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AmEx to 'Mallrats' Star -- Leave Home Without It!

9/28/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy LondonJeremy London has nine films in the pipeline and it looks like he could really use those nine paychecks -- because American Express is coming after him for almost $20,000!

According to a civil suit recently filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the former "Mallrats" and "Party of Five" star owes the credit card company $19,485 -- plus interest and attorney's fees.

Hope those direct-to-cable movies pay bank!


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rag mags like these make a profit from reporting celebrity trash. they find the worst picture they can find and mostly report the negative news. it's hard to blame the rag mags. fact is trash sells ... this says a lot about the people who keep these muckrakers alive by reading and buying their products. most people in this country are having a rough time of it. no one has the right to judge ... especially when you don't know the full story.

1840 days ago


Kindness really is a virtue. We can never know what a fellow member of the human race is going through, how they handle the ups and downs of life... but we ARE all human, and we all know what it is to experience tragedy and loss. Kicking a dog while he is down says much more about the person doing the kicking than it does about the dog...

1845 days ago


Hahahahahahhahahahaa.Tough situation. He should pay his bills, at least.

1850 days ago

marie in D.C.    

he has a twin, not too many people know that.

1850 days ago


I knew it. His brother is Jason London.

1850 days ago


Epic FAIL on TMZ

Not only is he Jason London's twin - Jason was the one in Mallrats you idiots! And you work in the entertainment industry???

1850 days ago


Actually, a lot of people know he has a twin... however, judging from the looks of his picture, I'm thinking maybe Jeremy ate him.

1850 days ago


Oh and KiKi--you're wrong. Jeremy was the one in Mallrats.

1850 days ago


@Elizabeth - tell that to the copy of the movie I have here & IMDB...they both show as Jason...?

1850 days ago


Yea jason was the one in most the movies (mall rats, dazed and confused, need i go on?) This is his more "jerky" brother, who was arrested for beating his girlfriend awhile ago. Jason much cuter.

1850 days ago


Never mind, guess it is jeremy in mall rats *from other sites ive seen, i always used to think the credits said jason!*.. Either way, still cant stand jeremy. He's not that talented and I have no tolerance for people who beat their wives/girlfriends.

1850 days ago


OMG what happened to him?? He used to be quite good looking. Now, he just looks like he's eaten John Candy.

1850 days ago

dr fred    

the point is another POSER, not paying their bills,

I pay my bills & I do not live beyond my means, I don't vacay, shop, go out to fine dinning,or have maids live in a mansion.

I eat at home, wear old clothes,do without & rented a studi apt & saved for years to have a large down pmt on a modest home

1850 days ago


Jeremy London was in Mallrats but his brother Jason took over the part of TS Quint in Mallrats 2: Electric Boogaloo.

This is of course a little confusing.

1849 days ago


I met Jeremy recently...couldnt have been more sweet and nice!! Everyone has credit debt these days...give the guy a break, at least its not in the millions--god knows we see enough of celebs who owe WAY higher than what is stated here. Im sure he is just feeling the economic pinch the way the rest of us are!!

1849 days ago
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