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Sharon Tate's Sis -- Polanski Didn't 'Rape'

9/30/2009 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Tate -- the sister of Roman Polanski's second wife Sharon Tate -- doesn't want the director hauled back to the U.S. to be prosecuted.

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Tate went on the "Today" show this morning, claiming Polanski wouldn't get a fair trial stateside for the rape of a then-13-year-old-girl back in 1977 -- because our "system is broken" -- and the matter would be better served in France ... whatever that means -- France can't prosecute him.

Tate added there's a difference between "rape and rape" -- and this was "a consensual matter."


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Just because a woman is not beaten to a pulp, does not mean she wasn't raped, and he didn't rape a woman, he raped a 13 year old child. We all know his tragic life, but that is not an excuse to ruin a child's life. When a person pleads guilty to a lesser charge, they may still have to go to jail, and by fleeing to France he committed another crime. He needs to be treated like everyone else. Hollywood sickens me.

1817 days ago


If this old man had 'consensual' sex with my thirteen year old daughter, he wouldn't be worried about being extradited, he would be dead!

1817 days ago


Woody Allen signed a petition for him? How would he feel if an old man slept with his step-daughter? Ooooh, nevermind.

1817 days ago


This is beyond sick! I am so shocked that so many people are supporting this man, did I miss something!?!?! Did he not drug and rape a 13 yr old? It doesn't matter how grown she looks (Angelica Houston), she's still 13!!!! Plus, HE PLED GUILTY!!!!
Everytime I see another supporter of this sick, sick man, I'll be sure to pass it on to every friend and family memeber I know. You need to be aware of who u support and the consequences of supporting a rapist and child molester should be fatal to your career! How do u even publically decided to do that? I still won't watch a Woody Allen movie because he's also a sick child molester! Ironically, Woody was one of the first to defend Roman! This just disgusts me. Please TMZ, continue to shine a light on all the idiots and supporters of child abuse by reporting their idiotic support for this moron! Talent does not excuse anything!!!

1817 days ago


by the way

anyone saying that this isn't a "rape" rape

is like Clinton saying
that it depends on what the definition of "is" is

both statements are full of sh** !!!!!!!!!
and common sense Americans don't buy them for a second

1817 days ago


This woman is nuts!!!! What the hell does she mean there's a difference between rape and rape???? Rape has only one meaning and there's no such thing as consensual sex between a man in his 40's and a 13 year old!!! By the way, this crime did not happen in France, so he can't be tried there, STUPID! I guess she doesn't want her meal ticket to be locked up!!

1817 days ago


Polanski didn't rape how about manson didn't kill. What do you think she would say if some dumbass went on t v and made the statement that her sister wanted to be killed.

1817 days ago


this is the same woman who continues to fight the parole of leslie van houten - 40 years after her crime. she seems pretty selective in who should and shouldn't be punished for their crimes. perhaps her opinion would change if it were her 13 year old daughter who was sodomized.

1817 days ago


I am SO freaking tired of people coming to this rapists defense.
Even if the girl gave consent, she was 13!!!! I don't care if she stripped down naked and started grinding on him, she was 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe so many people think he should walk free for this.
There is no telling how many other girls, maybe even boys he's done this to.

1817 days ago


shocked to hear that Whoopi on The View agrees with Tate's sister

me thinks she wants to be in the next Polanski film

shame on Whoopi-mother of a girl and grandmother of a girl-why isn't she standing up against this pervert-she can call down Sarah Palin because of opposing political views-and support this pedophile rapist since he shares her political ideals

is this bizzaro world or what???

where are all the outraged women's groups?? and children's goups and lawyers-celebrity and otherwise

1817 days ago


You would think this lady would hate to see anyone tortured after what her sister went through and yes being F????? in the A?? is torture . All of hollywood that support Polanski should be F????? in the A??. Oh yeah thats right that is the way they like it out there. Hollywood loves to see children raped by old men maybe they can get into his next film if they support him . TMZ if you got Balls show me a list ,if you have one ,of everyone in the 30 MILE ZONE that supports Polanski I bet the rest of the world would want to know . New job . Go out and ask I double dog dare you.

1817 days ago


she is way out of line.

1817 days ago


The girl in question was 13; it doesn't matter what she said, it was RAPE. I can't believe these loonies in Hollywood would stand by and support this man. Absolutely disgusting; he knows what he did was wrong that's why he's been in hiding for so long. Lock him up and see how he likes it!

1817 days ago


Rape is Rape!
He should be punished to the fullest extent of the U.S. law.
And Hollywood & celebrities SHUT UP!!

1817 days ago

Sherry O'Tinger    

It sickens my stomach to think some "Hollywood" hotshots are trying to use their influence (and money) to prevent Polankski from being extradited back to the States. Let's remember, that he actually plead "GUILTY" almost 30 years ago. So upon his sentencing, he hightails it to France to escape jail time!!! That's eluding the law folks. So what, that it was 30 years ago, the point is, he made a deal with the prosecution at the time, basically to reduce his time in prison. If he hadn't fled the country, his time would've been served and end of story. No one should be held "above the law". BTW, this wasn't some petty crime, he had "SEX" with a 13 year old child. Not a 17 or 18, but a CHILD!!!

1817 days ago
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