert?!
Posted at 11:32AM on Sep 26th 2009 by Mar

Now that you mention it!

1851 days ago


with the economy the way it is, and so many people losing homes, this is a disgusting display on both of their parts...someone so young hasn't earned a home of this magnitude and I would think her mother would have more sense. Not to mention there are no children involved, so the display of excess is disgusting...

1851 days ago


Again, the 'train' is being driven by Kris. Can't the 'Khlodems' look for their own house? Oh, I guess they have to have one before Sunday in order to get their million dollar wedding paid for free.

1851 days ago


Where does Lamar live now? Isn't that good enough for the time being. This whole story is a bum rush. Hurry, I don't know you very well, let's get married. Hurry, get the pre-nup. Hurry buy a mansion. Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww down, here.

1851 days ago


wow wow what do we have here?? a bunch of moraly correct people that think they can judge this family....and what is more funny is that some think they are pathetic but hey at least they are doing something for the sake of their family...and some of you, just sitting in front of a computer making moral judging....and the issu about getting pregnant before marriage??? are you kidding??? that is so retarded, the woman is 30 years old, besides how many women do we see getting married and doing the proper thing but then snap???
if it is a fake marriage then thats ok, i know for sure that the people crtizicing them are the ones that watch their show

1851 days ago


this is my last comment......bruce jenner is an icon...maybe too young to know that......cris is a beautiful woman...sure her sisters have made mistakes.....who for only knowing each other for a month...SO husband asked me to marry him on 2nd date....we been wed for 21 yrs.whoever said cris looked like Adam Lambert you i feel sorry for.....what do u look like?????maybe clay aiken...........hope you find truth and real joy...cause this isnt it...hating on people!!! peace kloe &LAMAR dont let anybody or anything ruin your day....loves,loves,loves

1851 days ago


Nice looking house, but it's not for THEM. It's for HER, AFTER THE DIVORCE.

1851 days ago

Lady Z    

This mother is the biggest whore on the planet and she has raised an entire tribe of like whores. She's a horrible excuse for a "mother". All these people have low morals and "Beverly Hills" values, which means they value material posessions over substance of character.

Her father defended a murderer which shows you how screwed up this entire family is.

Losers all of them. Our society has sunk to a new low when people like this are elevated to "celebrity" status. These people contribute nothing, they do nothing but consume and live a non-productive lifestyle. Have any of these people ever read anythng outside of US magazine? Can any of these people take care of themselves without hair and makeup people, accountants to dole out their money, cooks, maids, people to wash their clothes, cars and take care of their lawn? If everybody stopped waiting on them hand and foot, could they survive for one week? Have any of these people ever heard of delayed gratification, meaning you don't always get what you want or do what you want when you when you want it. All of these people are two year olds trapped in adult bodies.

1851 days ago

bitch please    

I agree with whoever said the display of such ridiculous excess is disgusting. Think about it though, the reason these idiots are rich as fu(k is because we all give a chit about what they do! If you are reading this comment then you are in that category!

Why do humans need to create celebrity worship?! Stop the madness!

1851 days ago


The gluttony train's coming... sponsored by KARMA hehehehehehe

1851 days ago


What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have known each other 4 wks and getting hitched. This has GOT to be a publicity stunt who in there right mind would go this big with a wedding after just meeting each other. Do they even know each others middle names yet or how old each of them are??? The father is probaley turning over in his grave since the mother has NO god given sense whatsoever. She is the mother and letting this all happen. Sure the daughter is an adult but the mother seems more excited than the daughter getting married. That girl has been intimadated by her family for the last couple yrs why she didn't have someone now SHE IS BEATING THE OTHER TWO TO THE ALTER. I guess poor Bruce Jenner better keep his mouth shut over all of this because as the show had shown he has no opinion that is even listened too, he's like a lamp in the living room!!

1851 days ago
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