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Tito Chastises 'Lazy' Homeless Guy

9/30/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A self-described "homeless" man hit up the wrong person for cash -- because last night Tito Ortiz handed out brutal honesty instead of $10 bills.

Tito Ortiz: Click to watch
When the guy asked the former UFC champ for some cash, Tito flatly denied him, saying "I worked my ass off for my s**t ... laziness don't get you anywhere in life."

HomelessThis has been Tito Ortiz's motivational moment of the day.

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He worked hard and his wife f**ked thousand of guys for money...what a dutchbag

1816 days ago


We've got 13% of the American population receiving unemployment benefits with an estimated additional 10% who's benefits have ran-out, didn't qualify, or never filed for benefits looking for work -- 23% of the nation unemployed looking for jobs.

He is a stupid, meat-head, thug. Do you really expect him to respond any differently?

1816 days ago


Being unemployed or homeless does NOT make you lazy. People can say that McDonalds is always hiring, but think about how many unemployed people there are right now. Think about people losing their homes because they cant afford the higher price of their mortgage (or their landlord not affording the higher price)- lots of reasons for people to be poor, broke, homeless, etc. And, not everyone who is homeless is addicted to drugs or alcohol.
I think Tito is a disgusting human being. There is absolutely no reason to say something other than no if you dont want to or cannot give to someone who asks. If you feel bad, have someone in your group pay for a meal for them, or go to a store for them.
Absolutely disgusting behavior.

1816 days ago


No one should be obligated to give money to anyone. This Tito guy many have money, but that does not mean he has to give it away. Whatever happened to poor but proud. I remember raising my kids and being broke. Driving to every store in town to buy the "loss leaders" and making our dinners based on that. I have slept on a couch with my kids, and paid rent for it when dad stopped paying child support. Lots of people out there who have few dollers in their pockets, have had times where they were lucky to have a few pennies to there name.

1816 days ago


Hey #79... 23% unemployment? Put down the hash pipe and take a dose of reality. As for the homeless who really want a job... Are they out beggin'? No! They're lookin' for a job! As a former homeless person myself, the only way up is work. While homeless, there are shelters, employment agencies and food banks that help. My family lived in a shelter for months, and never bold faced begged like this fool.

1816 days ago


You do realize that tito only has one testicle , not many people are aware of that little factoid.

1816 days ago


while I partially agree with not giving the guy money...you would think Tito might use some of that money on an English class. I am so SICK of all these uneducated people being in the spotlight. This country is QUICKLY getting dumber and dumber between athletes, actors, musicians, and some politicians.

1816 days ago


To a certain extent I agree with Tito. However, churches, shelters are already at the max capacity, therefore they end up rejecting people.

People who were criminals, and get released have a hard time rehabilitating themselves because Employers although they say they aren't bias when they really are... and when they have to check that they have a criminal record a high percentage of Employers don't end up hiring them, therefore making it hard for them to get on the right track.

You know what happens to people in these kinds of situations? They end up getting desperate and feeling hopeless, which in return they end up robbing people who are in well off neighborhoods. So, even if you think that their lives wont affect ours, than you're clearly mistaken.

1816 days ago


Why can't Tito speak proper English. . .he was probably too lazy to learn.

If he didn't want to give money, all he had to do was say "no" instead of giving this lame speech that showcased his apparent lack of elementary school education.

1816 days ago


Yeah!!!! Nice!

I lived in LA the last 8 years and I'm so sick of the beggars at the drive thru windows. You want to order your food and they hit you up when you're window is down. They are almost always perfectly healthy men under 40. GET A JOB!

One day in San fran another such beggar asked me for money after I had worked a 16-hour day (one of the hardest work days of my entire life) and I went off on him and told him I have money because I WORKED for it! You work====you get money! To do anything else is to just enable this person not to work and is no good for them either. No work = no experience = not moving forward!

If you are not over 60 or in a wheel chair, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE WITH YOUR CRAP!

1816 days ago


the dude asked for a freaking dollar--not a seminar--why am i not surprised that people that hate tito now all of a sudden support his behaviour--sorry dude, maybe if you were white maybe people will support you a little bit-you guys here are idiots, even his girl was uncomfortable with the whole situation--any real woman will mark this moment down(says alot about who you are dating)--at least if you are gonna talk, give him something and then open your mouth(ahh, maybe his just cheap..lol)

1816 days ago


WOW, what an absolute pompus ass. Lets humiliat this guy in front of everyone instead of "Helping thy neighbor"...would it of killed him to spare $20 or such...No he would rather put the guy down then help him out. This is true Hollywood. He's a has-been to me.

1815 days ago


He came from the streets?!? While I wouldn't give this bum a nickel either, my former neighbor Jacob's rant that he came from the streets, in an effort to give his "pulled myself up from the bootstraps" work ethic some legitmacy is BS. He grew up next to me in Huntington Beach. Yea, we came from the streets. When we came home late when the street lights turned on after riding our bikes and jumping curbs. Or maybe it was when he went up the street to Golden West CC, because that's on Goldenwest Street. We went to GWC and I went into police work, so I'm familiar with coming from the streets in Los Angeles. Jacob's not it. And what's with this "Dog" thing? You think you're relating when you talk to a black man that way?

1815 days ago


I found Tito and Jenna's comments to be disgusting! I don't care if they're rich like Jenna said,and "everyone's" always trying to get their money,(pay your lawyer Jenna).There's such a thing as compassion.None of us is God,so we have no right to judge another.Karma will come and bite them both!Shame on you both!

1814 days ago


first of all the entire thing was staged, not from tito's end but from the homeless guy's end. Tito known as a cheap skate was approached by a man pretending to be homeless. You people get a clue. The guy is cleanly shaven and has on decent clothes, first clues. Get a grip. You odd balls really get sucked in to anything.

1814 days ago
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