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The Odoms -- Til Death Do Us Part

9/28/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Odom were absolutely glowing yesterday outside of a mansion in Beverly Hills -- where they promised to spend the rest of their lives together ... after only dating for one month.

Reality sets in in three, two, one...


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THIS IS A JOKE. This is not the way love works. We all know that. Not all the money in the world could make this work. Poor khole when reality sets in she will be crying endless tears. He made the biggest mistake of his life. He should have married liza morales. THE MOTHER OF HIS KIDS.If he did 10 yrs with her and just walked away from his whole family. What makes you think he will stay with this hunchie. We all know all the sister are whores. He is not a family man at all. Many people fail because they dont let god do his will at the right time.

1836 days ago


I abosultely agreed with your comment. Lamar said," people are married for 18 yrs and get a divorce." If your married for that long and it's difficult as it is, what makes you think a rich hunchie whom he met at a bar that he only knew for a month will work? And enough of all this media with this persian or afghanistan woman! If they are not doing good in society by helping the less fortunate pls quit photographing them.

1836 days ago


Making a mockery of marriage for publicity. And people wonder why the world is in its present state...

1850 days ago


Ridak sounds Punjabi to me! bahahahahaha

And the West Midlands is the teenage pregnancy capital of the world! Not to mention the stabbing capital of the world!
See, my mate is from Millwall and he tells me that's where the lowest class of English live. I'll put down the beer cans and you put down the crack pipe and needles. Get off the drugs, get off welfare and get a job! Let's see, you are mentally ill, socially inept and live in the slums of the drug riddled Midlands. All you need is to be ugly too and you are offically alone for the rest of your life! Hmmm, maybe you actually live in Australia, you seem so obsessed by the country and spend A LOT of time commenting on Australian news stories.
Wherever you live, I'm sure you are just a small manchild virgin, hiding in your bedroom of your mummy's house posting comments thinking you are so clever. Do you jerk off everytime you get a reaction? I'm sure you do. If you want to get a rise out of people at least be funny! A comedian you ain't.

1850 days ago


LadyRhinestone is my new favorite.

1850 days ago


maybe Odom jus wanted to black mail kardishian for something or some reason like suppose money? or even worose..nobody knows. buh yahh im HIGH

1849 days ago


9. What is it with the Kardashians and Black guys??
Posted at 2:33AM on Sep 29th 2009 by msroncon

Who else do you think would want them?

1849 days ago


What is with all of the racist comments? First off, did everyone FORGET that the pregnant Kardashian is knocked up by a greasy white dude? And secondly, why the hell is everyone up in arms? Do any of you fools realize that they are not WHITE, they are Armenian (look on a MAP, east of Turkey, west of Azerbaijan, north of Iran). These chicks are Persian, not WHITE. So why do you white people CARE if they date black guys?

1849 days ago


And #153, Lamar Odom just signed a 4 year, $33 million contract with the Lakers....WTF would he need Khloe's money for? His money is GUARANTEED, unlike reality shows and clothing stores. Khloe can't give him anything that he can't get his damn self!!!

And on the subject of black men being the only ones who want the Karsdashians....white guys will date every shade and race of woman...why is THAT never an issue?!?! I don't hear anyone talking crap about Robert DeNiro and how he only dates black women or how Halle had a baby with a white guy! What the hell?!?! We are all PEOPLE, who cares about race?!?!?

1849 days ago


wow! I hope it last Congrats!

1849 days ago

AM Hood    

they look a like!!!

1846 days ago



1851 days ago



1851 days ago


She looks beautiful!

1851 days ago


At least her dress looks cute- from what I can see

1851 days ago
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