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L.A. to Kanye

We Forgive You!!!

9/27/2009 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He may be a social pariah everywhere else -- but when Kanye West made a surprise appearance at Common's benefit concert last night in Hollywood, he got a hero's welcome.

The crowd at the show -- which featured Common, Nas, Ludacris, De La Soul, The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and more -- just exploded when Kanye rushed out on stage. He stayed for a few songs -- including "Good Life" and "Run This Town" -- and had the crowd going nuts the whole time.

Kanye was able to perform without interruption.


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Jessie # 85

I'd briefly considered responding to your ignorant, ill-informed, uneducated, more than obvious and clearly blissful ignorance of American History (past and present), African American History, Civil Rights History, World History (slavery still exists worldwide) Slavery Legacy rant..

But since I'm clearly smarter and more educated than you.... I'll PASS!


1822 days ago


@ Karen #83

Posting your first name on an internet blog is equal to posting a FAKE name so you are STILL a cowardly, punk ass bitch.

Additionally, since you clearly don't understand what "say it to one of our faces means", you are a DUMB PUNK ASS BITCH

1822 days ago


This is nothing but rewarding BAD behavior!! He's still a punk!

1822 days ago


Damn. is that all you folks care about? race, lump them all up to make them all look bad? us agianst them, right? keep it coming, thats all you have anyway, and someone make a comment about my comment, BRING IT!!! the real people see you for what you are. Kanya's an ass by the way.

1822 days ago


Surprise, Surprise!!! Let's face it - they will except anything crawling out from under a rock. Not exactly something he should want to brag about! Puke......

1822 days ago


Educated people don't use terms like "punk ass bitch" Renee. You're an idiot. I hope you don't have any kids.

1822 days ago

Rip It Up    

Kanye is a douche bag and LA is full of arrogant douche's a match made in hell.

1822 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Kanye is a big gas bag ... I wish he would just go away

1822 days ago

Blame yourself    

I don't forgive him. But he did't do anything to me.
I think he's a self-righteous, self-loathing idiot.
I am black and while I listen to hip hop, I have not 1 Kanye item.
So that "logic" about "all the same," because this 1 group of people (which I promise you was not exclusively black) represents millions of others or even all of LA would also mean that all white people are the same as well.
Including the meth heads in the south, politicians w/ their mistresses, mass murderers, white collar criminals, etc.
Idiocy is not exclusive to race, you prove that with your own words.

1822 days ago


He destroyed Taylor's night. As a teacher, he is NO role model. He is all ADJECTIVES that his peers referred to him as. And, his girlfriend may be decent, but she portrays herself as a filthy slut. The suit she was pictured wearing was disgusting, and the two of them parading around with a bottle at the Awards show was not only inappropriate, but demeaning to all deserving celebrities. He made a mockery out of Michael Jackson's Tribute. He is disgusting. I recently lost my mother, but I don't use it as an excuse to take the Bliss from other people.

1822 days ago



YOU are an idiot, because education is the freedom to use words (any words) as I deem necessary.

What YOU hope has nothing to do with me.....Drop DEAD!

1822 days ago



Wow. What a profound and educated thing to say. Thanks for proving my point. Good luck in life. You're going to need it.

1822 days ago


Renee, you must have a very fulfilling life. You've spent an ENTIRE Sunday arguing with people on TMZ. Idiot.

1822 days ago


Thank-You Theresa I totally agree.

1822 days ago



Never assume anything.. TRUST that I don't need luck I'm already tremendously blessed & successful. Is that what you do? Surf blogs for opportunities to berate people and interject yourself where you are NOT welcome. Clearly YOU had nothing to do tonight, but verbally attack me in an effort to make yourself feel better. LOL

Hope you feel better....HA HA HA
I'm bored at home with the flu, so this is recreational for me......

1822 days ago
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