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The Starting Lineup for Lamar & Khloe's Wedding

9/28/2009 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Los Angeles Lakers and reality stars were aplenty at yesterday's nuptials between Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian.

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Oh, and Alan Thicke was there.


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richard ramirez    

vanessa bryant NEEDS another man to help

her discover what pleasure is ALL about...

1829 days ago

Only the Facts, Ma'am    

Number 43, I take exception to your comment about Mexican women being uneducated, bossy, angry..etc. I don't find myself to be angry, loud, bossy or pushy and to tell you the truth, my double major in English and Education, just might qualify me as NOT being uneducated. I realize there are a lot of women of ALL races and ethnic backgrounds that are as you described, but don't lump everyone together just because you are 'white'. In fact, if you look VERY closely at your own family tree, you may have more non-white blood running through your veins than you are aware of The majority of all Americans do.

1829 days ago


OK BLACK WOMEN, LISTEN TO ME....these men are athletes and entertainers and only make up a small % of our-the African American race. I know you know many Black men that have a dark-skinned or chocolate Black woman as their wife. But if you are a single sista and feel like for you that it's not happening with the brothas...BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS, look outside of your race, especially since brothas aren't scared to and if the white/asian/latina/persian/middle eastern women are after their $ and it ends up bad you won't be there waiting around, honey you will be with your wealthy husband who isn't Afrian-American, chances are they make more money than our brothas anyway...keep in mind these brothas ya'll see are pawns in a white man's game, the sports franchise owners, managers, architects, doctors, lawyers, engineers, mechanics, small businessmen, etc... that's where the $,power, respect are and guess what, they aren't scared to marry their women! And yes they do like chocolate sistas, so yes all my college educated, successful, sweet, loving, christian, poised, sistas stand up and love the man who loves u! And for the posting by Da Troof, you probably are married to a beautiful dark-skinned Black woman, if not you need one in your life to guide you because obviously your mother was like the woman you described. And yes I'm one, graduated from THE Univ of Texas, wealthy, loving, etc..

1829 days ago


Oh great. Here's another fool and his gold digging wife. Vanessa Bryant, the Queen of ALL gold diggers. Lamar, ooops! My bad, Khloe, learned from the best.

1829 days ago


i think its too quick forme if they just meet whats the rush he needs time to get to know her.

1829 days ago


It ain't about you Vanessa.

1829 days ago

doc murry    

what does this video have to do with michael jackson idolizing hitler and molesting kids...

1830 days ago

doc murry    

who are these losers and odem u better use pretection dude ..but then again by the looks of your old fat exgirlfreind ,,your standards are not very high..she is and was a beast....and you know reggie already been in that bush in a 3 some..with kim

1830 days ago

doc murry    

obviously wacko jacko is crazy ..anyone who heard those tapes of that freak on friday now knows that he was crazy as sorry for supporting this freak when now i know he was all the bad things everyone has said about him,,im so sad he turned into this monster who loves hitler

1830 days ago


Quit exhailing all that filthy carbon dioxide you people, how will we save the planet for the traders trying to make their fortune from emissions trading?

1830 days ago

love her!    

This is a side show for ratings. It's not a serious real wedding. Who in the hell let Kobe's wife leave the house in the ugliest dress ever? The guy with his shirt up really classy.

1830 days ago


I Didn't see any Photo's of those to media whores going to the court house to get a marriage license. Wonder if it was all for ratings lol biggest joke no wonder i stopped watching E channel.

1830 days ago


Lincoln nebraska is the place to be.TOM TOM& david&david Morrissey.

1830 days ago


hey tmz wheres my brother's michael jackson story for the day??? Ive waited long enough!!

1830 days ago


IS IT a gay wedding?

1830 days ago
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