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Gets Tiger

from Diet Pill Mogul

10/1/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who owns Kim Kardashian's favorite diet pill gave Khloe more than just the secret to a slimmer waist as a wedding present ... he's also the guy who bought her that ridiculous $6,200 amber tiger.

Kim Kardashian

We've learned the deep-pocketed bearer of strange gifts was Vitaquest CEO Keith Frankel -- the guy who owns the diet pill called "QuickTrim." Frankel's connection to the Kardashians comes through Kim -- who uses his products to keep her famously huge backside under control.

Inviting him to the wedding was obviously a good idea -- because who else would have been crazy enough to buy such a tacky gift?


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1847 days ago


Without hardly working out, eat just a little bit of food and the genetics, of course, Kim Kardashian wouldn't have that body. A stupid pill can't make somebody lose weight, at least in a healthy way.
Who could be enough stupid to buy the idea that those pills help people to have a nice body???????!!!!! Not me, for sure!!!!!

1847 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Got my order in--NOT!

1847 days ago


Excuse me but there is nothing tacky about amber!
Good amber comes from the Baltic and can get very expensive.
Over the centuries, amber was traded and at times was priced more than gold.
I have friends who worked on restoring the famous amber room in Russia.
This amber statue is beautiful.

1847 days ago


Why are you concerned about my life???? : P

1847 days ago


I don't think it's tacky. It's a good accent piece
and provides a little vibrance to a room. DUH!
Where did all the gay guys at TMZ go? No style!

1847 days ago

Whop der it is    

Real Amber would not cost $6,000 dollars. For real amber is over 1,000 years old. Something real at that calubar would be over $300,000$. So it's a piece of junk

1847 days ago


Tacky?? Obviously you aren't much into lapidary arts. From the picture I would say that is a pretty magnificent piece of art. And there is no way to put a price on that based on what we see here. You have no idea what size that is. So saying it must be crap because he only paid 6200 for it also is talking out your ear. It is a beautiful piece as far as I can tell from the picture.

1847 days ago


I really doubt those diet pills made Kim/Khloe thinner. It's just a promotional thing to EARN more MONEY! The no talent money hungry skanks rely on plastic surgery and botox to make them look good. Looks at Kris and Bruce Jenner, Joan Rivers better watch out!!! These two are about to break your record!!!!!
The Karskandian have been spotted going to place to help with their flubber problems. Don't let these morons fool you.

1847 days ago


Khloe is a heffer who looks like a man. More like a cross between Rosie O'Donnell , and Jay Leno! All the Karskandians are no talent pathetic gold diggers, especially Kris. E! must be pretty desperate, they did the same with Kendra, now these fools. They are really going down hill. You see everyone on E! like....Michael Yo, Chelsea Handler, and others that talk about how real and beautiful the wedding was!!! It was all taped and scripted>>>>FAKE!!!! Sorry ODUMB and HOE-E, but love isn't about spreading your legs or STD's. Hmm come to think of it, they might make a good Valtrex commercial!

1847 days ago

who dat    

All the kar-trashian women are beasts. That gift is as phony as they are.

1847 days ago

Linda Mott    

Everyone has different taste in their lives. This is the gift they wanted, he had the money to buy it and everyone is happy.
I personally like to give cash for weddings.

1847 days ago

irene gracey, size 0    

I cannot for the LIFE of me imagine why anyone would buy a diet pill from this COW. Sorry, but those Kardashian girls are fat. Maybe not to the morbidly obese, but they are not slim. Get a better spokesperson.

1847 days ago


The only way this product would work on Khloe is if comes with a suction machine,hose and a generator...and a doctor to manipulate it thru the fat layers.

1847 days ago


Please STOP with the idiotic nicknames. If you have to, instead of Khlomar why not use Khlomydia because that's what he's getting.

1847 days ago
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